Next Meeting – Memorial Trophy Night

Hawkes Bay Streestock Champs & Memorial Trophy Night for the Following Classes;

Streetstocks – Hawkes Bay Champs & Pam Gibson Trophy
Superstocks – Tony Macintosh Trophy
Stockcars – Dave Foxall / John Coker Trophies
Side Cars – Tony Bailey / Noel Kippax Trophies
TQ’s – Dusty Rhodes Trophy
Plus Production Saloons

Gates Open at 5pm
Pit Gate Opens at 2.30pm

Admission Prices:
ADULT $20 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)


Fireworks With a Bang!

Another night of Great Speedway Action in all Classes and to finish off the Most Spectacular Firework display Ever Seen at Meeanee Speedway!
No One would have gone away disappointed!

Race Results

Side Cars
Heat One A – 1st 28B Dave Black/Cole Patterson, 2nd 21B Andrew McNamara / George Olsen, 3rd 68B Jeremy Pruckmuller / Steve Pruckmuller, 4th 51B Kerry Johnston / Kim Johnston
Heat One B – 1st 26B Justin Lincolin / Adrian Orchard, 2nd 22G Jason Rees / Callum James, 3rd 5B Troy Devery / Pete Steigenberger, 4th 52B Stuart Priest / Albert Cookson
Heat Two A – 1st 21B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 51B, 4th 52B
Heat Two B – 1st 28B, 2nd 22G, 3rd 68B, 4th 12B Daniel Satherley / Craig Hale
Heat Three A – 1st 12B, 2nd 5B
Heat Three B – 1st 21B, 2nd 68B, 3rd 28B, 4th 26B

Heat One – 1st 27B Wayne Melling, 2nd 46B Brent Reddington, 3rd 65B David Brand, 4th 9B Phillip McNamara, 5th 95B Tim Towler, 6th 68B Ben Darroch
Heat Two – 1st 95B, 2nd 27B, 3rd 46B, 4th 65B, 5th 68B, 6th 9B

Group One
Heat One – 1st 99B Jacob Buckrell, 2nd 211R Meghan Dorrel, 3rd 72B Bailey Smith, 4th 67B Sam Martin, 5th 78B Blake Barraclough, 6th 4B Zac Hatton
Heat Two – 1st 211R 2nd 4B, 3rd 99B, 4th 11B Liam Danielsen, 5th 67B, 6th 78B
Group Two
Heat One – 1st 12B Ryan Dorwood, 2nd 47B Nicole Hickmott, 3rd 42B Lauren Swift, 4th 58B Jack Lawson, 5th 33B Kareena Annan, 6th 99R Ethan Clarke
Heat Two – 1st 12B, 2nd 81G Angus Briant, 3rd 58B, 4th 47B, 5th 33B, 6th 73R Riley McDonald

Napier v Hastings (Friendly Teams Challenge)
Napier: 5B Regan Penn, 24B Daniel Melling, 35B Ethan Cross, 69B Keith Lammas and 91B Zayne Pullen
Hastings: 9W Bryce Jensen, 22B Sarah Adie, 76B Ben Milne, 79B Kylye Trengrove and 261B Ethan Anderson

Convincing winners were Hastings after good running by Bryce and Ben helped with some good blocking by Ethan

Heat One – 1st 261B Ethan Anderson, 2nd 14B Jemma Palmer, 3rd 115B Grant Hollyman, 4th 735A Keegan Orr, 5th 9W Bryce Jensen, 6th 5b Regan Penn
Heat Two – 1st 261B, 2nd 96B Brandon Symes, 3rd 14B, 4th 79B Kylye Trengrove, 5th 5B, 6th 74B Tony Palmer

Heat One – 1st 29B Steven Martin, 2nd 9B Chris Mahoney, 3rd 42B Steve Goodwin, 4th 14B George Hildred
Heat Two – 1st 27B Josh Smith, 2nd 7B Shane Laking, 3rd 42B, 4th 9B, 5th14B

Heat One – 1st 46B Quin Ryan, 2nd 23B Wayne Talbot, 3rd 4B Joe Faram, 4th 45G Nick Vallance, 5th 22B Zach Lawrence, 6th 31P Andy McCabe
Heat Two – 1st 31P, 2nd 46B, 3rd 98B Qhinton Butcher, 4th 22B, 5th 23B, 6th 47B Zach Glenny
Feature Race – 1st 86B Marty Cooke, 2nd 45G, 3rd 47B, 4th 8B Clayton Hagen, 5th 46B, 6th 31P

Rep’s Race Reports …..

