Next Meeting – U25 SUPERSTOCKS

Next Meeting – Saturday 10th March 7pm Start

Supported by 

Classes Running;

MINISTOCKS – (Local Contracted Cars Only – Limited Numbers)

Pit Gate opens at 2.00pm
Main Gates 5.00pm
Grand Parade 6.45pm
Racing From 7.00pm

Admission Prices:

ADULT $20 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)


Peter Barry Teams – Postponed

Sadly we have had to Cancelled the Peter Barry Stockcar Teams this Weekend….

We are hoping to still Run on the U25 Superstocks on Saturday 10th March


Peter Barry Stockcar Teams & U25 Superstocks

Friday 9th & Saturday 10th March 7pm Start Both Nights


Saturday 10th March

U25 SUPERSTOCK Championship

Supported By

Classes Running – Friday

Stockcar Teams

Admission Prices:
ADULT $20 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)


Saturday –

Stockcar Teams
Superstocks (under 25’s)
Stockcar consolations including local cars that aren’t in the team.


Admission Prices:
ADULT $25 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $60 (2 Adults & 4 Children)

Pit Gate opens at 2.30 – for Vehicle Checking
Main Gates 5.00pm
Grand Parade 6.30
Racing 7.00pm


North Island Production Saloons / HB Superstock Champs

CONGRATULATIONS to the First National North Island Production Saloon Champions

1st 7V Grant Loveridge
2nd 17G Anton McKay
3rd 44G Fraser Wright

Hawkes Bay Superstock Champs

1st 41B Jason Long
2nd 1NZ William Humphries
3rd 136B Maddie Wise


Great Job Guys!

It was a good nights racing from all All Classes and to Finish with another of our Metal Crunching Demo Derby’s.

Race Results…

North Island  Production Saloons
Heat 1 – 1st 7V Grant Loveridge, 2nd 63H David Pillington, 3rd 71V Jason Pointon, 4th 22B Denton Hodgkinson, 5th 14H Wayne Warrender, 6th 44G Fraser Wright
Heat 2 – 1st 17G Anton McKay, 2nd 96B Tanga Walsh,  3rd 7V, 4th 44G, 5th 34G Lloyd Stuart, 6th 63H
Heat 3 – 1st 5V Grant Little, 2nd 434 Brent Hackett, 3rd 11H Annmaree Warrender, 4th 27B Brent Redington, 5th 17G, 6th 44G

Hawkes Bay Superstocks
Heat 1 – 1st 1NZ William Humphries, 2nd 136B Maddie Wise, 3rd 97R Pat Westbury, 4th 41B Jason Long, 5th 471 Daniel Hole, 6th 11B Matthew Titter
Heat 2 – 1st 8B Clayton Hagen, 2nd 722 David Lowe, 3rd 47B Zach Glenny, 4th 41B Jason Long, 5th 86b Marty Cooke, 6th 1NZ
Heat 3 – 1st 41B, 2nd 136B, 3rd 1NZ, 4th 95P Clive Elliot, 5th 97R, 6th 63R Steven Flower

Race 1 – 1st 97B Marshall Zachan, 2nd 81G Angus Briant, 3rd 34B Harry Prince, 4th 12B Ryan Dorward, 5th 14B Courtney Hatton, 6th 26B Thomas McEwan
Race 2 – 1st 6R Liam Reid, 2nd 12B Ryan Dorward, 3rd 99R Ethan Clarke, 4th 72B Bailey Smith, 5th 7B Bradley Penn, 6th 81G
Race 3 – 1st 81G, 2nd 72B, 3rd 97B, 4th 9B Trent McCann, 5th 16B Hamish McEwan, 6th 12B Ryan Dorward
Race 4 – 1st 99R, 2nd 58B Jack Lawson, 3rd 34B, 4th 97B, 5th 14B, 6th 55P Max Lowe

Saloons/Super Saloons
Race 1 – 1st 21W Donald Gregory, 2nd 5B Steve Flynn, 3rd 27B Josh Smith, 4th 6B Grant Flynn, 5th 29B Steven Martin, 6th 3NZ Matt Eckersley
Race 2 – 1st 33B Kareena Annan, 2nd 42B Steve Goodwin, 3rd 3NZ, 4th 95B Johnny Browne, 5th 27B, 6th 6B
Race 3 – 1st 95B, 2nd 5B, 3rd 6B, 4th 33B, 5th 27B, 6th 77B Mac Kwok

