Next Practice will be on WEDNESDAY 17th Oct Starting at 6pm – 8pm (Two Sessions – 6-7pm / 7/8pm)

**PLEASE NOTE – Due to the tight time restraint – These Practice Sessions are for Hawkes Bay Contracted Cars ONLY! (If you are NOT running a B on your car, Please don’t turn up because you WILL be turned away Sorry!)

***ALSO Green Sheeting WILL NOT be done before Practice Unless you have a prior Arrangement with Dave Hatton!
All Enquires please call Dave on Ph. 027 8921763

Saturdays Practice has Been Cancelled

Due to Weather and Track Conditions Today’s Practices have been Cancelled!

Next Practice will be on WEDNESDAY 17th Oct Starting at 6pm – 8pm
**PIT GATE WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL 5pm (Due to prior booking)

*PLEASE NOTEGreen Sheeting WILL NOT be done before Practice Unless you have a prior Arrangement with Dave Hatton!
All Enquires please call Dave on Ph. 027 8921763



ON-LINE LICENCING is now available from the SNZ Website –

**PLEASE NOTE- This will be the ONLY way of applying and paying for your Licence this Season (ALL Classes)

Green Sheeting -:

This will take place in the Pits at the Track on Saturday 6th October 2018
Between 12–3pm *Last car in at 2.30

Class Section Meetings will be held at the Club Rooms on Tuesday 25th September
6pm – Production Saloons/Streetstocks
6.30pm – Stockcars
7pm – Saloons/Super Saloons
7.30pm – Superstocks
8pm – Sidecars

Mentor Training will be held Monday 24th September at the Speedway Club Rooms at 6pm.

*This applies to ANY New Driver for any Section.
**And Includes ANY Driver Moving up to an Adult Class from the MiniStock Section, You Must to do the Mentor Training before you can race. 

2018/2019 Season Calendar

Check out our Provisional 2018/2019 Season Calendar –

We are Hosting FOUR New Zealand Championship Titles this coming Speedway Season;
*Entry Forms NOW Available –

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th December 2018 – North Island Stockcars

Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd January 2019 –  New Zealand Saloon Championship

Friday 18th & Saturday 19th January 2019 –  New Zealand Super Saloon GP

Saturday 2nd March 2019 – North Island Production Saloons

Plus All your usual Favorite Local Championships….We are on Count Down are YOU? 


NOTICE – HB Speedway Club AGM

                                   HAWKES BAY SPEEDWAY CLUB


                                                  WEDNESDAY 18th JULY 2018


                        Hawkes Bay Speedway Clubrooms, Sandy Road, Napier  – 7pm Start



Season Finale – Autumn National / Kuru Cup Results


1st 41B Jason Long
2nd 46B Quinn Ryan
3rd 86B Marty Cooke



1st 5W Josh Prentice
2nd 76B Ben Milne
3rd 96B Brandon Symes  


1st 84 Cole McLachlan
Stirrers- Beatle Tarrant / Brook Singer

Race Results…

Heat One – 1st 41B Jason Long, 2nd 136B Maddie Wise, 3rd 86B Marty Cooke, 4th 81B Sam Bartholomew, 5th 97R Pat Westbury, 6th 46B Quinn Ryan
Heat Two – 1st 46B, 2nd 136B, 3rd 86b, 4th 41B, 5th 97R, 6th 47B Zach Glenny
Heat Three – 1st 46B, 2nd 41B, 3rd 86B, 4th 97R, 5th 64R Jeremy Sinclair, 6th 47B

Race Report by Barry
The Superstocks Motorworks sponsored Autumn Nationals was expected to be the finishing highlight of the current 2017/18 racing season.
However, the rain affected race meeting saw the original entry list of 26 cars reduce to 11 on the night, with only two visitors from Rotorua prepared to take on our 9 locals for this title event.
Race 1 (event 9) saw the starters face a wet track surface, with 81B Sam Bartholomew starting from grid 2 getting a good start to take the lead for the first half of the race until being caught and passed by 41B Jason Long who started from grid 3 behind veteran visitor 97R Pat Westbury, to storm through for the win.
Drive of the race saw 136B Maddie Wise starting from grid 10 work his way through the field to take second place, and fastest lap 18.41 seconds, followed by 86B Marty Cooke for third after starting from grid 8.
Race 2 (event 15) saw the field reduced to 9 cars racing on a drier and faster racing surface.  46B Quinn Ryan started from grid 6 and worked his way to the front for a good win and recording fastest lap of 17.81 seconds on lap 8.  Second again was 136B Maddie Wise who started from grid 5, followed again by 86B Marty Cooke for third.
As Race 3 (event 22) was due to start, drizzle rain started to fall, and Officials were contemplating cancelling the race.
However, they agreed to allow the 9 starters to circulate for two laps behind the start car to check out track conditions before agreeing to go racing.
46B Quinn Ryan started off pole and took off at speed, but a hard charging 41B Jason Long shot through the pack from grid 6 to take the lead, with 86B Marty Cooke also starting at speed to follow the two front runners.  These three opened a gap to the rest of the pack who were having trouble navigating in the slippery conditions.
As Ryan settled into race mode he retook the lead from Long exiting the pit corner to take the flag, with Long in second and Cooke in third place.  Ryan recorded fastest lap of 20.08 seconds on the last lap.
As the race was nearing conclusion, 52B driven by Regan O’Brien’s daughter Dominique, spun against the wall in the pit corner, with 97R Pat Westbury and then 136B Maddie Wise sliding wide and piling into O’Brien’s car, resulting in Wise being slow getting to the finishing line before the orange lights activated and giving him a disappointing DNF.
After the three races, first place was awarded to 41B Jason Long on 29 points, second was 46B Quinn Ryan on 28 points and third was 86B Marty Cooke on 27 points.
With Club Points at stake for this final meeting, the finishing order was: Overall points; 1st 46B Quinn Ryan 133 points, 2nd 41B Jason Long 90 points, 3rd 87B Thomas Stanaway 70 points.
Feature points: 1st 46B Quinn Ryan 44 points, 2nd equal 41B Jason Long & 86B Marty Cooke 26 points.