Superstocks – Barry
Superstock numbers were again boosted with five visitors, giving a total of 16 cars.
The track conditions were ideal for fast racing, with a slick surface catching out some drivers and resulting in spin-outs at crucial times.Race One saw Quinn Ryan (46B) in the ex Shane Penn/James Buckrell owned car, take out the win after starting from grid 4.
Wayne Talbot (23B) was second after starting from grid 3, with the big mover being Joe Faram (4B) who started from grid 12 to finish a creditable third place. Unfortunately, Joe was experiencing steering box problems and withdrew for the night after the first race.Also out was Calyn Clarke (89R) with a blown motor, and Jason Wilson (17B) with a broken rear axle and no spare. Due to a computer hiccup, the race ran for 16 laps before officials pegged the result at 12 laps as scheduled.
Race Two was a benefit to veteran Andy McCabe (31P) who started from grid two, and with Joe Faram not fronting for his grid one slot, McCabe took off with the rest of the field chasing to race end. Quinn Ryan was hotly in pursuit after starting from grid 9, to finish in second place.
Third was Quintin Butcher (98B) who also had a dream start from grid 3, with open space in front at the start.

The third race was the Feature event with drivers raring to go after a possible no race due to the fireworks scheduled to start at 9.30pm.
Randal Tarrant (66B) in his first year of Superstocks drew pole position, but was spun out exiting the first corner melee, to allow Zach Lawrence (22B) starting from Grid 3, through to the lead.
Lawrence, in his lower powered six cylinder car led for several laps until the pack closed in, and with Quinn Ryan threatening to slip through, Ryan was expertly blocked by Quintin Butcher exiting the pit corner.
The resulting melee of cars then allowed Marty Cooke (86B) who started from grid two, to sneak through for the lead and his first win for the season.
Nick Vallance (45G), started from Grid 8 to finish on second, with Zach Glenny (47B) really flying to finish third after starting from the rear of the grid off 13.
Quinn Ryan (46B) has had a great start to the season with 40 points scored after two nights of racing, with the next driver being Zach Lawrence (22B) on 14 points.
We eagerly await the return of Jason Long (41B), Thomas Stanaway (87B), Adam Groome (9B), Steve Jude (16B) and Regan O’Brien (52B) who have some chasing to do to catch the in-form Quinn Ryan – bring it on.
Stockcars – Andrew
The Visiting Drivers didn’t have it all their own way this week, 261B Ethan Anderson Took Charge and came away with Both Heat Wins, while 14B Jemma Palmer Continued her Electric Start to the Season with Good 2nd and 3rd Placings.
Ministocks – Claire
Another good night of Ministock Racing, lots of level headed racing going on in both Groups which is what we like to see! Especially with our Ministock Team Challenge coming up on the 25th November. 12B Ryan Dorward took the Winning Honours in both Senior Heats with close battling going on all through the field. 99B Jacob Buckrell got his First Ministock Win in the Bag in Heat one of the “Junior” Group while visiting Driver 211R Maghan Dorrell took a very close second and the Win in heat two. Ryan Dorward took away the Driver of the Night, Proudly Sponsored by the Milne Family.
Saloons – Tracey
Bit of a mixed bag for the Saloons on their Opening Night with a few mechanical issues for 92B Kevin Martin and a run in with the wall for 27B Josh Smith in the first race giving the back runners a chance to fight it out for second and third places, with a runaway win for 29B Steve Martin! The second race saw Josh Smith taking the win when Steve Martin also run into some mechanical issues. Definitely an awesome end to the night with the amazing Fireworks display! Have to say the best this speedway family member has seen in a while! Glad to see more bangs in the sky instead of on the track for the Saloons.

