New Zealand Saloon Car Top Qualifiers & Repercharge Groups

Congratulations to the Top 18 Qualifiers through to tomorrow nights New Zealand Saloon Car Championship 2019
*2 Cars to come from 2 Repercharges (Top 20 Final)

29B Steve Martin
8H Cam Roigard
2NZ Paddy North
27S Joe Ingram
25K Robert Belk
36M Dale Bogwood

72C Peter Schouten
25T Mike Verdoner
67A Scott Rumball
75M Michelle Wymer
8S Craig Korff
3NZ Matt Eckersley

8M Jarred Fletcher
77G Daniel Cook
42M Trent Amrein
27B Josh Smith
16S Thomas Korff
87A Tom Roberts


Grid No. Driver Grid No. Driver
1 76G Ethan Cook 2 433 Matt Peterson
3 7S Richard Dreaver 4 242 Ashleigh Halcrow
5 57D Aaron Andrews 6 21H Steve Williams
7 7B Shane Laking 8 34K Craig Robinson
9 146 Paul Wright 10 33B Kareena Annan
11 8K Kevin Williams 12 31K Malcolm Mazur
13 124 Danelle Halcrow 14 14B George Hildred
1 18K Chris Taylor 2 7T Ivan Murdoch
3 92B Kevin Martin 4 77K Rossco Cresswell
5 61K Josey Peat-Bennett 6 5C Danny Knight
7 227 Wayne Melling 8 16G Hamish Moore
9 99M Steve Walling 10 81A  Dan Hickman
11 25H Reece Clement 12 31B David Hunter
13 92M Chris Kernham      

Next Meeting – New Zealand Saloon Champs

NEXT MEETING – TUESDAY 1st & WEDNESDAY 2nd January 2019 7pm Start Both Nights


Pit Gate opens at 1pm
Vehicle Checking Starts at 1.15pm
Public Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm.

Pit Gate opens at 2pm
Vehicle Checking Starts at 2.15pm
Public Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm.

Support Classes – (Qualifying Night) 

Support Classes – (Finals Night)
Production Saloons

Adult $25 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $60 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)

Click Here for Saloon Groups




North Island Stockcar Championship

After a Hard Fought Last Finals Heat, 5W Josh Prentice came home with the North Island Stockcar Silverware!

NORTH ISLAND Championship 2018/19

1st 5W Josh Prentice
2nd 15V Callum Sturzaker
3rd 72R Michael Rumney
4th 47S Damion Hiestand
5th 72S Bevan Phillips

Stockcar Summer Cup – 2nd Tier

1st 8A Logan Peat
2nd 669W Brendon Tye
3rd 48M Lee Porter
4th 99M Todd Hemingway
5th 14B Jemma Palmer

North Island Stockcar Championship – Results

Repercharge One
1st 2NZ Keegan Levien
2nd 15W Hayden Thomas
3rd 56H Cameron Taylor

Repercharge Two
1st 76B Ben Milne
2nd 32S Mark Duthie
3rd 992 Taylor Lampp

North Island
Heat One
1st 2NZ Keegan Levien, 2nd 72R Michael Rumney, 3rd 517 Mark Woods, 4th 5W Josh Prentice, 5th 174P Brendon Learmouth, 6th 3NZ Haydin Barker
Heat Two
1st 72S Bevan Phillips, 2nd 5W, 3rd 9R Sheldon Apapere, 4th 735A Keegan Orr, 5th 15V Callum Sturzaker, 6th 2NZ
Heat Three
1st 95A Gary Lonergan, 2nd 3NZ, 3rd 15V, 4th 56H Cameron Taylor, 5th 5W, 6th 735A

