HB Speedway Club AGM 2020



29th JULY 2020



Election of board members
General business

If you wish to be nominated for any of the club positions please return nomination form by Wednesday 22nd July 2020
*Only Full Financial Club Members can Nominate / be Nominated.

 All general business needs to be received in writing by 22nd July 2020.

No general business will be accepted off the floor.

Hawkes Bay Speedway Club Inc
PO Box 3058



Season End update

Sadly, due to Covid-19 the 2019-20 Meeanee Speedway season had to come to an early end.
We would like to take this time to acknowledge our dedicated Staff who work tirelessly on a Race night and behind the scenes leading up to an event.
Our Meeting and Track Sponsors who loyally engage with Speedway year after year.
Our competitors who love the adrenaline rush Speedway gives you and finally our loyal fans.
We Thank you all and we sure do appreciate your support!
Our plans for the new 2020-21 Speedway Season are well under way and we look forward to another great season ahead.
Hawkes Bay Doors New Zealand Stockcar Championship will take place 15/16th January 2021.
Put it in your diary today as this will be a meeting not to be missed!
Look forward to seeing you all Track Side Labour Weekend for Opening night!

NZ Stockcar Title 2020/2021

Meeanee Speedway Promotions are please to “Officially” Announce

The 2020/2021 Hawkes Bay Doors New Zealand Stockcar Title
Friday 15th & Saturday 16th January 2021

Practice Day – Thursday 14th January… More details to Follow.

Update – COVID-19


Date: 25/3/20

Due to COVID-19 Lockdown the remainder of the events at Meeanee Speedway Season postponed until 30th April 2020 where a further announcement will be made.

In the meantime please take care of yourself and your families. We can kick this thing in the butt when we all work together!

**Something to Look forward to….
Make sure you tune into CRC Motorsport for the coverage of the 2020 ENZED SuperStock Teams Champs on Sunday 5th April, 4pm.

Bruce, Puk & Philippa

Meeanee Speedway Promotions

Update – 19/3/20

Important Announcement

Date: 19/3/20

Meeanee Speedway Promotions Team have had lengthy discussions surrounding the current situation of the Covid-19 Virus and the safe running of any further Speedway meetings at Meeanee Speedway.
After the recent notice from Speedway New Zealand “No Speedway activity will be permitted for the immediate future, a decision which was not taken lightly”

In light of this information, unfortunately this means that our next meeting on Saturday 28th March has been cancelled.  

However, we will continue to actively monitor the situation on a weekly basis, along with Speedway New Zealand, the Ministry of Health, Government Official Information and local Napier City Council guidelines.

Our Easter Meeting Friday 10th & Saturday 11th is almost certain to go the same way, however we still hold hope in the possibility of running later in April and early May.  

Thank you for the support you have given us throughout the season, we are all disappointed however the health and welfare of everyone involved is paramount.

Any further updates will be posted on our Website www.meeaneespeedway.co.nz and on our Meeanee Speedway Facebook page.

Bruce, Puk & Philippa

Meeanee Speedway Promotions

Important Update

Meeanee Speedway is currently assessing the situation with the COVID-19 Corona Virus and is following a directive from the New Zealand Government and Ministry of Health limitation on events during this outbreak of the virus.

We will actively monitor the situation on a weekly basis, the remainder of our race season, with Ministry of Health, Government Official Information and local Napier City Council guidelines.

Any updates will be posted on our Website www.meeaneespeedway.co.nz and on our Meeanee Speedway Facebook page.

Bruce, Puk & Philippa 
Meeanee Speedway Promotions


HB Saloon & Krusty 500 Results

A good field of Saloons turned out for the Hawkes Bay Title last night and we kept it in the Bay!

1st 29B Steven Martin
2nd 242P Ashley Halcrow
3rd 7P Shane Laking

KRUSTY 500 “Best Pairs”

Another awesome turn out from the Stockcars, 23 Pairs took to the track over four heats (two heats each pair) whittling down to 13 pairs for the final Krusty 500 race.