Side Cars
A Great Track for the Sidecars, Ten Outfits turned out to get their first look at this Season’s Track Surface, one we hope will carry through to the New Zealand Champs here at Meeanee in January. The Honors were shared around, only 21B Andrew McNamara / George Olsen managed to grab a couple of Wins out of Three of their Races. Entertainment a Plenty. Roll on next Meeting…

Next Meeting – Fireworks Spectacular

The FIREWORKS Spectacular is Always a Meeting that goes off with a BANG!

So make sure you get there Early to get the Best Seats…

Classes Running;
Superstocks / Stockcars / MiniStocks / Saloons / Side Cars / Streetstocks

Gates Open at 5pm
Pit Gate Opens at 2.30pm

Admission Prices:
ADULT $25 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $60 (2 Adults & 4 Children)



Opening Night

An Epic Opening Nights Worth of Entertainment at Meeanee Speedway!

Congratulations to All our Competitors Tonight, some Great Racing Entertainment was witnessed by the large Crowd in attendance!
Grant Flynn took out the 2017 Hawkes Bay Super Saloon Title, after three hotly contested races.
Denton Hodgkinson got the better of Taylor Emerson & the Reddington Boys to take out the Feature Race and the First Annual Kevin Milne Memorial Trophy.
And Hawkes Bay Club Member Angus Briant won the Ministock Final to take home their first Kevin Milne Memorial Trophy.

Super Saloons – Hawkes Bay Champs
1st 6B Grant Flynn
2nd 16R Mark Osborne
3rd 5B Steve Flynn

Production Saloons – Kevin Milne Trophy
1st 22B Denton Hodgkinson
2nd 77B Taylor Emerson
3rd 27B Gregg Reddington

MiniStocks – Kevin Milne Trophy
1st 81G Angus Briant
2nd 7S Will Hart
3rd 47B Nicole Hickmott

Race Results…

46B Brent Reddington

Production Saloons
Heat One – 1st 27B Gregg Reddington, 2nd 63H Peter Craddock, 3rd 46B Brett Reddington, 4th 96B Tanga Walsh, 5th 22B Denton Redington,
6th 10V Mike Lovell
Heat Two – 1st 46B, 2nd 22B, 3rd 96B, 4th 27B, 5th 77B Taylor Emerson, 6th 51B Brent Gosney
Heat Three (Kevin Milne Trophy Race) 1st 22B, 2nd 77B, 3rd 27B, 4th 46B, 5th 96B, 6th 52B Jarrod Hart

76B Doug Morris

Heat One – 1st 3NZ Duane Todd, 2nd 84A Dean Cooper, 3rd 74G Ryan MacGregor, 4th 32B Kris Gillies , 5th 11B Adam Coonan, 6th 32A Saul Smith
Heat Two – 1st 3NZ, 2nd 32B, 3rd 74G, 4th 84A, 5th 11B, 6th 76B Doug Morris
Feature – 1st 32B, 2nd 74G, 3rd 84A, 4th 3NZ, 5th 76B, 6th 11B

23B Wayne Talbot Mixing it up in the Superstock Feature Race

“Randy T” Lighting up the Track in his New 66B Superstock

Super Stocks
Heat One – 1st 46B Quin Ryan, 2nd 88P Jack Miers, 3rd 4B Joe Faram, 4th 71P Shane Mellsop, 5th 9P Brett Hislop,
6th 23B Wayne Talbot
Heat Two – 1st 31P Andy McCabe, 2nd 22B Zach Lawrence, 3rd 88P, 4th 46B, 5th 71P, 6th 9P
Feature – 1st 31P, 2nd 58P Peter Bengston, 3rd 46B, 4th 71P, 5th 136B Maddie Wise, 6th 4B