Pos No. Driver Points
1 5W Josh Prentice 82
2 15V Callum Sturzaker 74
3 72R Michael Rumney 71
4 47S Damion Hiestand 67
5 72S Bevan Phillips 66
6 735A Keegan Orr 61
7 174P Brendon Learmouth 59
8 5B Regan Penn 59
9 2NZ Keegan Levien 55
10 3NZ Haydin Barker 54
11 208A Blake Brooks 53
12 992W Taylor Lampp 53
13 9R Sheldon Apapere 51
14 56H Cameron Taylor 48
15 89V Blair Lockett 47
16 85S Dale Michielsen 30
17 95A Gary Lonergan 30
18 517S Mark Woods 28
19 513R Callum Flavell 27
20 15W Hayden Thomas 22
21 32S Mark Duthie 21
22 61B Jason Penn 20
23 66A Hayden Hart 16
24 7A Josh Simpson 15
25 25B Bryce Cross 12
26 41B Cameron Swift 11
27 76B Ben Milne 8
28 46W Ethan Levien 7
29 33S Tyler Walker 0
30 772P Kyle Lampp 0

Summer Cup
Heat One
1st 99S William Hughes, 2nd 41S Rowan Urlich, 3rd 669W Brendon Tye, 4th 24P Stu Sowry, 5th 6S Bradley Podjurksy, 6th 48M Lee Porter
Heat Two
1st 6S, 2nd 96B Brandan Symes, 3rd 669W, 4th 99M Todd Hemingway, 5th 48M, 6th 8H Larry Henderson
Heat Three
1st 14B Jemma Palmer, 2nd 99M, 3rd 29G James Clarke, 4th 41S, 5th 8A Logan Peat, 6th 48M

Stockcar Consulations
Race 1
1st 91S Kyle Wilson, 2nd 74B Tony Palmer, 3rd 9B Stacey Smith, 4th 21R Brad Coxhead, 5th 33V Trazam Ryland-Annabel, 6th 27B Isaac Fothergill
Race 2
1st 74B, 2nd 87B Callum Shotter, 3rd 6S, 4th 27B, 5th 63B Andre Stenson,
Race 3
1st 74B, 2nd 43B Phil Osborne

1st 136 Maddie Wise, 2nd 46B Quinn Ryan, 3rd 47B Zach Glenny, 4th 66B Randal Tarrant, 5th 6V Dion Mooney, 6th 69P Todd O’Donnell
Race 2
1st 371 Daniel Hole, 2nd 6V, 3rd 136B, 4th 86B Marty Cooke, 5th 22B Zach Lawrence, 6th 52V Darrel James
Race 3
1st 22B, 2nd 6V, 3rd 791P William Hart, 4th 69P, 5th 77P Scott Penn, 6th 557P Darrel Wallace

Race Report by Barry
Superstocks had a good line-up of cars, 11 locals and 10 visitors, with racing again fast and furious.
With the NZ Champs at Woodford Glenn next weekend, 9B Adam Groome, 41B Jason Long and 87B Thomas Stanaway were missing this weekend, with their cars still under preparation for their trip South.  However, the other NZ Champ entrants, 22B Zach Lawrence and 46B Quinn Ryan did turn-up and race, for their last shakedown.The track maintenance crew did a great job restoring the track surface after the previous night’s bumpy conditions, caused by the rain through Christmas.11B Mathew Titter had a heart-breaking first night return, to start from pole in the first race and end up the wall exiting the top corner, and out for the night with steering damage. 46B Quinn Ryan started from grid 3 and shot through for the lead, followed by 136B Maddie Wise starting off grid 5 behind Ryan. Wise was really flying and passed Ryan to take the win, with Ryan finishing in second. 47B Zach Glenny had a good steady race to finish in third place after starting from grid 9. The real mover was 66B Randal Tarrant who started from grid 15 and finished in fourth place.
However the pace took it’s toll, with six cars not finishing.   Fastest lap time went to Maddie Wise on lap 5 at 18.029 seconds.
Race 2 saw the field reduced to 16 cars, but the hot pace continued.
All eyes for this one were on Maddie Wise as he stormed through the field after starting from grid 15 to take the flag, but the Officials relegated him to third place after the 136B car was seen passing the Tank of 88B Morgan Peach inside the pole-line early in the race.
The win was given to 371P Daniel Hole, who finished behind Wise, after starting from grid 9 – Hole also set the fastest lap of 18.360 seconds on lap 6.
6V Dion Mooney was also on the move to finish in third place after starting from grid 14.   Only one car failed to finish this race.
Race 3 saw the field reduced to 14 cars, and the hot pace continued.
The first corner push saw Grid 4 starter, 86B Marty Cooke up the wall and out of the race, after his car was removed from the track.The battle for the lead saw 22B Zach Lawrence (off grid 6) and 371P Daniel Hole (off grid 3) swapping places for the lead until they came upon master-blocker 84B Mike McLachlan doing what he does best. McLachlan hindered the 371P car enough to allow Lawrence past and to the checked flag for a popular win – but, will 22B give 84B a share of first prize money?
Second place was taken by 6V Dion Mooney after a good steady drive after starting from grid 12.
Third place went to another young visitor 791P William Hart, who started off grid 13.
Fastest lap went to Dion Mooney on lap 6  at 18.395 seconds.
The attrition rate was huge, with 7 cars finishing and 7 cars DNF.
We again thank out visiting Superstock drivers for supporting this enjoyable night.

