2016/2017 Hawkes Bay Speedway Club Prize Giving Results



Bring on Labour Weekend 2017!

Opening Meeting – Sunday 22nd October

Leonards Garage Cup Top on Points Superstocks Wayne Talbot
Cri Bar & Grill Top Points Stock cars Stockcars Regan Penn
Trade Towage Trophy Top on Points Streetstocks Brent Redington
Saloon Car Shield Top on Points Saloons Steven Martin
Mag & Tyre Trophy Top Point Scorer Sidecars Andrew McNamara/George Olsen
HB Saloon Car Shield Top on Points Supersaloons Johnny Browne
Triplow New World Cup 2nd Highest Points Superstocks Maddie Wise
Cri Bar & Grill 2nd Highest Points Stockcars Jason Penn
Chixieland Cup   2nd Highest Points Streetstocks Shayne Melling
Pam Gibson Trophy 2nd Highest Points Saloons Josh Smith
HB Saloon Cup 2nd Highest Points Supersaloons Chase Rodda
HB Saloon Cup 3rd Highest Points Supersaloons Darren Melling
Halfway House Cup 3rd Highest Points Superstocks Steve Jude
Pam Gibson Trophy 3rd Highest Points Saloons Kevin Martin
GJ Lord Trophy Highest Points in Feature Superstocks Maddie Wise
Gattshe Family Trophy Highest Points in Feature Stockcars Regan Penn
Ian Hay Wreckers Trophy Highest Points in Feature Streetstocks Darren Melling
Most Points in Feature Saloons Josh Smith
Car and Truck Painters Trophy 2nd Highest Points in Feature Streetstocks Brent Redington
McLeish Trophy Most Points up to Feature TQs Duane Todd
Pettigrews Transport Ltd Most Points in Feature races TQs Duane Todd
D & L Kingi Cup Most Points in Feature races Supersaloons Johnny Browne
HB Mower Services Ltd Cup HB East Coast Champion Superstocks Wayne Talbot
Brookfield Wines Cup 1st HB Car home in East Coast Champs Superstocks Wayne Talbot
Napier Oil Services Trophy East Coast Champion Stockcars Josh Prentice
Val Smith Cup 1st HB car in East Coast Champs Streetstocks Wayne Melling
A.P. Black Family Trophy 1st in East Coast Champs Saloons Joe Ingram
Keith Turner Suzuki Cup East Coast Champs Sidecars Russell Stewart/Andrew Parker
Brian J Nelson Signs Cup 2nd East Coast Champs Sidecars Troy Devery/Pete Steigenberger
B J Bakery 3rd East Coast Champs Sidecars Glenn Murry/Ann Plummer
Mandarin Gift Shop East Coast Champ TQs Kaleb Currie
Napier Tyre Traders 1st HB Driver in East Coast Champs TQs Dean Cooper
McKay Family Trophy Top Points FWD Production Saloons Brendan Zachan/Greg Redington
McKay Family Trophy Top Points RWD Production Saloons Jarrod Hart
Watties Stock Car Trophy HB Club Champion Superstocks Quintin Butcher
HB Stock Car Champion Stockcars David Lowe
Havelock North Watchmakers HB Club Champion Streetstocks Brent Redington
Strong Family Trophy 1st in HB Champs Saloons Joe Ingram
Efficient Carrying Co Cup HB Club Champion TQs Ryan Barry
Scott Freighters Cup 1st HB Sidecar in HB Champs Sidecars Troy Devery/Pete Steigenberger
Dennis Glenny Memorial Cup  1st Year Driver Superstocks James Tollison
Kell Family Trophy Rookie of the Year Streetstocks Ben Darroch
McLachlan Family Trophy Best Car & Team Superstocks Mike McLachlan
Jones Family Trophy Best Car & Team Stockcars Josh Swannell
Quality Engravers Trophy Best Car & Team Streetstocks Wayne Melling
Saloon Car Cup Best Car & Team Saloons Josh Smith
A & P Black Family Trophy Best Car & Team Supersaloons Chase Rodda
