Results – Masters & HB Champs Results


The Masters and Certainly some “Legends” took Centre Stage at Meeanee last night…

1st 58P Peter Benston
2nd 351R Paul Vasey
3rd 72P Simon Joblin
4th 23R Lance Ashton
5th 31P Andy McCabe

Race Report by Barry…

Superstocks produced hard and fast racing on a good track surface that stayed consistent all night. Two main events, with the newly inaugurated Masters Over 40’s – 21 cars, and the HB Champs for the “young ones”
The Masters event featuring all visitors, with some legendary names among them, started their first race in a rather unique way, with the oldest current competitor starting off grid one (age 72) and progressing to the last grid 21 at age 40, with races 2 and 3 reverting to the normal formula of middle grid and reverse of 1st race grid.
In race 1, 65R Pat Westbury (cannot reveal his age) started off Grid 2 and took off in a flyer all the way to the flag. 56V Kerry Podjursky in his Tank started off Grid 3 and followed Westbury through to collect second place. Third place was taken by 351R Paul Vazey after a good drive through from Grid 9.  Fastest mover was 72P Simon Joblin who started off Grid 21 to finish 8th and recorded the fastest lap time of 18.0270 seconds on lap 12 – last lap..
Race 2 again favoured the front grid cars with 19M Kerry Remnant off Grid 2 taking off to the lead all the way to the flag, followed by 23R Lance Ashton off Grid 3 for second. Third place went to 58P Peter Bengston after starting from Grid 5, and setting the fastest lap time of 17.7562 seconds on lap 8. Fourth place went to the 56V Kerry Podursky and fifth was 72P Simon Joblin, and collecting valuable points.
Race 3 started with Remnant and Podursky on 48 points, Bengston on 47, Westbury on 46, Ashton on 45, Vazey on 43 and Joblin on 41, so it was game on. 72P Simon Joblin started off pole and powered through for the lead which he held to race end, and again recorded fastest lap time, at 17.9078 seconds on lap 9 of 12. His score in this race was 26 points. (total 67 – 3rd in Masters)
Second place went to 351R Paul Vazey after starting off Grid 4 to score 25 points (total 68 – 2nd in Masters), with 9P Brett Hislop starting off Grid 3 finishing third. 58P Peter Bengston finished 4th to score 23 points (total 70) to win the title.
Fourth place in the Masters event was 23R Lance Ashton with 63 pojnts, and 5th was 31P Andy McCabe on 56 points.  A very classy act from all these veteran racers.

The hot pace in the third race resulted in seven DNF’s after 20 cars started.

A great meeting for Superstocks, and thanks to the many visiting drivers who made the trip to Meeanee for these two events. Thanks also to Jake Baker from Palmerston North, who created this Masters Over 40’s as an ongoing event, and which will hopefully be held at Meeanee each year in the future.

SUPERSTOCKS – Hawkes Bay Champs


1st 87B Thomas Stanaway
2nd 47B Zach Glenny
3rd 41B Jason Long

Race Report by Barry….

The HB Superstock Champs saw the young drivers (under 40) also producing a classy act with speed the dominating factor, and our local lads producing the goods to take all three podium spots. Great to see Mike McLachlan back in action with a Tank and spinning fast laps in his three races.
Race 1 saw 41B Jason Long starting off Grid 4 power through exiting turn 2 to take the lead right to the flag, with 46B Quinn Ryan off Grid 1 following Long to race end for second. Ryan also recorded fastest lap of 17.7240 seconds on lap 12. Third was taken  by 28P Elias Dykstra in brother Ricky’s car.
Race 2 saw 87B Thomas Stanaway starting off Grid 3 power past 59P Stephen Penn off pole to take the lead through to the flag. Second was 46B Quinn Ryan after starting from Grid 8 also showing pace, with 41B Jason Long third after starting off Grid 11 really flying, to record fastest lap of 17.8816 seconds on lap 12.
With race 3 due to start, the contenders were, Long and Ryan on 50 points, Stanaway with 48 points, Elias Dykstra with 47 points, Zach Glenny with 43 points and 8B Clayton Hagen with 41 points.
At flag drop, 47B Zach Glenny starting from Grid 2, took off and was never headed until the end of race, and score much needed 26 points (total 69 points – 2nd in HB Champs). Second was 8B Clayton Hagen after startng off Grid 6 to score 25 points, and third was 87B Thomas Stanaway scoring 24 points, and the title with a total of 72 points. Tied for third place was 41B Jason Long and 28P Elias Dykstra, with both on 67 points.
The obligatory Run-off saw a cat and mouse first lap until Dykstra tried to spin Long at the start/finish line but overshot and spun himself.  Long took off and ran for the finish with Dykstra vainly trying to catch him.
However, a highlight for the night was the first-ever win by 47B Zach Glenny, who took the checked flag around the track, and also scored his first podium placing. He was the happiest young man of the night at Meeanee Speedway – good work Zach after a frustrating season.