North Island Stockcar – Top Qualifiers & Repercharge Groups

Congratulations to the Top 24 Qualifiers through to tomorrows North Island Stockcar Championship 2018/19
*6 Cars to come from 2 Repercharges (Top 30 Final)

5W Josh Prentice
41B Cameron Swift
7A Josh Simpson
513R Callum Flavell
85S Dale Michielsen
61B Jason Penn

5B Regan Penn
46W Ethan Levien
89V Blair Lockett
72R Michael Rumney
95A Gary Lonergan
174P Brendon Learmouth

735A Keegan Orr
9R Sheldon Apapere
47S Damion Hiestand
66A Hayden Hart
15V Callum Sturzaker
72S Bevan Phillips

25B Bryce Cross
3NZ Haydin Barker
33S Tyler Walker
772P Kyle Lampp
517S Mark Woods
208A Blake Brooks


(Updated as of 12pm)

Grid No. Driver
1 72A  Cody Mckee
2 56H  Cameron Taylor
3 48M  Lee Porter
4 82P  Roydon Winstanley
5 115B Grant Hollyman
6 38P Neil Coley
7 15W Hayden Thomas
8 93B Joshua Trott
9 14B Jemma Palmer
10 91R  Tony Coxhead
11 76P Cameron Rennwick
12 49H Kyle Hickford
13 28R  Alexandra Jones
14 81P Jonathan Mason
15 92R Karl Garnett
16 9S  Carol Podjursky
17 41S Rowan Urlich
18 87B Callum Shotter
19 81M Michael Stock
20 2NZ  Keegan Levien
21 4G Ben Holt
22 93M Marc Dunn
23 63B Andre Stenson
24 29B Craig McBeth
25 79G Bryce Harding
26 26B Kerry Perrett
27 8P Jason Marshall
28 9B Tony Coxhead
29 74B Tony Palmer
30 28K Gary Worthington
Grid No. Driver
1 8A Logan Peat
2 32S Mark Duthie
3 65B Roydon Hynd
4 992W Taylor Lampp
5 6S Bradley Podjursky
6 29G James Clarke
7 99M Todd Hemingway
8 94B Justin White
9 24P Stu Sowry
10 53V Mason James
11 88W Josh Kahui
12 9W Bryce Jensen
13 8H Larry Henderson
14 52B Domonique O’Brien
15 96B Brendon Symes
16 22G David Glassford
17 669W Brendon Tye
18 73R Andre Rumney
19 24B Daniel Melling
20 99S William Hughes
21 35P Matt Phippen
22 76B Ben Milne
23 21R Brad Coxhead
24 27B Issac Fothergill
25 681R Kristin Keijzer
26 43B Phil Osborne
27 33V Trazam Ryland-Annabel
28 91S Kyle Wilson
29 213H Gordon White
30 62B Tyler Robertson

Full Race Results to Follow……




Next Meeting – Shane Warner Engineering NORTH ISLAND STOCKCAR CHAMPS

Next Meeting – Friday 28th & Saturday 29th December 7pm Start Both Nights 

Pit Gate opens at 1pm
Vehicle Checking Starts at 1.15pm
Public Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm.

