2018 / 2019 Calendar

                                                       RACING CALENDAR 2018-2019 SEASON


**Please Note- Classes Running have Not been Confirmed on ALL Dates, they WILL be added as the Season Progresses.

Sat 13th *Ministock Class Meeting 11am
Sat 13th Practice – 12pm – 1.30pm
Sat 13th Practice – 2pm – 3pm
Wed 17th Practice – 6pm to 8pm *Pit Gate Opens at 5pm

Sunday 21st Grand Opening – 7pm Start – Superstocks & Super Saloons Series Round 2 Final
Superstocks / Stockcars / Super Saloons / TQ’s / Saloons / Streetstocks

3rd Fireworks – Kevin Milne Memorial for Ministocks & Production Saloons
Superstocks / Stockcars / Ministocks / Production Saloons / Side Cars / Solo Bikes /
Clapperton Sheild Stockcar Team Race v Gisborne Gladiators / Napier v Hastings Stockcar Teams Race 

17th Burger King Pro Dirt Super Saloon Series
Super Saloons / Saloons / TQ’s / Side Cars / Streetstocks

1st Hawkes Bay Stockcars – Oval Superstar Minisprints
Stockcars / MiniSprints / Ministocks / Production Saloons / Streetstocks 
8th Christmas Special – HB Saloons/Sidecars/ Superstock Teams Race Hawkeyes v Wild Cats / DEMO Derby
Saloons / Side Cars / Superstocks / Stockcars / Ministocks / Father Christmas Visit / Demo Derby
Fri 28th North Island Stockcars – Qualifying
Stockcars / Ministocks
Sat 29th North Island Stockcars – Finals – Vintage Stockcars
Stockcars / Vintage Stockcars / Superstocks / Solo Bikes

Tues 1st New Zealand Saloon Championship – Qualifying
Saloons / Ministocks / Side Cars / 
Wed 2nd New Zealand Saloon Championship – Finals
Saloons / Superstocks / TQ’s / Production Saloons
Sat 12th East Coast Champs – Stockcars/Saloons/Streetstocks/Production Saloons/Solo Bikes
Stockcars / Saloons / Streetstocks / Production Saloons / Solo Bikes / Superstocks (TBC)
Fri 18th New Zealand Super Saloon GP – Qualifying
Sections TBC

Sat 19th New Zealand Super Saloon GP – Finals
Sections TBC

Sat 26th Superstock Teams Race vs British Lions – Stockcar Best Pairs
Superstocks / Stockcars / Ministocks / Side Cars / Two Sections TBC

9th HB Sprint Cars / HB Production Saloons / Demo Derby
Sections TBC
23rd Hawkes Bay Superstocks
Sections TBC

2nd North Island Production Saloons
Sections TBC

16th Under 25’s Superstocks
Sections TBC
30th Kuru Cup – Demo Derby
Sections TBC

6th Autumn Nationals
Sections TBC
Easter Friday 19th Peter Barry Teams – East Coast Superstocks/Super Saloons/TQ’s
Easter Saturday 20th Peter Barry Teams – East Coast Superstocks/Super Saloons/TQ’s
27th Rainout Date

                                                      PLEASE NOTE:

This Calendar is ONLY Provisional and subject to change.