Streetstocks – East Coast Champs

1st 16B Ben Yeoman
2nd Shaun Kingi
3rd 46B Brent Redington

Full Results and Reports to Follow…..

Next Meeting – HB Superstocks & Superstock Masters

NEXT MEETING – Saturday 29th February 7pm Start 

Hawkes Bay Superstocks and Superstock Masters (Over 40’s)

Classes Running:
Superstocks x 2 Classes
Streetstocks – East Coast Champs
Production Saloons
Demo Derby + Street Race


Pit Gate Opens at 3pm
Main Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm


Adult $25 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $60 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)


Superstocks Masters Entry List
4S Wayne Crawford
8P Scott Miers
9P Brett Hyslop
10G Peter Rees
13B Marty Brandt
19M Kerry Remnant
23R Lance Ashton
25S Wayne Moss
31P Andy McCabe
31G Gary Davis
39P Michel Willemsen
41M Bruce Williams

51A Wayne Whittaker
52V Daryl James
54P Bevan Humphrey
56V Kerry Podjursky
58P Peter Bengston
69P Todd O’Donnell
72P Simon Joblin
77P Ian Penn

95P Clive Elliot
97R Pat Westbury
98B Wayne Talbot
112C Shaun Pearson

118R Bryce Steiner
351R Paul Vazey
599P Ron Tye

HB Superstock Champs

1NZ Randal Tarrant
8B Clayton Hagen
11B Matt Titter
25B Bryce Cross
25M Scott McEwan
28P Ricky Dykstra
38P Zane Dyksra
41B Jason Long
46B Quinn Ryan
47B Zach Glenny
52B Kairyn O’Brien
59P Stephen Penn
63R Steven Flower
66A Hayden Hart
77P Scott Penn
84B Mike McLachlan
87B Thomas Stanaway
88P Jack Miers
99G James Mallia
127G Ethan Rees
331G James Kirk
555R Daniel Holland

STREETSTOCKS – East Coast Champs

3NZ Brendan Gooch
68B Ben Darroch
46B Brent Redington
95B Tim Towler
7B Thomas McEwan
26B Al Howatson
87B David Adams
86B Ross Curran
16B Ben Yeoman
65B David Brand
44B Phillip Glynn
99B Blair Benson
66B Paul Dixon
56B Glen Shepherd
9W Aaron Wilton
37W Dayne O’Neill Scott
73W Caleb Scott



Teams Races – Results

Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes took on the GB Lions Superstock Team in a “Friendly” Warm up Teams Race prior to the Big Teams Event in Palmerston North 7th/8th Feb at Palmerston North. The Hawkeyes came out on top with 41B Jason Long taking Victory for the Hawkeyes.

1st 41B Jason Long
2nd 446GB Joe Booth
3rd 1B Randal Tarrant
4th 166GB Bobby Griffin
5th 87B Thomas Stanaway

Meeanee Maulers Challenged the Rotorua Rascals for the REES SHIELD in race one of two Teams races Saturday night, the Maulers went out meaning business and came home with the “goods” !

1st 41B Cameron Swift
2nd 96B Brendon Symes
3rd 9R Sheldon Arapere
4th 63B Andre Stenson
5th 757 Keegan Orr

Race two and the Rascals were keen to redeem themselves, 544 Dion Henderson on his Teams Debut taking the Win for the Rascals, 99R Shannon Orr in second and 41B Cameron Swift the first Mauler home in third.