Heat One – 1st 5B Regan Penn, 2nd 76B Ben Milne, 3rd 5W Josh Prentice, 4th 41B Cameron Swift, 5th 261B Ethan Anderson, 6th 94B Justin White
Heat Two – 1st 96B Brandon Symes, 2nd 76B, 3rd 5w, 4th 94B, 5th 5B, 6th 74B Tony Palmer
Heat Three – 1st 5W, 2nd 96B, 3rd 74B, 4th 94B, 5th 76B, 6th 9B Stacey Smith


Race One – 1st 35A Cieran Rose, 2nd 5G Dylan MacGregor, 3rd 87B Michael Gurnett, 4th 32A Saul Smith, 5th 76B Doug Morris, 6th 47B David Wilson
Race Two – 1st 6B Duane Todd, 2nd 5Gm, 3rd 32B Kris Gillies, 4th 74G Ryan MacGregor, 5th 35A, 6th 87B
Race Three – 1st 5G, 2nd 35A, 3rd 6B, 4th 87B, 5th 74G, 6th 32A    

Race One – 1st 27B Josh Smith, 2nd 29B Steven Martin, 3rd 7B Shane Laking, 4th 72B Darren Melling, 5th 33B Chace Rodda, 6th 14B George Hildred
Race Two – 1st 27B, 2nd 33B, 3rd 7B, 4th 14B
Race Three – 1st 27B, 2nd 7B, 3rd 33B, 4th 14B, 5th 72BProduction Saloons
Race One – 1st 34G Lloyd Stuart, 2nd 77b Taylor Emerson, 3rd 19B Brendon Zachan, 4th 38B Brent Hackett, 5th 96B Tanga Walsh, 6th 22B Denton Hodgkinson
Race Two – 1st 17G Anton McKay, 2nd 22B, 3rd 38B, 4th 34G, 5th 96B, 6th 77B
Race Three – 1st 22B, 2nd 62V John Morrision, 3rd 17G, 4th 27B Gregg Redington, 5th 46B Brett Redington, 6th 77B

Side Cars
Race One -A – 1st 17B Troy Devery / Philip Winter, 2nd 87B Regan Feck / Martijn Domper, 3rd 51B Kim Johnston / Kerry Johnston
B – 1st 21B Andrew McNamara / George Olsen, 2nd 12B Daniel Satherly / Cole Peterson, 3rd 44B Dean Harris / Jim Orchard
Race Two – A – 1st 51B, 2nd 87B, 3rd 44B
B – 1st 21B, 2nd 17B, 3rd 12B
Race Three – 1st 87B, 2nd 12B, 3rd 44B
B – 1st 21B, 2nd 51B

Ministocks (HB Champs Abandoned Unable to Complete Due to Rain)
Heat One – 1st 97B Marshal Zachan, 2nd 14B Courtney Hatton, 3rd 35B Braydon Munro, 4th 78B Blake Barraclough, 5th 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley, 6th 72B Bailey Smith
Heat Two – 1st 72B, 2nd 12B Ryan Dorward, 3rd 4B Zach Hatton, 4th 42B Lauren Swift, 5th 27B Bailey Warner, 6th 16B Hamish McEwan
Heat Three – 1st 26B Thomas McEwan, 2nd 12B, 3rd 97B, 4th 9B Trent McCann, 5th 88B, 6th 78B
Heat Four *Abandoned – Places after Two Laps- 1st 9B, 2nd 81B Keegan Bunce, 3rd 14B, 4th 16B, 5th 6B Tylar Flynn, 6th 26B


Next Meeting – Superstock Autumn Nationals & Kuru Cup for Stockcars



Superstock Autumn Nationals & Kuru Cup for Stockcars……PLUS DEMO RAMP DERBY!