The Stockcar Girls are Rocking it This Season, 22B Sara Jane Adie Quickly getting up to speed in her First Outing

Heat One – 1st 735A Keegan Orr, 2nd 261B Ethan Anderson, 3rd 74B Tony Palmer, 4th 14B Jemma Palmer, 5th 667P Hamish Mcleod, 6th 79B Kylye Trengrove
Heat Two – 1st 735A, 2nd 14B, 3rd 96B Brandon Symes, 4th 667P, 5th 261B, 6th 77P Scott Penn
Feature – 1st 735A, 2nd 261B, 3rd 77P, 4th 96B, 5th 5B Regan Penn, 6th 115B Grant Hollyman

5B Steve Flynn

Super Saloons – Hawkes Bay Champs
Heat One – 1st 5B Steve Flynn, 2nd 6B Grant Flynn, 3rd 95B Johnny Browne, 4th 23P Mick Quin, 5th 16R Mark Osborne, 6th 63A Nigel Mount
Heat Two – 1st 16R, 2nd 6B, 3rd 95B, 4th 33B Chace Rodda, 5th 5B, 6th 23P
Heat Three – 1st 126P Asher Rees, 2nd 6B, 3rd 5B, 4th 16R, 5th 63A, 6th 95B

Ministocks – Group One (Juniors) 
Heat One – 1st 16R Ashton Osborne, 2nd 6B Taylor Flynn, 3rd 13R Ryan Nicholls, 4th 4B Zach Hatton, 5th 56R Paige Aulding, 6th 99B Jacob Buckrell
Heat Two – 1st 6B, 2nd 11B Liam Danielson, 3rd 16R, 4th 99B, 5th 4B, 6th 13R

It’s All go for the Ministock Girls and Boys

Ministocks – Group Two (Seniors)
Heat One – 1st 47B Nicole Hickmott, 2nd 7S Will Hart, 3rd 15H Ryan Marshall, 4th 97B Marshall Zachan, 5th 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley, 6th 25K Jake Belk
Heat Two – 1st 12B Ryan Dorwood, 2nd 81G Angus Briant, 3rd 99R Ethan Clarke, 4th 58B Jack Lawson, 5th 7S, 6th 14B Courtney Hatton
Final – Kevin Milne Trophy 1st 81G, 2nd 7S, 3rd 47B, 4th 99R, 5th 12B, 6th 88B                     



Class Reps Race Reports……

TQ’s – Nick
Although there was a Small Turn Out of TQs for Opening Night they put on a Good Show!
Race one Duane Todd Came off Grid 7 to take the Win with 84A Dean Cooper on his Tail Keeping him Honest. Reverse Grid for Heat 2 Saw Todd of the Front, a Lap in and the Seasons First Roll at Meeanee Goes to 87B Michael Garnett! Down the Napier Straight Bringing on the Orange Lights, the race restart again saw Todd Leading But 32B Kris Gillies and 76G Ryan Macgregor were Hot on his Tail. Todd Won, Gillies 2nd and Macgregor 3rd Some good tight Racing by all three but a smack on the Hand by the Referee for several Pole Line infringements. The Feature Race Gillies Took the Lead from the Second Row and never looked back. Mid Race Todd Spun centre of Pit Bend causing the  Orange Lights, on the restart Gillies held out Macgregor for the Feature Win with Dean Cooper right behind in 3rd. All in all it was Good Clean Racing from All Competitors, Gillies Showing his New Efficient Moving & Storage Sponsored Car has the legs to compete with the Best. 11B Adam Coonan went well on his first night in a TQ finishing in the Points in Every Race.
That’s it for Tonight… See You All Next Meeting!