Pit Gate opens at 2pm
Vehicle Checking Starts at 2.15pm
Public Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm.

Support Classes – (Qualifying Night) Friday 28th December:
Ministocks – (Hawkes Bay Cars Only)
Support Classes – (Finals Night) Saturday 29th December:
Vintage Stockcars
Solo Bikes

Adult $25 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $60 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)



Christmas Special – Results

Bedpost New Zealand

Hawkes Bay Stockcar Champs 2018

1st 96B Brandon Symes
2nd 41B Cameron Swift
3rd 76B Ben Milne

Full Race results

Group 1 Heat 1
1st 41B Cameron Swift, 2nd 5B Regan Penn, 3rd 93B Joshua Trott, 4th 76B Ben Milne, 5th 74B Tony Palmer, 6th 29B Craig McBeth
Group 2 Heat 1
1st 96B Brandon Symes, 2nd 735A Keegan Orr, 3rd 115B Grant Hollyman, 4th 94B Justin White, 5th 67G Jason Lovell, 6th 4G Ben Holt
Group 1 Heat 2
1st 5B, 2nd 76B, 3rd 29B, 4th 41B, 5th 74B, 6th 22G David Glasford
Group 2 Heat 2
1st 94B, 2nd 67G, 3rd 25B Bryce Cross, 4th 735A, 5th 29G James Clarke, 6th 61B Jason Penn

1st 89W Dale Robertson
2nd 46B Quinn Ryan
3rd 22W Richard Gaskin
4th 136B Maddie Wise
5th 41B Jason Long

Race 1 – 1st 89W Dale Robertson, 2nd 136B Maddie Wise, 3rd 87B Thomas Stanaway, 4th 7W Shane Davies, 5th 88B Morgan Peach, 6th 47B Zach Glenny
Race 2 – 1st 87B, 2nd 89W, 3rd 31P Andy McCabe, 4th 88B, 5th 52W Paul Fairbrother, 6th 7W
Race 3 – 1st 89W, 2nd 87B, 3rd 7W, 4th 47B, 5th 31P, 6th 22W Richard Gaskin

Race Report by Barry
The Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes return match against Wellington Wildcats was the feature event for Superstocks in Race 2 on the night. What was supposed to be a “friendly” encounter turned out to be a race full of action with the lead changing many times, after some heavy hits meted out by both teams.
With 46B Quinn Ryan and 136B Maddie Wise having their turn in the lead, the eventual winner was a flying 89W Dale Robertson who had good support from his team-mates. With First Car across the line winning this event, the Wildcats made it two wins to nil over the Hawkeyes in their early season contests. But, the casualty list featured 41B Jason Long out for the night with gearbox issues, and 22W Richard Gaskin and 46W Ethan Levien out for the first all-in race with repairable damage. A dejected 84B Mike McLachlan in his new Tank was the Hawkeyes reserve car but fuel supply issues during the Teams warm-up laps put him out for the night.
Race 1 had 12 cars starting with 31P Andy McCabe off grid 2 taking off for the lead until a punctured tyre on lap 8 saw his retirement and the lead going to a fast charging 89W Dale Robertson who took the flag followed closely by 136B Maddie Wise and 87B Thomas Stanaway, with Stanaway posting the fastest lap of 17.5146 seconds in his chase.
Race 2 saw Stanaway starting from pole and he took off never to be headed by the fast charging Robertson all the way to the flag.  Stanaway also set the fastest lap in this race of 17.5493 seconds.
31P Andy McCabe started from grid 11, but had no chance of catching the two leaders and settled for third.
Race 3 was another winning triumph for Robertson who started from grid 8, but all eyes were on Stanaway who started from grid 17 and saw a very spirited drive to take second place, and another fastest lap of 17.7350 seconds.  Third place went to 7W Shane Davis who started from grid 10.
Driver of the night had to be 89W Dale Robertson with three wins including the Teams race and a second.
Credit also to 87B Thomas Stanaway with one win, one second and one third plus fastest lap in the three races, which resulted in a friendly reprimand from officials for being too fast! Our thanks to the Wellington Wildcats team who arrived with two spare cars and 19P Josh Dorn to give a starting tally of 18 cars for the night.  Unfortunately the Teams race resulted in cars missing from some of the later races, but a great night’s entertainment from Superstocks.

