Peter Barry - Night Two

Another stunning evening in the Bay greeted the large crowd for finals night. The four finalists had been found, and the teams didn't have much time to wait as both semi's were to be run in events 2 and 3 of the programme. All races being first across the line with no points.

BJ's Bakery & Cafe Semi-Final 1

The first semi-final saw the top scoring Stratford Stormers start on pole against the fourth highest Waikato Raiders. As soon as the flag dropped the hits started coming and 267s Karlin Painter Dudley was ruthlessly taken out on turn 2, almost rolling. The Stormers were down to three cars in less than half a lap with the 27h Brett Aiken steaming away out front. 99s William Hughes was continuing to cement his hard man reputation putting a massive hit on the 24h of Brad Philpott.

Hughes would eventually catch Aiken out front thanks to some brilliant block work by the Stormers, especially Birthday Boy 84s Haydin Barker, but as the 99s entered the final bend 88h Justin Hutchby caught Hughes at speed pinning him against the concrete. Hughes kept his right foot flat on the loud pedal and somehow squeezed, smashed and forced his way by to take the flag from the rapidly closing 27h of Aiken.

At the line it was 99s, 27h, 361h, 84s, 88h, 98s. The Stormers were the first team to reach the final.

Towler Engineering Semi-Final 2

The second and third highest scoring teams from night 1 go head to head. The consistent Kihikihi Kings would take on the Auckland Alleycats who had suffered a loss to Stormers in qualifying. Alleycats would start from pole. 4a Brad Simpson took up the early lead as the Alleycats had a good gameplan working. 1nzk Ben Ellis was an obvious target in this semi being singled out by 84a Mike McLachlin, eventually spinning the Kings car and then aggressively destroying the left-front wheel and suspension as he drove over it. 1nz Ellis was out!

The lead was being traded between Simpson in the 4a car and 544k Dion Henderson thanks to block work from both teams. 94a Sam Wright was putting in multiple hits, but late in the race it seemed the Alleycats had lost sight of who the leaders were. Try as hard as he could, McLachlin couldn't quite put in the hits to stop the Kihikihi team from taking the win, setting up a Stormers vs Kings final. 1nz Ben Ellis had a wrecked racecar, and it would be a another race entirely to see if the crews could get him back on track later.

At the finish it was 544k, 4a, 15k, 94a, 95k, 84a.

Hawkes Bay Doors 5th vs 6th

Former 2 time winners Palmerston North Pumas had come to Meeanee looking for a title, but after being beaten by the Kings in qualifying they were always on the outside looking in. The Roughies started the campaign with a win over the Gladiators but came up against the powerhouse Stormers in round 2... it was GAME OVER.

HB win the toss and start outside row 1. The Puma's stepped it up a notch or two as they ran rampant over the Roughies. 81b Darren Yaxley was hit hard on turn 2 suffering a DNF, 85b Willly Stevenson was fighting back but would eventually finish 6 laps down on the lead. 14b Jemma Holloway was the sole Roughies car still able to run at anything like race pace, as the Puma's filled the first three places across the line. It was little consolation for the Palmerston North lads who came to the event expecting so much more.

At the finish it was 667p, 992p, 278p, 14b, 85b, 79p.

Alexander Electric 3rd vs 4th

Alleycats start on pole with the Raiders outside row 1. Sixth driver Gary Lonergan was in the 4a car and led the opening lap until the 361h of Cheetham took him to the infield. 84a McLachlin was trolling the pole in his old flatty, making sure the Raiders drivers didn't get too comfortable out front.

The 24h car of Philpott had enough of the 84a and put 2 solid hits in, Mike Mac said before the meeting he was feeling it from night 1 and will certainly be battled scarred after tonight. 94a Sam Wright was racing hard but Raiders cars were able to hinder any progress he made.

The Waikato team just worked better and deserved to take the last step on the podium with 27h Brett Aiken taking the win from 361h, 94a, 87a, 24h, 88h, 84a, 4a.

Lucas Oil Peter Barry Teams Final

Kings win pole start outside. 1nz Ellis was back on the track and making his way to the grid. Team Manager Tony Gallacher was obviously using some strategic mind games as he called the 1nz car back infield. Did this have an effect on the Stormers grid pattern?

The green came on and 84s Barker didn't move off the inside, letting the 513k of Callum Flavell streak away. 99s Hughes was in obvious danger mode and put a massive shot on 95k Caleb Hayes, taking them both up the wall at turn 4 exit. Hughes tried to back out but had pinned his right front bumper corner under the left-side engine guard of the 95k. The reds had come on almost simultaneously and despite giving Hughes time to back out the cars couldn't be separated and both teams were now one car short.

Kings cars had a game plan and stuck to it by not taking any chances. 84s Barker was blocking, hitting and missing, often all on the same lap but the Kings teams strategy was strong, withstanding hits and able to use the bumpers when needed. The Stormers never gave up, and that's to be expected from this great team, but at the finish Barker was denied his birthday wish as the 513k of Callum Flavell crossed the line and cemented his place in Peter Barry Teams folklore. He had now become a 3 time winner of the event after 2 previous wins with Rotorua. 2nd was 84s, 617s, 98s, 544k.


Night 2 was everything we hoped it would be with all the teams laying it on the line. A mention must also go to the incredible support racing on the programme.

Due to the Manawatu Super Saloon Champs being rained out, they were added to the racing and we witnessed flat-out, 2 lane driving from some of NZ's finest. 2nz Chris Cowling and 27k Joe Ingram shared the wins. Peter Bengston debuted his new car, the ex-16r of Mark Osbourne and Pete was immediately looking fast and comfortable.

The massive 32-car Stockcar Consolation heats really mixed it up with dozens of big hits keeping the crowd enthralled. 2nz Jason Long dominated Superstocks with 3 straight wins and it was awesome to see him toying with young Rookie 99b Jacob Buckrell, who we know is fast but has much to learn.

Every year we auction a signed shirt of the winning Peter Barry Teams champions, and this year it hit an all time record of $1260 with the proceeds going to the Napier Riding for the Disabled charity. On behalf of the Meeanee Promotion & Club we thank those who put bids in and were happy to see it's now going to be hung proudly in the Kihikihi clubrooms.

A massive two nights of octane fuelled racing and we hope Peter Barry was watching from above.

Seeya Trackside

Mike Wilson

Full meeting results can be found here -

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