NZ Saloon Entries

New Zealand Saloon Entries – As of 10/12/18
**If you have Posted your Entry and your Name DOES NOT appear on here by the Closing Date 19/12/18
Please Contact Philippa Jones Ph. 0274 446853

5C Danny Knight
7B Shane Laking
8H Cam Roigard
8K Kevin Williams
8M Jarred Fletcher
12S Blake Hooper
16A Ted Ingram
18K Chris Taylor
25H Reece Clements
25K Robert Belk

27B Josh Smith
27S Joe Ingram
31B David Hunter
31K Malcolm Mazur
33B Kareena Annan
36M Dale Bigwood
42M Trent Amrein
52K Greg Belk

67A Scott Rumball
76G Ethan Cook

77G Daniel Cook
81A Dan Hickman
99M Steve Walling

116A David Ingram
124W Danelle Halcrow