1st 544R Dion Henderson
2nd 99R Shannon Orr
3rd 41B Cameron Swift

Race 1 – 1st 95B Tim Towler 2nd 65B David Brand 3rd 59B Wally True 4th 46B Brent Redington 5th 16B Ben Yeoman 6th 68B Ben Darroch
Race 2 – 1st 95B 2nd 46B 3rd 65B 4th 16B 5th 59B 6th 68B
Race 3 – 1st 46B 2nd 95B 3rd 16B 4th 59B 5th 26B Al Howston 6th 10A Philip McNamara

Race 1 – 1st 76B Ben Milne 2nd 29B Craig McBeth 3rd 14B Jemma Palmer 4th 91B Zayne Pullen 5th 42B Lauren Swift 6th 78B Gibson Tout
Race 2 – 1st 29B 2nd 58B Jack Lawson 3rd 91B 4th 76B 5th 74B Tony Palmer 6th 88B Denis Frater
Race 3 – 1st 91B 2nd 58B 3rd 24B Daniel Melling 4th 14B 5th 29B 6th 52B Dominique O’Brien

Race 1 – 1st 66B Tony Meechan 2nd 6B Duane Todd 3rd 32B Kris Gilles 4th 7B Michael Gurnett 5th 25B Josh Moffit 6th 14B Chris Wiffin
Race 2  – 1st 6B 2nd 14B 3rd 32B 4th 74G Ryan MacGregor 5th 25B 6th 66B
Race 3 – 1st 6B 2nd 32B 3rd 66B 4th 14B 5th 74G 6th 76B Doug Morris

Race 1 – 1st 72B Bailey Smith 2nd 99B Jacob Buckrell 3rd 9B Trent McCann 4th 78B Blake Barraclough 5th 36B Dylan Tong 6th 61B Henry Steel
Race 2 – 1st 9B 2nd 61B 3rd 72B 4th 99B 5th 7B Bradley Penn 6th 271B Eythan McLachlan
Race 3 – 1st 72B 2nd 61B 3rd 9B 4th 99B 5th 78B 6th 55B Asha Penn

Race 1 – 1st 41B Jason Long 2nd 288 Jon Brown 3rd 8B Clayton Hagen 4th 95P Clive Elliot 5th 555 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr 6th 52B Regan O’Brien
Race 2 – 1st 41B 2nd 99P 3rd 166GB Bobby Griffin 4th 8B 5th 31P Wayne Talbot 6th 77P Scott Penn
Race 3 – 1st 288 2nd 41B 3rd 46B Quinn Ryan 4th 8B 5th 81B Sam Bartholmew 6th 555

Race Report by Barry
With 7 local cars/drivers including the Hawkeyes team, 5 GB Lions cars, 3 GB drivers in borrowed cars and 5 other visitors, Superstocks were in for a great night’s racing and they did not disappoint. However the attrition rate was rather high, with 20 cars starting the night and 9 starting the last and Feature race.
The Teams race between GB Lions and HB Hawkeyes saw action aplenty.
From the start, 1NZ Randal Tarrant off grid 3 took 175GB Karl Hawkins off grid 4, straight to the wall.  52B Regan O’Brien off grid 6 shot through a gap to take pole sitter 446GB Joe Booth to the wall also. Meanwhile 41B Jason Long started off grid 2 and took off to the lead, with 87B Thomas Stanaway starting from grid 7 powering through to follow Long. Regan O’Brien did a master job of blocking the GB Lions team from the start and was joined by Stanaway after his race was slowed by the blocking GB Lions cars. By midrace, Long was leading and Tarrant (1 lap down) joined in as Long’s hammer, punching the GB Lions cars away to allow Long a free run to the flag. 446B Joe Booth was the GB Lions runner and chased Long hard to the flag, the only two cars to complete 10 laps. The only finishers were 41B Jason Long 1st, 446B Joe Booth 2nd, 1NZ Randal Tarrant 3rd and 166GB Bobby Griffin 4th.  Unfortunately, Booth crossed the finish line and blew his motor, and he was done for the night. A good win to the HB Hawkeyes, in their warm-up for next weekend Teams Champs at Palmerston North.