Race 1 – 1st 27B Bailey Warner, 2nd 12B Ryan Dorwood, 3rd 4B Zach Hatton, 4th 11B Liam Danielson, 5th 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley, 6th 26B Thomas McEwen
Race 2 – 1st 78B Blake Barraclough, 2nd 88B, 3rd 58B Jack Lawson, 4th 12B, 5th 26B, 6th 16B Hamish McEwan
Race 3 – 1st 12B, 2nd 27B, 3rd 58B, 4th 16B, 5th 77B Savana Peach, 6th 88B
Race 4 – 1st 11B, 2nd 4B, 3rd 16B, 4th 81B Keegan Bunce, 5th 87B Jeremy Browne, 6th 94B Cameron Houston,

Race 1 -1st 6B Duane Todd, 2nd 11B Adam Coonan, 3rd 74G Ryan MacGregor, 4th 66B Tony Meechan, 5th 14B Chris Wiffen, 6th 26B Chris Mooney
Race 2 – 1st 66B, 2nd 6B, 3rd 74G, 4th 11B, 5th 26B, 6th 14B
Race 3 – 1st6B, 2nd 74G, 3rd 66B, 4th 11B, 5th 26B, 6th 14B

Race 1 – 1st 96B Tanga Walsh, 2nd 22B Denton Hodgkinson, 3rd 16G Sean Robertson, 4th 34G Lloyd Stuart, 5th 27B Gregg Redington, 6th 5B Richard Houston
Race 2 – 1st 34G, 2nd 16G, 3rd 22B, 4th 96B, 5th 27B, 6th 88B David Brand
Race 3 – 1st 22B, 2nd 34G, 3rd 16G, 4th 27B, 5th 5B, 6th 51B Brent Gosney

Next Meeting – Christmas Special

Bedpost New Zealand

Next Meeting – Saturday 8th December 7pm Start


Pit Gate opens at 2.30pm
Public Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm.

Classes Running;
Stockcars – Hawkes Bay Champs

Superstock Team Race – Hawkeyes v Wellington Wild Cats
Production Saloons
Santas Visit
Demo Derby

Adult $20 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $50 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)

Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes
41B Jason Long
46B Quinn Ryan
84B Mike McLachlan
87B Thomas Stanaway

Wellington Wild Cats
7W Shane Davies
22W Richard Gaskin
46W Ethan Levien
52W Paul Fairbrother
89W Dale Robertson

Hawkes Bay Stockcars

4G Ben Holt
5B Regan Penn
6B Darren Clarke
8B Thomas Rumble-Faram
9B Stacey Smith
14B Jemma Palmer
16B Brett Loveridge
16G Jordan Fleetwood
17B Tristan Johnson
22G David Glassford
24B Daniel Melling
25B Bryce Cross
261B Ethan Anderson
26B Kerry Perrett
27B Isaac Fothergill
29B Craig Mc Beth
29G James Clarke
32B  Ethan Cross
38P Neil Coley
39B Nick Powell
41B Cameron Swift
43B Phil Osborne
52B Dom O’Brien
61B Jason Penn
62B Tyler Robertson
63B  Andre Stenson
67G Jason Lovell
68B Tony Darroch
74B Tony Palmer
76B Ben Milne
78B Gibson Tout
79G Bryce Harding
81B Darren Yaxley
81P  Jonothan Mason
85B Willy Stevenson
91B  Zayne Pullan
93B Josh Trott
94B Justin White
96B Brandon Symes
115B Grant Hollyman
735A Keegan Orr
772P Kyle Lampp



Tonights Meeting Canceled

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions during the week we are reluctantly having to Cancel tonight’s meeting.
We have been working hard this morning to try and get a track but the damage has been done.