Race 1 – 1st 35A Cieran Rose, 2nd 74G Ryan MacGregor, 3rd 10A Shayne Minchington, 4th 6B Duane Todd, 5th 47B David Wilson, 6th 11B Adam Coonan
Race 2 – 1st 6B, 2nd 87B Michael Gurnett, 3rd 47B, 4th 74G, 5th 35A, 6th 10A
Race 3 – 1st 6B, 2nd 74G, 3rd 35A, 4th 11B, 5th 87B, 6th 76B Doug Morris

Race 1 –
Race 2 – 1st 95B Tim Towler, 2nd 9B Phillip McNamara, 3rd 97B David Adams, 4th 56B Glen Sheppard, 5th 9W Aaron Wilton, 6th 66B Ben Darroch
Race 3 – 1st 56B, 2nd 68B, 3rd 9W, 4th 9B, 5th 97B

Class Rep Race Reports…

TQ’s – Nick
Even though we only had a small field of cars the TQ’s put on a great show of close racing, tight passing and action that they are well known for at Meeanee. A big thank you goes out to Shayne Minchington 10A for making the long trip down to support the club and coming away with a 4th in the Feature. The meeting ran over 3 races, Grids were marble draw and reverse then fastest off the front for the Feature. Duane Todd top scored from the first two races, which gave him first choice of the front row grids, the outside grid 2 gave him the advantage to run away for the feature win from 74G Ryan MacGregor 2nd and 35A Cieran Rose finishing in 3rd. That’s all for meeting 12, Hoping to see bigger fields for our Easter Meeting where we will run the Hawkes Bay Champs on the Friday and the East Coast Champs on the Saturday which will include the 20 Lapper. We look forward to some more awesome close racing.

The Hawke’s Bay Superstock Champs attracted a good number of competitors – 11 locals and 9 visitors, and including the new 1NZ William Humphries. Track conditions for all three races were perfect for fast racing, with race 2 fastest lap time 17.6849 seconds (41B Jason Long), race 3 – 17.7535 seconds (136B Maddie Wise) and race 1 – 17.7862 seconds (1NZP William Humphries).Race 1 pole sitter 66B Randal Tarrant took off to a good lead for several laps until a jammed throttle resulted in hard contact with the concrete in turn 3 and the pit corner.This incident allowed Humphries from grid 3 to take the lead for the race to the finish line, followed by a hard charging 136B Maddie Wise who started from grid 8.Regular visitor 97R Pat Westbury finished 3rd after starting from grid 4.Drive of the race saw 41B Jason Long start from grid 19 and finish in 4th place.
Race 2 resulted in a first time win at Meeanee for pole sitter 8B Clayton Hagen who took off in the race to the flag, with the benefit of 22B Zach Lawrence missing from grid 2.722P David Lowe in his first season of Superstocks, started from grid 3 and chased Hagen to the finish line for second place.
41B Jason Long was again the hard charger, starting from grid 9 and working through the field to hound Hagen, until encountering a blocking Tarrant exiting the pit corner. This manoeuvre allowed Lowe and 47B Zach Glenny to pass, putting Long back to 4th place at race end.
Race 3 saw 136B Maddie Wise start from grid 6, and with grids 2 and 4 vacant from missing cars, Wise leapt through for an early lead.
Jason Long started from grid 3 behind 95P Clive Elliott, who was pushed wide by Long, to allow the chase of Wise. However, an incident on lap 8 saw red lights activated, with Long stopping right behind Wise.Long then hounded and passed Wise to take the flag and the Championship.

41B Jason Long finished first after scoring 4th, 4th and 1st for 54 points.
1NZP William Humphries was second after scoring 1st, 6th and 3rd for 53 points.
136B Maddie Wise was third after scoring 2nd, 8th and 2nd for 51 points.
A good display of fast and eventful racing from Superstocks.



Next Meeting – North Island Production Saloons / HB Superstock Champs

SATURDAY 24th February 7pm Start


Classes Running;
Production Saloons
Saloons/Super Saloons
Demo Derby

Admission Prices:
ADULT $20 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)

Pit Gate Opens at 1.30pm – For Production Saloons – Vehicle Checking 2-4pm
Main Gate Opens at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm

NI Production Saloon Entries
5V Grant Little
7G Dave Gooch
7V Grant Loveridge
10B Brandon Lawrence

10V Mike Lovell
11H Annmaree Warrender
14H Wayne Warrender
17G Antonio McKay
19B Brendon Zachan

22B Denton Hodgkinson
27B Gregg Redington
27V Daryn Smith

34G Lloyd Stranger Stuart
44G Fraser Wright

46B Brent Redington
46G Matt Schultz
51B Brent Gosney
62V Jon Morrison
71V Jason Pointon

72V Bailey Goldsack
77B Taylor Emerson

83V Richard Hudson
96B Tanga Walsh
434V Brent Hackett




Next Meeting – Final Round of the Pro-Dirt Burger King Super Saloon Series

Tonight’s Meeting has been Cancelled !