Race 1 of the all-ins resulted in a good win to 41B Jason Long after starting off grid 3 and posting fastest lap time of the night at 17.6261 seconds. 288GB Joe Brown driving the Graeme Barr (34P) car was 2nd and improving 8B Clayton Hagen was 3rd.
Race 2 was another win for 41B Jason Long after starting off grid 11. He posted fastest lap for this race at 17.6780 seconds. Second was 95P veteran Clive Elliott and third was 166GB Bobby Griffin. 14 cars started and 10 finished.
Race 3 was down to 9 starters, with various Team cars for next week, suffering damage and withdrawing. With so many cars missing from the grids, the cars were closed up and racing commenced. 288GB Jon Brown (off grid 2) took off for the lead until hauled in and passed by 41B Jason Long, who was attempting a perfect night to win all four races. However, on the last lap he faulted on the last corner, and Brown powered through for a well deserved win. Graeme Barr was really pleased to see his car win this one, 3rd was 46B Quinn Ryan.  Fastest lap for this race went to 81B Sam Bartholomew at 17.6551 seconds.
And, a correction from my last report where I stated that Sam set a new lap record of 17.5713 seconds to beat Steve Jude’s record of 17.7823 seconds, which is what the computer printout showed.  The official lap record is still held by Steve Jude at 16.6883 seconds, set on 27/04/2013.
In conclusion, thanks to our visitors who helped make this a memorable night of racing: GB Lions team of 968GB Micky Brennan, 166GB Bobby Griffin, 446GB Joe Booth, 555GB Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr, 175GB Karl Hawkins, plus 288GB Jon Brown, 8GB Catherine Harris, 29B Anthony Riley (GB), 34P Rebecca Barr, 77P Scott Penn, 31P Wayne Talbot (Andy McCabe car), 95P Clive Elliott, & 52W Paul Fairbrother in the ex Shane Penn/Steve Jude Silver Bullet 2.

NEXT MEETING – Saturday 29th February 7pm Start


Next Meeting – HB Hawkeyes v GB Lions Teams Race

NEXT MEETING – Saturday 1st February 7pm Start

Teams Racing Action….

Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes v GB Lions Superstock Teams Race
Meeanee Maulers v Rotorua Rascals Teams Race – for the Rees Shield

Classes Running:

Pit Gate Opens at 3pm
Main Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm

Adult $25 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $60 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)

1B Randal Tarrant
41B Jason Long
46B Quinn Ryan
52B Regan O’Brien
??B Mike McLachlan

GB Lions
166GB Bobby Griffin
175GB Karl Hawkins
446GB Jow Booth
555GB Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr
968GB Micky Brennan

Meeanee Maulers
16B Brett Loveridge
24B Daniel Melling
41b Cameron Swift
63B Andre Stenson
96B Brandon Symes

Rotorua Rascals – tbc



NZ Side Cars GP



1st 11A Kenny Hamill / Daniel Bradey
2nd 6A Peter Adams / Jason Hira
3rd 26B Justin Lincolin / George Olsen

Hawkeys Bay Solo Bikes

1st Bradley Wilson-Dean
2nd Jason McKay
3rd Nathan Murray

TQ’s – Dusty Rhodes Trophy

1st 6B Duane Todd
2nd 66B Tony Meechan
3rd 74G Ryan MacGregor

Full race results to follow…..

Next Meeting – NZ Side Car Grand Prix

Next Meeting – 007 Paintball NZ SIDE CAR GRAND PRIX
Saturday 25th January 6pm START

Classes Running;
Side Car GP
Solo Bikes – Hawkes Bay Champs
TQ’s – Dusty Rhodes Memorial Trophy
Production Saloons
Ice Racing Bike Display – Bruce Cribb

Pit Gate Opens at 1.00pm
Main Gates Open at 4pm
Racing Starts at 6pm

6A Peter Adams / Jason Hira
8P Rob Miller / Raymond (Red) George
11A Kenny Hammil / Daniel Bradley
12B Danial Satherley / Adrian Orchard
17i Grant Lightfoot / Phil Rooney
17P Tony Hislop / Matt Stewart
19V John Hannan / Nigel Sturgeon
22G Jason Rees / Callum Innes
24P Stu Sowry / Dean Harding
26B Justin Lincoln / George Olsen
27B Craig Boaler / Brittany Wealleans
32P Sam Carter / Hayden Combs
34V Aaron Rose / Bryce Rose
46P Russell Stuart / Andrew Parker
51B Kim Johnston / Kerry Johnston
56G Clive Ireland / Chris Symon
71P Tim Plummer / Ann Plummer
84P Jimmy Hotton / Nick Dunne
96P Mark Whye / Jacob Cooper
97P Mike Zachan / Ben Franklin

Bradley Wilson-Dean
Jason McKay
Graham Wedlake
Tony Hendry
Michael Patey
Nathan Murray

Adult $20 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $50 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)


New Zealand Streetstocks



Congratulations go to Mike, Chris and Brendon on their NZ Podium Spots !