Classes Running:

Admission Prices:
ADULT $25 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $60 (2 Adults & 4 Children)

Qualifying Results – Peter Barry Teams


Wellington Young Guns 60pts v Auckland Alley Cats 135pts
1st 383 Gary Lonergan
2nd 57W Josh Prentice
3rd 838 Hayden Hart
4th 52W Dale Robertson
5th 338 Keegan Orr

Rotorua Rascals 150pts v Meeanee Maulers 45pts
1st 358 Dale Stewart
2nd 385 Callum Flavel
3rd 85B Ethan Anderson
4th 84B Michael Smith
5th 583 Brent Stewart

Orange Roughies 130pts v Palmerston Pumas 65pts
1st 371 Craig McBeth
2nd 253 Rob Mason
3rd 263 David Lowe
4th 271 Stacey Smith
5th 471 Daniel Melling

Statford Stormers 160pts v Waikato Raiders 35pts
1st 3NZ Hayden Baker
2nd 72S Bevan Phillips
3rd 4H Josh Humble
4th 47S Damien Hiestead
5th 87H Nevin Shrubb

Young Guns 150pts v Wanganui Vulcans 45pts
1st 52W Dale Roberston
2nd 57W Josh Prentice
3rd 67V Chet Swan
4th 33v Tranzan Roland
5th 53W Paul Gaskin

Rascals 125pts v Alley Cats 70pts
1st 358 Dale Stewart
2nd 338 Keegan Orr
3rd 385 Callum Flavel
4th 833 Corey Baker
5th 383 Gary Lonergan

Maulers 120pts v Roughies 65pts
1st 81B Brandon Symes
2nd 271 Stacey Smith
3rd 171 Regan O’Brien
4th 83B Andre Stenson

Stormers 130pts v Pumas 65pts
1st 47S Camien Hiestead
2nd 263 David Lowe
3rd 253 Rob Mason
4th 72S Bevan Phillips
5th 32S Mark Duthie

Vulcans 70pts v Raiders 125pts
1st 87H Nevin Shrubb
2nd 22V Shane Kells
3rd 46H Barry Rhodes
4th 42V Steve Read
5th 33V Tranzan Roland

TOP FOUR – Semi Finalists
1st Stratford Stormers 290pts
2nd Rotorua Rascals 275pts
3rd Wellington Wild Cats 210pts
4th Auckland Alley Cats 205pts

Race for – 5th & 6th
Orange Roughies v Meeanee Maulers

Race for – 7th & 8th
Waikato Raiders v Wanganui Vulcans



Next Meeting – Peter Barry Teams

Click Here for your Link to LIVE STREAM this Event……


FRIDAY 13th & SATURDAY 14th April 6pm START

Classes Running;
Stockcar Teams – Qualifying
Side Cars

Admission Prices:
ADULT $20 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)

Classes Running;
Stockcar Teams – Finals
Stockcar Consulations (Including Local Drivers)
Hawkes Bay Super Saloons
Hawkes Bay Ministocks (Local Cars Only)

Admission Prices:
ADULT $25 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $60 (2 Adults & 4 Children)


Auckland Alleycats
338 Keegan Orr
383 Gary Lonergan
833 Corey Baker
388 Brad Simpson
838 Hayden Hart
Manager: Geoff Cook

Rotorua Rascals
535 Robbie Morris
353 Steve Gray
385 Callum Flavell
583 Brent Stewart
358 Dale Stewart
Manager: Steve Axtens

Waikato Raiders
4H Josh Humble
8H Brad Philpott
15H Hadley Dixon
46H Barry Rhodes
87H Nevin Shrubb
Res: Cameron Taylor
Manager: Justin Hutchby

Meeanee Maulers
81B Brandon Symes
82B Brett Loveridge
83B Andre Stenson
84B Michael Smith
85B Ethan Anderson
Manager: Andrew Powell

Orange Roughies
171 Regan O’Brien
271 Stacey Smith
371 Craig McBeth
471 Daniel Melling
571 TBC
Res: TBC
Manager: Claire Bunce

Stratford Stormers
3NZ Haydin Barker
32S Mark Duthie
47S Damien Hiestand
72S Bevan Phillips
517S Mark Woods
Res: Shane Denham
Manager: John Booker

Wellington Young Guns
55W Keegan Levien
52W Dale Robertson
53W Paul Gaskin
54W Brendon Tye
57W Josh Prentice
Res: Bryce Jensen
Manager: Kyle Lane

Wanganui Vulcans 
42V Steve Read
22V Shane Kells
67V Chet Swan
33V Transzam Roland-Annabelle
28V Trent Palamountain
Manager: Alan Luoni

Palmerston North Pumas
233P Daniel Burmeister
238P Cameron Renwick
253P Rob Mason
263P David Lowe
283P Stu Sowry
Res Tony Norman
Manager: Ian Parfitt