CONGRATULATIONS  to 91B Zayne Pullen and 15V Callum Sturzaker on taking home the Trophy!
After an exciting Run off 2nd place went to 5B Regan Penn and 177P Jamie Tinetti
3rd place 76B Ben Milne and 4G Ben Holt

$500 Roll Over Money was Split and went to 26V Kaelin Mooney and 72P Tony Norman for rolling Tony’s “pair” 22B David Glassford



Production Saloons – East Coast Champs

1st 22B Denton Hodgkinson
2nd 17V Anton McKay
3rd 434V Brent Hackett


Next Meeting – Krusty 500 Best Pairs


Classes Running:
Saloons – Hawkes Bay Champs
Production Saloons – East Coast Champs
Side Cars

Pit Gate Opens at 3pm

Main Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm


Adult $20 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $50 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)

Entry Lists:

Entered pairs as at 9/3/20
96B Brandon Symes & Britney Carpenter
91B Zayne Pullan & Callum Sturzaker
19B Caleb Ireland & Mark Johnston
42B Lauren Swift & Katie Prescott
14B Courtney Hatton & Dana Kingsbeer
16B Brett Loveridge & Cameron Taylor
87B Callum Shotter & Jamie Tinetti
78B Gibson Tout & 6V Dion Mooney
52B Dom O’Brien & 26V Kaelin Mooney
76B Ben Milne & 4G Ben Holt
58B Jack Lawson & Daniel Burmeister
29B David Glassford & Tony Norman
88B Dennis Frater & Kyle Rowe
Stacey Towler & Callum Flavel
5B Regan Penn & Luke Miers
69B Keith Lammas & Taylor Lampp
81B Darren Yaxley & Shayne Melling
97B Richard Prince & Nigel Hazelton
49B Jordan Auckram & Ben Downie-Boyte
14B Jemma Palmer & 74B Tony Palmer
24B Daniel Melling & Brandon Jurgeleit
68B Ben Darroch & Ethan Anderson
12B Kane Graham & Greg Eden
31B Darren Roberton & Jarod Higgins
Caleb Gosney & Jack Purcell

Saloons – Hawkes Bay Champs
9B Jessie Brown
14B George Hildred
18B Mark Hayman
27B Josh Smith
29B Steve Martin
31B Dave Hunter
33B Kareena Annan
227B Wayne Melling
7P Shane Laking
39P Ashley O’Dowd
42P Steve Goodwin
57P Ben Honore
5W Sean Robertson
12S Blake Hooper
221G Bailey Curtis
8W Mike Denham
124P Danielle Halcrow
242P Ashley Halcrow

Side Cars
27b Craig Bolar / TBC
12b Dan Satherly / TBC
11b Dave Miller / Jade Winter
71p Tim Plummer / Ann Plummer
32p Sam Carter / Haydn Coombs
26b Andrew Macnamara / George Olsen
55p Troy Devery / Karl Carpendale
2NZ Russel Stuart / TBC

Parking Plan -:

Results – Masters & HB Champs Results


The Masters and Certainly some “Legends” took Centre Stage at Meeanee last night…

1st 58P Peter Benston
2nd 351R Paul Vasey
3rd 72P Simon Joblin
4th 23R Lance Ashton
5th 31P Andy McCabe