Date for Final round of Super Saloon Series TBC

Saturday 10th February 7pm  Start

Final Round of the Super Saloon Series Supported by Napier City Council  

Classes Running:
Super Saloons
Production Saloons

Admission Prices:
ADULT $25 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $60 (2 Adults & 4 Children)

North Island TQ Championship – Results

Efficient Moving & Storage North Island TQ Midget Championship Results

1st 15A Ryan Baker
2nd 88A Scott Baker
3rd 16A Ryan Barry (After a Run Off)

HB Production Saloons

1st 71V Jason Pointon
2nd 7V Grant Loveridge (After a Run Off)
3rd 17G Anton McKay


Race Results…..

NI TQ Champs
Heat 1 – 1st 88A Scott Baker, 2nd 15A Ryan Baker, 3rd 16A Ryan Barry, 4th 32B Kris Gillies, 5th 2NZ Kaleb Currie, 6th 41A Morgan McHugh
Heat 2 – 1st 41A, 2nd 6A Shaun Cooke, 3rd 2NZ, 4th 15A, 5th 88A, 6th 46A Aaron Humble
Heat 3 – 1st 16A, 2nd 15A, 3rd 8B Tony Meechan, 4th 88A, 5th 47B David Wilson, 6th 35A Cieran Rose

Overall Points
1st 15A Ryan Baker 55pts
2nd 88A Scott Baker 53pts
3rd 16A Ryan Barry 49pts
4th 41A Morgan McHugh 49pts
5th 2NZ Kaleb Currie 47pts
6th 35A Cieran Rose 43pts
7th 47B David Wilson 39pts
8th 32B Kris Gillies 39pts
9th 46A Aaron Rumble 36pts
10th 6A Shaun Cooke 30pts
11th 11B Adam Coonan 28pts
12th 8B Tony Msschan 24pts
13th 11A Tim Ferguson 23pts
14th 87B Michael Gurnett 21pts
15th 76B Doug Morris 21pts
16th 3NZ Duane Todd 13pts
17th 8A Lawrence Baker 9pts
18th 32A Sual Smith 6pts

Reps Report –
The North Island TQ Championship Was Held at Meeanee Speedway Last Night. This Meeting Was Run Over 3 Heats 20 Laps Each. Heat One Had A Few Collisions on the Start and Third Time of Asking we got Away. The Race Ended with a Few DNF’s But Nothing Major, The Baker Boys took it away in 1st And 2nd In Heat One. Heat Two found a Few more Collisions but it was the 41a of Morgan McHugh that took the Win over 6A Shaun Cooke, the Baker Boys came Home in 4th & 5th Resulting in the Baker Boys Taking the Top Two Spots Again Which Made Them Equal On Points After This Heat, McHugh Not Far Behind. Final Heat 16A Ryan Barry took the Win in some Fast and Furious Last few Laps with Ryan Baker who came home in Second which meant He Won the North Island Title. 4th Place was enough for Scott Baker to take 2nd Overall and there was a Run Off for 3rd Place between Morgan McHugh and Ryan Barry who were Tied on Points. Ryan Barry Took the Win off Morgan In the Run Off and Came Away With 3rd Place Overall, 4th to Morgan And 5th Was Kaleb Currie.

HB Production Saloons
Heat 1 – 1st 7V Grant Loveridge, 2nd 27B Gregg Redington, 3rd 62V John Morrison, 4th 17G Anton McKay, 5th 71V Jason Pointon, 6th 46A Brett Redington
Heat 2 – 1st 71V, 2nd 17G, 3rd 98G Bryce Simpson, 4th 7V, 5th 22B Denton Hodgkinson, 6th 27B
Heat 3 – 1st 71V, 2nd 7V, 3rd 98G, 4th 17G, 5th 27B, 6th 62V John Morrison

