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Hawkes Bay Speedway Club Inc. Ruling for Held Race Numbers – All Classes

Once you have been allocated a race number by your class REP that number is yours to use in that class until you either retire or give up racing for a period longer than one Season.
A race number can be held for One Season Only before it goes back into Circulation *Takes effect as of Season 20/21

CONDITIONS of holding a Hawkes Bay Contracted Race number;
*You Must have held a Hawkes Bay Speedway Club Membership for that Previous Season.
*You Must have Held a SNZ Licence for that Previous Season.
*Racing on a night licence will not hold your number for the following season if not racing.
*You must Communicate with your Class Rep if/when you intend on holding a race number.

TQ’s – Current Allocated Race Numbers – Held Numbers in Black (If these numbers do not race in season 20/21 they will go back into circulation in the 21/22 Speedway Season) – Licenced for 2021/2022 Season in Blue 

6B Duane Todd
7B Michael Gurrnett
8B Paul Donavan
9B Craig Spargo
10B Jordan Russ
11B Adam Coonan
14B Chris Wiffin
17B Mark Alexander
25B Joshua Moffit
26B Chris Mahoney

32B Kris Gillies
33B Caiden Otter
42B Gary Cadman
46B Kaylee Hika
47B David Wilson
66B Tony Meechan
71B Sam Barry
91B Scott McIntosh
74G Ryan MacGregor



OPENING NIGHT Saturday 6th Nov 2021 6pm Start