Best Car & Team Production Saloons Brendan Zachan
Noel Powel Trophy Keenest Competitor Superstocks Zach Glenny
DM Kingi Cup Keenest Competitor Stockcars Josh Swannell
TW Racing Trophy Keenest Competitor Production Saloons Brent Gosney
Most Improved Driver Stockcars Ethan Anderson
Warner Trophy Most Consistent Driver Stockcars Brandon Symes
Gloucester Court Jewellers Trophy Most Improved Driver Streetstocks Jesse Pollock-Houston
Barclay Murphy Cup Best car & Team TQ’s Efficient Racing
HB Saloon Car Cup Most Improved Driver Super Saloons Chase Rodda
HB Speedway Club Trophy  Most Improved Sidecar Sidecars Jeremy & Steve Pruckmuller
Brendan Zachan Trophy Production Saloons Brandan Lawrence
Hard Luck Trophy Stockcars Tony Palmer
Southern Auto Services Trophy Hard Luck Trophy Streetstocks Phillip McNamara
Unluckiest Driver Saloons Chris Tout
Havelock North Watchmakers Cup Hard Luck Sidecars Kim & Kerry Johnston
Ansin & Montieth Trophy Best Pair Superstocks Wayne Talbot & Andy McCabe
1st HB Cars in East Coast Champ Streetstocks Brent Redington & Shayne Melling
Mad Marty Shield Best stockcar driver Stockcars Josh Swannell
Mad Marty Shield Best Streetstock Driver of the Season Streetstocks Ben Yeoman
Tony McIntosh Memorial Trophy Superstocks Steve Jude & Maddie Wise
Dave Foxell Memorial Trophy Stockcars Cameron Swift
John Coker Memorial Trophy Stockcars Ethan Anderson
Pam Gibson Memorial Trophy Streetstocks Shayne Melling
Brookfield Vineyard Cup Best All-Rounder Superstocks Wayne Talbot
HB Saloon Car Cup Best All-Round Sportsman Super saloons Johnny Browne
Meeanee Motors Cup Most Aggregate Points TQ’s Duane Todd
HB Speedway Club Sidecar Swinger of the Season Sidecars Steve Pruckmuller
Justin Power Cup Most Innovative Sidecar Sidecars Justin Lincoln & Adrian Orchard
Hawkes Bay Cars Best All Rounder Production Saloons Margo Fairless
Weldwell NZ Ltd 20 Lapper TQ’s Hayden Guptill
Streetstocks Stirrers Trophy Streetstocks David Brand
Stockcars  Stirrers Trophy Stockcars Hayden Barnett
Southern Auto aggravators Trophy Stockcars Hayden Barnett
Autumn Nationals Trophy Superstocks Quinn Ryan
HB Sidecar Association Services to the Sidecar Section Sidecars Andrew Heard
Aaron Day Memorial  Most Helpful Volunteer Peter Black
Murray King Trophy Most Spectacular Crash James Buckrell
George Wyndham Memorial Trophy Points over all sections Brent Redington
Richard Stevenson Club member of the year Members Choice HB Speedway Steve Jude
Superstocks 1st Grand Prix Championship Jason Long
Stockcars 2nd Grand Prix Championship Randall Tarrant
Stockcars 3rd North Island Championship Brandon Symes
TQ Midget 3rd NZ Championship Duane Todd
Streetstocks 1st Grand Prix Championship Wayne Melling
Sidecars 3rd North Island Championship Andrew McNamara & George Olsen
Solos 1st NZ Championship Bradley Wilson-Dean
1st Grand Prix Championship Bradley Wilson-Dean
NZED Superstock Team Champs Back to back Winners Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes
Meeanee Speedway Promoters Trophy  Services to Speedway Peter Black
Meeanee Speedway Promoters Trophy Best Team Member James Buckrell
Meeanee Speedway Promoters Trophy Competitor of the Year Wayne Melling

OPENING NIGHT Sunday 24th Oct 2021 6pm Start