Ministocks – Claire 
With 39 Cars in Total, tonight was always going to be a busy one! Running Two Groups, taking the 1st & 2nd Year Drivers into Group One and the “Seniors” in Group Two. Format for the Kevin Milne Memorial Trophy was over two heats and a Final, taking the Top 6 Drivers from the Second Year Group into the Winner takes all Senior Final. Although the “Newbie” Drivers didn’t make it to the Final they never the less looked like they had been Racing on the Track for more than just a couple practices! Very Impressed, we have some Up & Coming Drivers in the Ranks that’s for sure.
6B Tylar Flynn and 16R Ashton Osborne were the best of the 2nd year drivers taking a Win a piece guaranteeing themselves a place in the Final with the “Big Boys” (and Girls)
The Seniors had more Competition with a few Visiting Drivers but it has already started to show the ones to watch with some consistent driving. Stratfords 7S Will Hart took the Top spot over two heats, with Hawkes Bay Club Member 81G Angus Briant taking Grid Two. The First Lap saw Ministocks fanning out down the Napier Straight into Pit Bend, 12B Ryan Dorward making sure his was in the mix and hung onto the Tails of Briant and Hart for as long as he could before the Flying Blue & Pink car of 47B Nicole Hickmott snuck through into third place. Another Hawkes Bay Club Member 99R Ethan Clark took 4th, Dorward 5th and 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley making some good placing coming home in 6th.

Super Saloons – Tracey
It was a Great opening night for the Super Saloons with the running of their Hawkes Bay Champs, with some Great Support from a few of “Out of Town” Cars. The Cars were all looking their Best and each Driver defiantly bought their “A” game to Meeanee Speedway! There was a bit of Action in the 1st heat with the 126P car of Asher Rees having a tangle up with 72B Darren Melling But Nothing could stop the Flynn brothers dominating the race coming in 1st & 2nd. Race 2 saw the Trial of the American style restart which gave Mick Quin in the 23P car the advantage but unfortunately, he had Car issues which appeared to slow him down giving Mark Osborne in 16R the chance for the Win. The 3rd heat was Dominated by the 126P car while giving the crowd a bit of a Show with Flames appearing from the rear of the car for most of the race! Luckily, he could finish the race giving Asher his first checkered flag in his New Class. The final points gave Grant Flynn the Hawkes Bay Title closely followed by Mark Osbourne and his Brother Steve in 3rd. Great racing!

Production Saloons – Cheryl
Great Night Racing from the Production Saloons, Thanks to our 2 out of town Drivers making the Trip over, Mike Lovell from Whanganui and Peter Craddock from Hamilton. Peter came 2nd in the first race but failed to finish in the 2nd race as he hit the wall and Damaged his back wheel.
Well Done to Gregg Reddington Placing  1st in race 1 and Brett Reddington taking 1st in the 2nd race and Clap your Hands for Denton Hodgkinson who took out 1st Place in the third race to Win the Kevin Milne Memorial Cup.

Superstocks – Barry
The Palmerston North rainout on Saturday night was a benefit to our Superstock section, with seven P cars fronting, along with nine local B cars.
Driver of the night would have to be Andy McCabe (31P) after wins in Race 2 and the Feature race, plus 9th in Race 1.
He was all class in the Feature, after starting from Grid 9 and weaving his way through the traffic at pace.
Local driver, Quinn Ryan was the pick of the local lads with a win in Race 1, 4th in Race 2, and 3rd in the Feature, giving him a good 20 point lead in the Superstock points.
Track conditions were perfect for the first night, and fast racing was evident from this quality field.
It was great to see Joe Faram (4B) back in business, with some more laps needed to get back in the groove.
Wayne Talbot (23B) had a nasty experience of fire in his car after contact with Faram in the Feature race.
Hopefully the damage is not too serious and expensive to repair.
With the first night successfully concluded, the motivation should be there for the rest of the Hawkes Bay Superstocks to get their cars out on the track.









Time Flys when your having Fun Rebuilding in the Winter Months, October Arrives and then its Here Speedway Season !…..

We are Back for Another Fast Turning, Slick Driving, Metal Crunching ACTION PACKED Speedway Season here at MEEANEE SPEEDWAY!
This Season we Welcome The HITS Radio Station into the Bay’s Speedway Family Fold, They will be bringing you All the Up to Date Meeting Information the week before Race Night, Listen in each Week Day to WIN yourself some FREE Passes to each Meeting.