Race 1 – 1st 97R Pat Westbury, 2nd 87B Thomas Stanaway, 3rd 95P Clive Elliott, 4th 52B Regan O’Brien, 5th 106 Des Curry, 6th 87R David Elsworth
Race 2 – 1st 87B, 2nd 97R, 3rd 87R, 4th 95P, 5th 47B Zach Glenny, 6th 8B Clayton Hagen
Race 3 – 1st 87B, 2nd 97R, 3rd 95P, 4th 47B, 5th 8B, 6th 17B Jason Wilson
Race 4 – 1st 87B, 2nd 87R, 3rd 95P, 4th 97R, 5th 47B, 6th 8B

Race 1 – 1st 12B Ryan Dorward, 2nd 97B Marshall Zachan, 3rd 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley, 4th 58B Jack Lawson, 5th 6R Liam Reid, 6th 14B Courtney Hatton
Race 2 – 1st 88B, 2nd 26B Thomas McEwan, 3rd 72B Bailey Smith, 4th 14B, 5th 42B Lauren Swift, 6th 16B Hamish McEwan
Race 3 – 1st 81G, 2nd 12B, 3rd 72B, 4th 42B, 5th 17B Tori MalColm, 6th 61B Henry Steel
Race 4 – 1st 58B Jack Lawson, 2nd 6R, 3rd 12B, 4th 42B, 5th 14B, 6th 61B

Side Cars
Race 1 – 1st 26B Justin Lincoln/Adrian Orchard, 2nd 51B Kim Johnston/Kerry Johnston, 3rd 12B Daniel Satherley / Craig Hale,
Race 2 – 1st 26B, 2nd 5B Justin Maulder /Jason McKinley
Race 3 – 1st 51B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 12B, 4th 87B Regan Feck / Martijn Domper






Next Meeting – North Island TQ Midget Champs

SATURDAY 27th January 2018

Efficient Moving & Storage North Island TQ Championship 2018

Main Gates Open at 5pm
Pit Gate Opens at 1pm
Vehicle Checking 2pm-4pm

Admission Prices:
ADULT $20 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)

Classes Running;

Production Saloons
Side Cars
Solos – TBC

NI TQ Entries:-
2NZ Kaleb Currie
3NZ Duane Todd
6A Shaun Cooke
7A Jayden Busch
8B Tony Meechan
8A Lawrence Baker
11B Adam Coonan
11A Tim Ferguson
15A Ryan Baker

16A Ryan Barry
32B Kris Gillies
32A Saul Smith

35A Cieran Rose
41A Mogan McHugh

46A Aaron Humble
47B David Wilson
64A Gina Harris

74G Ryan MacGregor
76B Doug Morris

84A Dean Cooper
87B Michael Gurnett
88A Scott Baker

Krusty 500


1st 261B Ethan Anderson
2nd 15B Michael Smith
3rd 8A Logan Peat
4th 5B Regan Penn
5th 52B Dominique O’Brien
=6th 74B Tony Palmer
=6th 16B Brett Loveridge

Some Great Action at the Krusty 500! A four heat format which kept everyone on their seats going into the Last race! Ethan Anderson kept out of trouble to take away the Top prize, while Logan Peat had to sit a wait for the fourth heat battle to unfold. Michael Smith came home in second place making it a Run off for 2nd & 3rd, after a who holds who off the start line, it was Smith who had the legs to take that second place.

Race Results….

Stockcars – Krusty 500
Heat 1 – 1st 8A Logan Peat, 2nd 261B Ethan Anderson, 3rd 29B Craig McBeth, 4th 68B Tony Darroch, 5th 15B Michael Smith, 6th 22B Sarah-Jane Adie
Heat 2 – 1st 5B Regan Penn, 2nd 96B Brandon Symes, 3rd 94B Justin White, 4th 8A, 5th 43B Phil Osborne, 6th 15B
Heat 3 – 1st 52B Dominique O’Brien, 2nd 261B, 3rd 96B, 4th 74B Tony Palmer, 5th 16B Brett Loveridge, 6th 24B Daniel Melling
Heat 4 – 1st 74B, 2nd 15B, 3rd 9B Stacey Smith, 4th 261B, 5th 52B, 6th 63A Andre Stenson
Run Off – 1st 15B, 2nd 8A

Production Saloons
Heat 1 – 1st 71V Jason Pointon, 2nd 27B Gregg Redington, 3rd 7V Grant Loveridge, 4th 83V Richard Hudson, 5th 73V John Huijs, 6th 17G Anton McKay
Heat 2 – 1st 17G, 2nd 46B Brent Redington, 3rd 7V, 4th 72V Bailey Goldsack, 5th 27B, 6th 73V
Heat 3 – 1st 7V, 2nd 73V, 3rd 83V, 4th 46G Matt Schultz, 5th 96B Tanga Walsh, 6th 51B Brent Gosney