1NZ Mike King
2NZ Chris Shingleton 
3NZ Brendon Gooch
4th 858R Shane Bracken
5th 59D Benji Smaill


A great Weekend of racing by all classes, some saying the repercharge on Saturday night the best Streetstock race ever seen at Meeanee!  

Race results….

Streetstocks – Repercharge
1st 33R Steve Dryden 2nd 848R Richard Bracken



New Zealand Streetstocks  – Final
Heat 1 – 1st 9G Sean Gooch 2nd 58R Mike King 3rd 2NZ Brendon Gooch 4th 858R Shane Bracken 5th 1NZ Chris Shingleton 6th 72B Darren Melling
Heat 2 -1st 88G David Hampton 2nd 58R 3rd 72B 4th 1NZ 5th 433C Matt Peterson 6th 2NZ
Heat 3 – 1st 16B Ben Yeoman 2nd 858R 3rd 1NZ 4th 59D Benji Smaill 5th 58R 6th 6G Cody Gooch

Side Cars – Hawkes Bay Champs
1st 27B Craig Boaler / Ann Plummer
2nd 46P Russell Stuart / Andrew Parker
3rd 96P Mark Whye / Jacob Cooper

Heat 1 A -1st 8P 2nd 17P 3rd 26B 4th 55P   B – 1st 27B 2nd 46P 3rd 58P 4th 22G   C – 1st 96P 2nd 32P 3rd 12B 4th 71P
Heat 2 A – 1st 32P 2nd 51B 3rd 12B 4th 22G  B – 1st 96P 2nd 46P 3rd 71P  C – 27B 2nd 55P 3rd 26B 4th 58P
Heat 3 A – 1st 46P 2nd 27B 3rd 71P  B – 1st 51B 2nd 22G 3rd 12B  C 1st 26B 2nd 58P 3rd 22P

TQ’s – Gold Cup
1st 24A Harrison Martens
2nd 84C Ben Morgan
3rd 2NZ Ryan Barry

Heat 1 – 1st 84C Ben Morgan 2nd 5G Dylan MacGregor 3rd 88A Lawrence Baker 4th 66B Tony Meechan 5th 4A Troy Pennington 6th 24A Harrison Martens
Heat 2 -1st 2NZ Ryan Barry 2nd 6B Duane Todd 3rd 36A Cole Morrison 4th 15A Ryan Baker 5th 46A Aaron Humble 6th 24A
Heat 3 – 1st 24A 2nd 84C 3rd 2Nz 4th 66B 5th 4A 6th 74G Ryan MacGregor

Streetstock Classic
1st 77W Daniel Bouzaid
2nd 29C Michael Jones
3rd 99C Daniel Baldwin

Heat 1 – 1st 29C Micheal Jones 2nd 15C Ben Turner 3rd 65A Jono Lauder 4th 56B Glen Sheppard 5th 99C Daniel Baldwin 6th 77W Daniel Bouzaid
Heat 2 – 1st 65A 2nd 29C 3rd 99C 4th 77W 5th 96G Nigel Wallace 6th 26B Al Howatson
Heat 3 – 1st 77W 2nd 56B 3rd 26B 4th 99C 5th 15C 6th 86B Ross Curran

Race 1 – 1st 65R Pat Westbury 2nd 555 Dan Holland 3rd 81B Sam Bartholomew 4th 79R Lionel Hemming 5th 8B Clayton Hagen 6th 52B Regan O’Brien
Race 2 – 1st 98R Cayln Clarke 2nd 8B 3rd 85R 4th 555 5th 47B Zach Glenny 6th 81B
Feature – 1st 65R 2nd 47B 3rd 8B 4th 12R Glenn Clarke 5th 79R 6th 81B