Starting with OPENING NIGHT – SUNDAY 22nd October 2017
Production Saloons and Ministocks will be Remembering a Great Supporter, Friend and Fellow Race Competitor when they Compete for 
Kevin Milne Memorial Trophy.
Super Saloons will be Contesting their Hawkes Bay Champs, this Championship “Rolls” over from last seasons Rain Out Meeting.
TQ’s will have a large contingent of Auckland Cars to get their first taste of the Meeanee Track before their North Island Champs in March.
And of Course Superstocks and Stockcars will be out in Force to add a little Biff.

Start Time 7pm

Classes Running;

Superstocks / Stockcars / MiniStocks / Production Saloons / TQ’s 
Super Saloons – Hawkes Bay Champs
5B Steve Flynn
6B Grant Flynn
33B Chace Rodda
72B Darren Melling
95B Johnny Browne
16R Mark Osborne
63A Nigel Mouat
23P Mick Quin
126P Asher Rees

Gates Open at 5pm
Pit Gate Opens at 2.30pm

Admission Prices:
ADULT $20 (17 Upwards)
CHILD $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
FAMILY PASS $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)


Competitors Please Take Note of Your Parking Areas for Opening Night

Reminder – On Line Licencing

Not Long until the Flag is up on Opening Night!
Just a Reminder to ALL Competitors – All SNZ Licencing Must be done on-line!
NO Licencing at the Track!

*You will also need to Purchase your Hawkes Bay Club Membership through the Club Prior to Racing;
HAWKE’S BAY SPEEDWAY CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEE CHANGE FOR 2017/2018 SEASON (Effective as of 1st September 2017)
ADULT Membership – $180
YOUTH Membership – $150
NON RACING Membership $75 (All membership rights except use of Track)
SOCIAL Membership – $25 (No voting or track usage)
Contact: Debbie Melling (06) 8432066 / 027 3618122
**Note – Anyone applying for a “Night Licence” will also pay a Club Fee of $20.00 for use of our Track Facility’s
Club Membership can be done online using internet banking
Bank details are – HB Speedway Club Inc
ANZ Hastings
REF: Competitors Name

Practice Day

PRACTICE DAY –  Saturday 14th October 
*Hawkes Bay Contracted Cars ONLY*

Pit Gate Opens at 10.30am
Vehicle Checking from 11am

Practice Session 1 – 12pm – 2pm
Practice Session 2 – 2pm – 4pm

*Note – Last Car in No Later than 3.30pm

**PLEASE REMEMBER – Your Vehicle MUST have a Green Sheet to be able to Practice…


First Practice – Cancelled

Unfortunately Due to Poor Weather Conditions Wednesdays Practice Session has Been CANCELLED.

The Pits and Track is under Water and the Forecast is no better for the next couple of days to allow the Track to Dry Out.

At this Stage Practice Will Still go ahead on Saturday! 🙂

Practice Saturday 14th – *Hawkes Bay Contracted Cars ONLY*
Practice Session 1 – 12pm – 2pm
Practice Session 2 – 2pm – 4pm
*Note – Last Car in No Later than 3.30pm

**Please Remember – No Green Sheeting Will be Done at Practice, you Will need to Arrange this BEFORE Saturday!

Green Sheeting Day

                               Saturday October 7th

We are holding a Green sheeting afternoon at the Track 

                          From 12pm to 3pm Only

                          **Last car in before 2.30 

If you cannot make this day, you will need to contact either Tony Melling ph. 027 4767219 or Derek Childs ph.027 4548158
*Please note- there will be a travel charge.

Competitors Race Receivers

Race Receivers Available NOW $138.00 + GST

All Receivers come with Ear Phones and are Pre-Programmed to Correct Frequency for Race Nights. 

Payment by Internet Banking or Cash Only.

Contact: Philippa Jones Ph. 0274 446853