Heat 1 – 1st 75G Shuan Kingi, 2nd 94B Jessie Pollock-Houston, 3rd 95B Tim Towler, 4th 65B David Brand, 5th 44B Philip Glyn, 6th 16B Ben Yeoman
Heat 2 – 1st 16B, 2nd 94B, 3rd 95B, 4th 65B, 5th 75G, 6th 44B
Heat 3 – 1st 46B, 2nd 75G, 3rd 65B, 4th 16B, 5th 95B, 6th 94B

Heat 1 – 1st 16G Hamish Moore, 2nd 6M Dave Moorcroft, 3rd 17B Sam Croy, 4th 27B Josh Smith, 5th 42B Steve Goodwin, 6th 14B George Hildred
Heat 2 – 1st 27B, 2nd 92B Kevin Martin, 3rd 7B Shane Laking, 4th 42B, 5th 6M, 6th 29B Steve Martin

Heat 1 – 1st 41B Jason Long, 2nd 8B Clayton Hagen, 3rd 98B Quinton Butcher, 4th 136B Maddie Wise, 5th 86B Marty Cooke, 6th 52B Regan O’Brien
Heat 2 – 1st 41B, 2nd 136B, 3rd 8B, 4th 86B, 5th 5B Richard Houston, 6th 52B
Heat 3 – 1st 86B, 2nd 41B, 3rd 5B, 4th 98B, 5th 98B, 6th 136B

Race Report –
With seven Superstocks away racing at the Rotorua 240’s, numbers at home for this meeting were reduced to eight locals in total, with no visitors.
These eight cars put on entertaining show with fast racing on a great track surface, once again.
With the Teams Champs in PN only two weeks away, it was obvious that some drivers were in blocking mode to hone their Teams racing skills.
Jason Long (41B) had a dream night, winning races one and two, plus second in the Feature.
With Long starting off pole in race one it appeared he would take off for the flag, but Maddie Wise (136B) starting from grid 3 pushed Long hard all race and passed him for the lead on lap 8. However, a blocking Regan O’Brien (52B) slowed Wise enough to allow Long to pass safely, with Wise stuck behind O’Brien to race end, and to finish in 4th place.
Race two saw Long off grid 5 with Wise right behind on grid 7, chasing Long to the checked flag to finish 1 and 2.
Clayton Hagen (8B) is slowing getting to grips with his new ex Scott Hewson car to finish third behind the two flyers.
Race three saw only six cars starting, but there was action aplenty with O’Brien, Hagen and Quintin Butcher (98B) in blocking mode.
While Hagen was holding Wise, Long and Butcher at bay, Marty Cooke (86B) shot through to take his second Feature race win of the season.
Jason Long was second and a delighted Richard Houston (5B) finished in third place.




Next Meeting – Stockcars “Krusty 500”

This weekend we will hold the Annual Stockcar Krusty 500 In memory of Christopher ”Krusty” Keane……
36 Stockcars will take to the Track to battle it out for the top prize of $3000 !
Where the Final heat starts in front of the Commentary box to ensure the First Lap is 500 meters. 
There is sure to be Action a Plenty! Support Classes running are Superstocks, Streetstocks, Production Saloons and Saloons

Main Gates Open at 5pm
Pit Gate Opens at 2.30pm

Admission Prices:
ADULT $20 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)

Classes Running;

Production Saloons

Entries for the Krusty 500…

5B           Regan Penn
6B           Darren Clark
8B           Thomas Rumble
9B           Stacey Smith
14B         Jemma Palmer
15B         Michael Smith
16B         Brett Loveridge
22B         Sarah Adie
24B         Daniel Melling
25B         Bryce Cross
26B         Kerry Perrett

27B         Isaac Fothergill
29B         Craig McBeth
32B         Ethan Cross
41B         Cameron Swift
52B         Domonique O’Brien
57B         Megan Williams
61B         David Steel
65B         Royden Hynd
68B         Tony Darroch
69B         Keith Lammas
74B         Tony Palmer
76B         Ben Milne
77B         Jordan Wise
87B         Callum Shotter
91B         Zayne Pullan
94B         Justin White
96B         Brandon Symes
97B         Daniel Dittmer
115B      Grant Hollyman
261B      Ethan Anderson
1NZ        Josh Prentice
43           Phil Osborne
63A        Andre Stenson
735A      Keegan Orr