Race Report by Barry
Superstock numbers were reduced, as a result of five top competitors having a break after their torrid previous weekend at the NZ Champs at Wanganui.  Only one of the NZ Champs entrants decided to race here, 47B Zach Glenny, who had his aspirations cut short during qualifying due to front bumper damage after hard contact with the concrete wall.  A total of six locals were joined by six visitors from Rotorua and Gisborne to have some fun.
The track conditions suited fast racing, and little contact was seen..
Driver of the night was regular visitor, 65R Pat Westbury who had two wins and one third. Second best was 8B Clayton Hagen, with a 2nd, 3rd and 5th.
But, surprise of the night was the lightning fast 81B Sam Bartholomew’s new lap record of 17.5713 seconds set on lap 10 of race 2.  This supersedes Steve Jude’s 17.7823 seconds set on 14th February 2015.  A good advertisement for Sam who currently has this car up for sale.
Race 3 and Feature, resulted in a change of fortunes for some, after the track had slickened off and with the addition of water to settle the dust, the slippery track became a handful for most.  But, the conditions did not deter the “Old Fox” 65R Pat Westbury taking the lead early on and powering through for a good win.
The 12 Superstocks put on a good show, and we thank our visitors for their support – 12R Glen Clarke, 65R Pat Westbury, 79R Lionel Hemming, 98R Calyn Clark, 711G Jyneika Peach and 555R Dan Holland.
Finally, congratulations to our new 1NZ Superstock Champion, Randal Tarrant – previously 66B.
Well done Randal, and thanks to Puneet Gill for his generosity.
Race 1 – 1st 7P shane Laking 2nd 29B Sten Martin 3rd 27B Josh Smith 4th 39P Ashley O’Dowd 5th 36M Dave Bigwood 6th 92B Kevin Martin
Race2 – 1st 27B 2nd 92B 3rd 36M 4th 7P 5th 39P 6th 29B
Feature – 1st 92B 2nd 27B 3rd 39P 4th 227 Wayne Melling 5th 18B Mark Hayman 6th 61G Josey Peat-Bennett
NEXT MEETING – SATURDAY 25th January 6pm Start – NZ Side Car Grand Prix

NZ Streetstock Finalists – NZ TQ Grand Prix Final Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the Top 24 (so far) making it through to the New Streetstock Finals…

Finalists from each Group

Cody Gooch
Chris Shingleton
Dave McSherry
Alan King Tristan
Ben Yeoman
Neville Soper
Ben Darroch

Matt Peterson
Brendon Gooch
Daniel Melling
Tim Towler
Stephen DeMalmanche
Philip McNamara
Benji Smaill
Daniel Curran

Brent Reddington
Shane Bracken
Mike King
Sean Gooch
Tom McSherry
David Hampton
David Brand
Paul Leslie

REPERCHARGE GRIDS – Two make it through to Tonights Finals 7pm Start

1. 87B David Adams 2. 65A Jono Lauder
3. 848R Richard Bracken 4. 93C Ivan Hill
5. 56B Glen Sheppard 6. 29C Michael Jones
7. 77W Daniel Bouzaid 8. 33R Steve Dryden
9. 4S Darryl Washer 10. 96G Nigel Wallace
11. 26B Al Howatson 12. 15C Ben Turner
13. 28C Steve Peterson 14. 99C Daniel Baldwin
15. 23B Nigel Potter 16. 14G Daniel O’Neill
17. 86B Ross Curran 18. 25W Neale Smith
19. 46C Shaun Andrew 20. 7B Thomas McEwan




1st 36A Cole Morrison
2nd 15A Ryan Baker
3rd 2NZ Ryan Barry
4th 67A Kaleb Currie
5th 4A Troy Pennington
6th 74G Ryan MacGregor

Support Classes – Race Results
Race 1 – 1st 77B Jason Penn 2nd 78B Gibson Tout 3rd 24B Daniel Melling 4th 22B Joshua Swanell 5th 76B Ben Milne 6th 16G Jordan Fleetwood
Race 2 – 1st 63B Andre Stenson 2nd 77B 3rd 24B 4th 22B 5th 76B 6th 52B Dominique O’Brien
Feature – 1st 76B 2nd 22B 3rd 77B 4th 63B 5th 24B 6th 58B Jack Lawson

