Peter Barry - Night One

Another beautiful Hawkes Bay evening greeted the teams on night one of the Peter Barry Memorial Stockcar Teams Champs, but it was heartache for the two Hawkes Bay lineups (more about that later).

Race One: Kihikihi Kings v Palmerston North Pumas

The first teams matchup of the night saw the Kihikihi Kings head to head against former winners the Palmerston North Pumas. 15k Ryan Marshall stormed out to an early lead and never looked like giving it up, fending off every attack the Pumas could throw at him. At the finish Marshall had 100 points in the bag for the Kings from 667p Hamish McLeod, 544k Dion Henderson, 79p Kyle Rowe and 992p Taylor Lampp. The Kings taking it out 125 points to 70.

Race Two: Waikato Raiders v Meeanee Maulers

The defending champion Meeanee Maulers were feeling confident especially after winning the recent tri-series on home turf and were looking for a big result in front of the home fans. They were up against the Waikato Raiders who had been the inaugural Peter Barry Teams champions back in 2010, but had yet to make another final since 2011.

As expected the hits came hard and fast with Maulers teamsters 19b Caleb Ireland, 65b Royden Hynd, 41b Cameron Swift all suffering damage. At the line 27h Brett Aiken brought it home for the Raiders followed by team mate 361h Clinton Cheetham, lone Maulers finisher 16b Brett Loveridge and 88h Justin Hutchby. With just the four finishers the score read Raiders 160, Maulers 25.

Race Three: Stratford Stormers v Auckland Alleycats

Both these teams made the final in 2019 and this heat didn't disappoint. 267s Karlin Painter Dudley showed despite the tender age of 18 he could teams race as good as anyone, putting in some excellent bumper work at speed to punch his way to the front. The Alleycats had to regroup and although laps down on the leader managed to fill the next 3 places, with 84s Haydin Barker filling a crucial fifth and last points scoring position. At the finish it was Stormers 110, Alleycats 85.

Race Four: Orange Roughies v Gisborne Gladiators

Both these teams had squared up just two weeks prior in the tri-series with the Gisborne team coming out on top. 14b Jemma Holloway got away out front after early leader 26g Kaelin Mooney suffered a bit shot on the back straight of lap 1. The Roughies were in gang mode putting in hit after hit.

85b Willy Stevenson was the stand out for the Roughies and was like a ballistic missile every time he attacked a Gladiator at full speed. At the finish 14b Holloway had the win from 26g Mooney, 128g Trevor McArthur, 85b Willy Stevenson and 29g James Clarke. Roughies had their revenge over the Gladiators with a 120 - 75 victory.

Race Five: Kihikihi Kings vs Waikato Raiders

In the first race of the second round, the Kihikihi Kings would come up against the top team from round 1 Waikato Raiders. 15k Ryan Marshall was proving to be unstoppable for the Kings as he powered his way to a second straight win for the team. 27h Brett Aiken was doing his best to stay on terms with Marshall while the rest of the Raiders set about scoring vital points. With Marshall bagging the 100 points for the win he was followed by 27h Brett Aiken, 1nzk Ben Ellis, 361h Clinton Cheetham and 24h Brad Philpott 5th. Final score was Kings 125, Raiders 70.

Race Six: Palmerston North Pumas v Meeanee Maulers

Once the draw had been made, we knew this would be a vital race between the defending champs and Puma's who had both won this event twice previously. Maulers surprisingly were the lowest scoring team of round one with just 25 points, and the Puma's had only faired slightly better with 70.

The HB team absolutely threw everything at the Palmy lineup but couldn't stop the powerhouse pair of 278p Kyle Taylor or 79p Kyle Rowe, who both took turns leading the race when the other was held up. At the finish it was title gone for the Maulers who would have surely have been hurting after coming into the event with high hopes of a repeat. To rub salt further into their wounds they would eventually finish in last position of the 8 teams. The points read Pumas 140, Maulers 55. The Pumas now had to sweat it out to see if they would still reach the semi's.

Race Seven: Stratford Stormers vs Orange Roughies

Only four finishers, and all were Stormers cars as they went into annihilation mode tearing apart the Roughies team. 99s William Hughes was hitting big, and 46b Brett Kelly for the Roughies hitting anyone who dared to drive by. The semi-final dream for the Orange team was rudely interrupted by a rampant Stormers mob who made sure the Roughies weren't just beaten, but beaten into submission. The final points gave the Stormers a massive win of 185 to 0. The Stratford team had propelled themselves to the top of the points and the Roughies having to pick up the crumbs with a 5th & 6th place raceoff.

Race Eight: Auckland Alleycats v Gisborne Galdiators

It was still mathematically possible for both teams to make the last 4, but it would take a huge result for the Gladiators if they wanted to make the semi's. Auckland couldn't afford to drop too many points either as they only had 85 from round 1.

94a Sam Wright who's making a great name for himself after switching from a successful Karting career a couple of years ago was trading the lead with teammate 4a Brad Simpson. Despite the Gladiators putting in the hits, Auckland filled the first three places with 94a Wright taking the win from 4a Brad Simpson, 62a Tyler Robertson, 29g James Clarke and 128g Trevor McArthur. Final points were Alleycats 165, Gladiators 30.

The Peter Barry Teams never disappoints and every qualifing race had all the classic teams racing elements of hard hits, drama and upsets.

Qualifying Points
Stratford Stormers 295
Kihikihi Kings 250
Auckland Alleycats 250
Waikato Raiders 230
Palmerston North Pumas 210
Orange Roughies 120
Gisborne Gladiators 105
Meeanee Maulers 80

It was load up the trailer time for both the Maulers and Gladiators who just didn't seem to fire at all during qualifying, while the Pumas and Roughies would have to console themselves with a possible 5th place finish.

Night two semi-finals will be the Stormers v Raiders and the Kings taking on the Alleycats. A mouth watering prospect, with only the Waikato and Auckland teams having previously savored the sweet taste of success.

Roll on finals night where points don't matter and first across the line secures the win.

Seeya Trackside
Mike Wilson

Full meeting results can be found here -

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