The Oval Superstars Minisprint Tour and Hawkes Bay Stockcars will be postponed to a later date to be Advised.

Next Meeting – Oval Superstars MiniSprints & HB Stockcar Champs

Next Meeting – Round 2 Oval Superstars MiniSprints & Hawkes Bay Stockcar Champs

Saturday 1st December 7pm START

Pit Gate opens at 2.30pm
Public Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm.

Classes Running;
MiniSprints – Oval Superstars
Stockcars – Hawkes Bay Champs
Production Saloons

Adult $20 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $50 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)


Group A
3NZP Shane Dewar

4P Kerry Brockelbank
18S Daniel Nickel
31P Brett Giles
44P Glen Mccutcheon
53V Dylan Smith
72P Elliot Heron

Group B
12H Thomas Zee

33K Stephen Hart
57H Ben Vaughan
61P Carrol Golding
74S Chloe Ingram
75S Lydia Dickenson
93P Karl Mcgill

Group C
1NZP Christian Hermansen

13P Tony Johnson
17P Kerry Hodgson
36P Ash Emmerson
37P Todd Phillips
58P Bayley Betts
98P Tyler Urwin-Hull

Hawkes Bay Stockcar Entries – CLOSED

5B           Regan Penn
6B           Darren Clark
9B           Stacey Smith
14B         Jemma Palmer
16B         Brett Loveridge
17B         Tristan Johnson
21B         Josh Swannell
24B         Daniel Melling
26B         Kerry Perrett
27B         Isaac Fothergill
29B         Craig McBeth
32B         Ethan Cross
41B         Cameron Swift
52B         Doninque O’Brien
62B         Tyler Roberton
65B         Royden Hynd
74B         Tony Palmer
76B         Ben Milne
77B         Jason Penn
78B         Gibson Tout
81B         Phil Osborne
82B         Louis Kelly
87B         Callum Shotter
85B         Willy Stevenson
91B         Zayne Pullan
93B         Joshua Trott
94B         Justin White
96B         Brandon Symes
115B      Grant Hollyman
261B      Ethan Anderson
82P        Royden Winstanley
735A      Keegan Orr
49H        Kyle Hickford
                Nick Powell
                Sheldon Arapere
                Josh Prentice                 
                Cameron Taylor
                Jason Lovell


Burger King Pro-Dirt Results

The Burger King Pro-Dirt Super Saloons Certainly put on a Show at Meeanee Speedway with some Hard and Fast Racing Action!

2018 / 2019 Burger King Pro-Dirt Super Saloon Series Format

Marble Draw to decide Time Trial Positions 
Field Split into 2 Groups for HOT LAPS
Time Trail Qualifying  –  Cars in Groups for Trials, each car getting 2 Laps back to back.
Three Qualifying Heats over 10 Laps where the First Four Cars from each Heat Transfer to the Feature.
Pole Shuffle  –  The First Two Cars from each Heat Race Pole Shuffle for the Feature Race Top Six Grid Positions.
3rd & 4th Places from the Heats made up Grids 7-12 from Highest Points Down.
*Any tie on points was decided on quickest Qualifying times.
B Main Final  –  5th Place down from each Qualifying Heat in the B Main over 10 Laps, with the Top Eight Placed Cars Transferring into the
Feature Race, Starting Grids 13-20.
Burger King Pro-Dirt Series Feature Race  –  run over 30 Laps.