Race Report by Barry
With most of the top performing cars away in Greymouth with their NZ Champs, there was still a good turnout of Stockcars – 18 locals and 3 visitors on show. Because of the near perfect (but wet) track conditions, the first two races produced fast racing with minimal contact.  77B Jason Penn produced outstanding class, winning race 1, 2nd in race 2 and 3rd in race 3.  63B Andre Stenson also showed good form with 10th in race 1 and also fastest lap time, 1st in race 2 and 4th in race 3.  76B Ben Milne also shined with 5th in race 1, 5th in race 2 along with a fastest lap of 16.8203 seconds, and 1st in race 3.  Milne’s fastest lap was close to the record set in 2015 by Shane Adams at 16.5514 seconds.
Race 3 was a different story, with action aplenty and 19B Caleb Ireland in the thick of it. 76B started off pole and took off with 22B Josh Swannell on his heels after starting off grid 3 and 77B Jason Penn chasing through after starting on grid 6. These three finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and behind them the mayhem ensued, resulting in 4 cars DNF’s.
An entertaining night from Stockcars as usual, and thanks to our visitors for travelling – 16G Jordan Fleetwood, 51R Sam Guise and 79M Matt Jarvis.

Race1 – 1st 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley 2nd 72B Bailey Smith 3rd 61B Henry Steel 4th 12B Ryan Dorward 5th 11B Liam Danielsen 6th 78B Blake Barraclough
Race 2 – 1st 12B 2nd 11B 3rd 5B Kara Fylnn 4th 18B Jeremy Browne 5th 61B Henry Steel 6th 6B Tylar Fylnn
Feature – 1st 72B 2nd 78B 3rd 7B Bradley Penn 4th 61B 5th 88B 6th 11B

Saturday Night:
NZ Streetstocks – Finals
TQ’s – Gold Cup
Side Cars – Hawkes Bay Champs

Pit Gate Opens at 2.30pm
Main Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm

Adult $25 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $60 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)

Next Meeting – New Zealand Streetstocks & NZ TQ Grand Prix


Alexander Electric NEW ZEALAND STREETSTOCK CHAMPS & Efficient Moving & Storage NZ TQ GRAND PRIX

FRIDAY 10th & SATURDAY 11th JANUARY 2020 7pm Start Both Nights

Classes Running:
Friday Night:
NZ Streetstocks – Qualifiying

Pit Gate Opens at 1.30pm
Main Gates Open at 5pm
Practice: 5.15pm – 6pm
Racing Starts at 7pm


1NZ Chris Shingleton 2NZ Brenden Gooch 3NZ Brent Reddington
4S Darryl Washer 10A Philip McNamara 7B Thomas McEwan
8W Tristan O’Donnell 11R Stephen DeMalmanche 9G Sean Gooch
6G Cody Gooch 12K Daniel Curran 14G Daniel O’Neill
16B Ben Yeoman 15C Ben Turner 27C Paul Leslie
26B Alistair Howatson 23B Nigel Potter 33R Steve Dryden
28C Steve Peterson 25W Neale Smith 44B Phillip Glynn
46C Shaun Andrew 29C Michael Jones 58R Mike King
59R Alan King 56B Glen Sheppard 61C Tom McSherry
62C Dave McSherry 59D Benji Smaill 65B David Brand
68B Ben Darroch 65A Jono Lauder 75A Todd Neal
77W Daniel Bouzard 72B Darren Melling 86B Ross Curran
87B David Adams 75G Shaun Kingi 88G David Hampton
98N Neville Soper 96G Nigel Wallace 93C Ivan Hill
99C Danial Baldwin 95B Tim Towler 858R Shane Bracken
848R Richard Bracken 433C Matt Peterson


2NZ Ryan Barry 3NZ Ben Morrison 67A Kaleb Currie
74G Ryan MacGregor 66B Tony Meechan 84C Ben Morgan
6B Duane Todd 32B Kris Gillies 17G Dylan MacGregor
9A Morgan McHugh 46A Aaron Humble 47B David Wilson
36A Cole Morrison 4A Troy Pennington 18A Shaun Cooke
15A Ryan Baker 32A Saul Smith 24A Harrison Martens
25B Josh Moffat 7B Michael Gurnett 88A Lawrence Baker
14B Chris Wiffin 26B Chris Mahoney 10A Shayne Minchington
73G Reece Jordan 9B Jeremy Jones 76B Doug Morris
24G Robert Gomm


Saturday Night:
NZ Streetstocks – Finals
TQ’s – Gold Cup
Side Cars – Hawkes Bay Champs

Pit Gate Opens at 2.30pm
Main Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm

Admission: (Both Nights)
Adult $25 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $60 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)



BK ProDirt Series – Results

18M Sam Waddell takes out Round 4 of the BK ProDirt Super Saloon Series Feature Race

1st 18M Sam Waddell
2nd 46M Matthew Smith
3rd 5B Steve Flynn
4th 92M  Scott Hayward
5th 6B Grant Flynn
6th 1NZ Steve Cowling






Race 1 – 1st 1NZ Jason Long 2nd 31P Andy McCabe 3rd 47B Zach Glenny 4th 98B Quintin Butcher 5th 8B Clayton Hagen 6th 25M Scott McEwan
Race 2 – 1st 1NZ 2nd 98B 3rd 52B Kairyn O’Brien 4th 8B 5th 31P 6th 47B
Race 3 – 1st 1NZ 2nd 47B 3rd 52B 4th 98B 5th 94B Jessie Pollock Houston 6th 8B

Race Report by Barry
Superstocks provided good fast racing over their three heats, even though the bumpy track surface was not to everyone’s liking – nine locals and five visitors fronted.The track conditions did not deter 1NZ Jason Long, who showed his class by winning all three races.  In race 1 he started on pole and took off to lead from start to finish, with 31P Andy McCabe starting off grid 2, shadowing Long all the way to finish 2nd.  3rd went to 47B Zach Glenny after starting off grid 3.
Race 2, 98B Quintin Butcher started off pole and sped off until 1NZ Jason Long hauled him in on lap 3 after starting on grid 7, to take the lead to the finish with Butcher gallantly chasing to finish a worthy 2nd place.  3rd place went to improving 52B Kairyn O’Brien, still getting to grips with the increased power from the new car – he started off grid 5.
By race 3, the track conditions were taking their toll on some cars, with 10 cars facing the starter. 47B Zach Glenny started off grid 6, but with with grids 2 and 4 empty, he had a rocket start to lead the pack out until lap 8, when the flying 1NZ caught and passed him, to finish 1st. Glenny showed great skills in a lesser powered car to Long, but held on for a well deserved 2nd place – his best showing of the season to date.  3rd place went to 52B Kairyn O’Brien, gaining in confidence after starting from grid 3 – our new flag racer.
With the NZ Champs in Wanganui on 3rd & 4th January, last night’s meeting was the last opportunity to sort out any issues, and with Jason Long’s outstanding performance, he should be in with a good chance to take another NZ title,  But, there will be 131 other drivers with the same mindset.
Thanks again to our last night’s visitors who travelled to our race meeting: 25M Scott McEwan, 31P Andy McCabe, 81R Damien Orr, 711G Jyneika Peach & 136V Maddie Wise.  Hoping you get your motor problems sorted out before the NZ Champs, Maddie.
Wishing all HB entered drivers the very best of luck for the NZ Champs: 1NZ Jason Long, 9B Adam Groome, 46B Quinn Ryan, 47B Zach Glenny, 66B Randal Tarrant & 87B Thomas Stanaway.

Race 1 – 1st 3NZ Brent Reddington 2nd 72B Shaun Kingi 3rd 95B Tim Towler 4th 65B David Brand 5th 26B Al Howston 6th 68B Ben Darroch
Race 2 – 1st 72B 2nd 65B 3rd 3NZ 4th 23B Nigel Potter 5th 68B 6th 86B Ross Curran
Race 3 – 1st 65B 2nd 3NZ 3rd 95B 4th 10A Paul Dixon 5th 84B

Race 1 – 1st 6B Tylar Flynn 2nd 34B Harry Prince 3rd 61B Henry Steel 4th 37M Quinn Richards 5th 72B Bailey Smith 6th 4B Zach Hatton
Race 2 – 1st 72B 2nd 7B Bradley Penn 3rd 18B Jeremy Browne 4th 11B Liam Danielsen 5th 61B 6th 94B Cameron Houston
Race 3 – 1st 11B 2nd 6B 3rd 81B Keegan Bunce 4th 94B 5th 55S Caleb Coxhead 6th 4B
Race 4 – 1st 12B Ryan Dorward 2nd 61B 3rd 18B 4th 81B 5th 7B 6th 88B Karlin Painter Dudley





NEXT MEETING – FRIDAY 10th & SATURDAY 11th JANUARY 2020 7pm Start Both Nights