Race Report by Barry…

Superstocks produced hard and fast racing on a good track surface that stayed consistent all night. Two main events, with the newly inaugurated Masters Over 40’s – 21 cars, and the HB Champs for the “young ones”
The Masters event featuring all visitors, with some legendary names among them, started their first race in a rather unique way, with the oldest current competitor starting off grid one (age 72) and progressing to the last grid 21 at age 40, with races 2 and 3 reverting to the normal formula of middle grid and reverse of 1st race grid.
In race 1, 65R Pat Westbury (cannot reveal his age) started off Grid 2 and took off in a flyer all the way to the flag. 56V Kerry Podjursky in his Tank started off Grid 3 and followed Westbury through to collect second place. Third place was taken by 351R Paul Vazey after a good drive through from Grid 9.  Fastest mover was 72P Simon Joblin who started off Grid 21 to finish 8th and recorded the fastest lap time of 18.0270 seconds on lap 12 – last lap..
Race 2 again favoured the front grid cars with 19M Kerry Remnant off Grid 2 taking off to the lead all the way to the flag, followed by 23R Lance Ashton off Grid 3 for second. Third place went to 58P Peter Bengston after starting from Grid 5, and setting the fastest lap time of 17.7562 seconds on lap 8. Fourth place went to the 56V Kerry Podursky and fifth was 72P Simon Joblin, and collecting valuable points.
Race 3 started with Remnant and Podursky on 48 points, Bengston on 47, Westbury on 46, Ashton on 45, Vazey on 43 and Joblin on 41, so it was game on. 72P Simon Joblin started off pole and powered through for the lead which he held to race end, and again recorded fastest lap time, at 17.9078 seconds on lap 9 of 12. His score in this race was 26 points. (total 67 – 3rd in Masters)
Second place went to 351R Paul Vazey after starting off Grid 4 to score 25 points (total 68 – 2nd in Masters), with 9P Brett Hislop starting off Grid 3 finishing third. 58P Peter Bengston finished 4th to score 23 points (total 70) to win the title.
Fourth place in the Masters event was 23R Lance Ashton with 63 pojnts, and 5th was 31P Andy McCabe on 56 points.  A very classy act from all these veteran racers.

The hot pace in the third race resulted in seven DNF’s after 20 cars started.

A great meeting for Superstocks, and thanks to the many visiting drivers who made the trip to Meeanee for these two events. Thanks also to Jake Baker from Palmerston North, who created this Masters Over 40’s as an ongoing event, and which will hopefully be held at Meeanee each year in the future.

SUPERSTOCKS – Hawkes Bay Champs


1st 87B Thomas Stanaway
2nd 47B Zach Glenny
3rd 41B Jason Long

Race Report by Barry….

The HB Superstock Champs saw the young drivers (under 40) also producing a classy act with speed the dominating factor, and our local lads producing the goods to take all three podium spots. Great to see Mike McLachlan back in action with a Tank and spinning fast laps in his three races.
Race 1 saw 41B Jason Long starting off Grid 4 power through exiting turn 2 to take the lead right to the flag, with 46B Quinn Ryan off Grid 1 following Long to race end for second. Ryan also recorded fastest lap of 17.7240 seconds on lap 12. Third was taken  by 28P Elias Dykstra in brother Ricky’s car.
Race 2 saw 87B Thomas Stanaway starting off Grid 3 power past 59P Stephen Penn off pole to take the lead through to the flag. Second was 46B Quinn Ryan after starting from Grid 8 also showing pace, with 41B Jason Long third after starting off Grid 11 really flying, to record fastest lap of 17.8816 seconds on lap 12.
With race 3 due to start, the contenders were, Long and Ryan on 50 points, Stanaway with 48 points, Elias Dykstra with 47 points, Zach Glenny with 43 points and 8B Clayton Hagen with 41 points.
At flag drop, 47B Zach Glenny starting from Grid 2, took off and was never headed until the end of race, and score much needed 26 points (total 69 points – 2nd in HB Champs). Second was 8B Clayton Hagen after startng off Grid 6 to score 25 points, and third was 87B Thomas Stanaway scoring 24 points, and the title with a total of 72 points. Tied for third place was 41B Jason Long and 28P Elias Dykstra, with both on 67 points.
The obligatory Run-off saw a cat and mouse first lap until Dykstra tried to spin Long at the start/finish line but overshot and spun himself.  Long took off and ran for the finish with Dykstra vainly trying to catch him.
However, a highlight for the night was the first-ever win by 47B Zach Glenny, who took the checked flag around the track, and also scored his first podium placing. He was the happiest young man of the night at Meeanee Speedway – good work Zach after a frustrating season.

Streetstocks – East Coast Champs

1st 16B Ben Yeoman
2nd Shaun Kingi
3rd 46B Brent Redington

Full Results and Reports to Follow…..