Feature Race – Final Positions

1st 37M Steve Cowling
2nd 2NZ Sam Waddell
3rd 92M Scott Hayward
4th 6B Grant Flynn
5th 27M Chris Cowling
6th 5B Steve Flynn
7th 9W Mark Pitcher
8th 16K Thomas Korff
9th 63A Nigel Mouat
10th 124 Dan Corrin
11th 6M Garry Edwards
12th 33B Chace Rodda

B Main

1st 9W Mark Pitcher
2nd 33B Chace Rodda
3rd 27M Chris Cowling
4th 6M Garry Edwards
5th 19M Matt Smith
6th Mac Kwok
7th 72B Darren Melling
8th 8K Craig Korff

Heat One
1st 3NZ Mark Osborne, 2nd 21W Donald Gregory, 3rd 891 Josh Boulton, 4th 6B Grant Flynn
Heat Two
1st 63A Migel Mouat, 2nd 5B Steve Flynn, 3rd 92M Scott Hayward, 4th 16K Thomas Korff
Heat Three
1st 2NZ Sam Waddell, 2nd 37M Steve Cowling, 3rd 124 Dan Corrin, 4th 24M Ian Daniel

Race One
1st 76G Ethan Cook, 2nd 27B Josh Smith, 3rd 29B Steve Martin, 4th 92B Kevin Martin, 5th 57P Calvin Hanare, 6th 33B Karenna Annan
Race Two
1st 27B, 2nd 76G, 3rd 92B, 4th 57P, 5th 33B, 6th 31B Dave Hunter
Feature Race
1st 27B, 2nd 76G, 3rd 33B, 4th 57P, 5th 31B, 6th 14B George Hildred

Race Report by Tracey
A Great nights racing with some great challenges coming from the visiting cars of Ethyn Cook 76g and Clavin Honare 57p No doubt taking the chance the pick up some track tips before the New Zealand Saloon Champs on the 1st/2nd January here at Meeanee!
Ethyn Managed to take the first race win in heat one with 27B Josh Smith making sure the visitor didn’t have it all his own way taking out race 2 and the Feature.

Race One
1st 94B Jesse Pollock-Houston, 2nd 16B Ben Yeoman, 3rd 59B Wally True, 4th 95B Tim Towler, 5th 23B Shane Melling, 6th 9B Phillip McNamara
Race Two
1st 9B, 2nd 95B, 3rd 23B, 4th 16B, 5th 94B, 6th 68B Ben Darroch
Feature Race
1st 95B, 2nd 9B, 3rd 94B, 4th 23B,5th 87B David Adams, 6th 59B

Race One
1st 26B Justin Lincoln & Adrian Orchard, 2nd 68B Jeremy & Steve Pruckmuller, 3rd 51B Kim & Kerry Johnston, 4th 69B Jason Rees & Cullum Innes
Race Two
1st 68B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 27B Craig & Brock Boaler, 4th 69B
Feature Race
1st 68B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 27B, 4th 69B, 5th 51B

Race One
1st 66B Tony Meechan, 2nd 97A Ben Morrison, 3rd 24A Harrison Martin, 4th 9A Morgan McHugh, 5th 64A Gina Harris, 6th 6B Duane Todd
Race Two
1st 14B Michael Gurnett, 2nd 76G Ryan McGregor, 3rd 35A Cieran Rose, 4th 67A Kaleb Currie, 5th 97A, 6th 3NZ Peter Hunnibell
Feature Race
1st 67A, 2nd 66B, 3rd 97A, 4th 14B, 5th 3NZ, 6th 35A

Race Report by Nick
A Great nights racing to support the burger king pro series with 16 TQ’s turning up to put on some awesome racing. Race one seeing the fast 66B Tony Meechan run away for the race win. Race 2 got a lot more interesting with the track being a little wet in areas seeing the TQ’s all giving each other some “Love” taps, however they all stayed on all four wheels and kept going much to everyone’s amazement! and seeing 14B Micheal Gurnett taking out the win. Points from the first 2 races sets their grid for the feature race. This saw young Ben Morrison 97A from Auckland off grid one, it was a good fast close race with 67A Kaleb Currie taking out the win followed close by the 66B of Tony Meechan with 97A Ben Morrison coming home in 3rd. Id like to thank all those that traveled to Meeanee this weekend you put on a great show and hope to see you all again soon!