2020 / 2021 Calendar

                                                       RACING CALENDAR 2020/2021 SEASON


**Please Note- Classes Running have Not been Confirmed on ALL Dates (Sections TBC)
they WILL be added as the Season Progresses. 

Thursday 17th Mentor Programme for ALL New Drivers (All Classes) 6pm
Thursday 24th Safety Induction for ALL New Ministock Drivers Only 6pm

Saturday 17th Practice: 12pm–2pm
Tuesday 20th Practice: 5pm–8pm
Sunday 25th Opening Night 6pm Start – Quin Buildings Superstocks & Super Saloons Rd2
Superstocks / Super Saloons / Stockcars / TQ’s / Saloons / Streetstocks


Sat 7th     Fireworks / HB Superstocks / DVS Super Saloon Challenge Rd2
Superstocks / DVS Super Saloons / Stockcars / Side Cars / Ministocks – Kevin Milne Memorial

Sat 21st    HB Stockcars / HB Super Saloons
Stockcars / Super Saloons / Streetstocks / Side Cars / Ministocks / Production Saloons

Sat 28th   Superstock Masters / Kuru Cup / Demo Derby
Superstocks Masters / Superstocks / Stockcars / TQ’s / Saloons / Demo Derby + Street Race

Sat 12th    Wildcats v Hawkeyes / Christmas Special / BT Midget Memorial Series
Superstocks / Midgets / TQ’s / Streetstocks / Ministocks / Side Cars

Tues 29th Steve Williams Saloon Series / HB Side Cars
Saloon Series / Side Cars / Superstocks / Stockcars / Ministocks

Tues 5th    Stockcar Dash for Cash / HB Saloons
Stockcars / Saloons / Streetstocks / Ministocks / Production Saloons / TQ’s

Thurs 14th Stockcar Rumble-Practice Meeting
Fri 15th      New Zealand Stockcars
Sat 16th     New Zealand Stockcars
Sat 30th    Superstock Teams Race vs British Lions / HB Streetstocks

Sat 13th   EC Side Cars / Stockcar Team Race
Sat 27th   Streetstocks – Pam Gibson Trophy / EC Stockcars

Sat 6th     North Island TQ Champs / Pit Stop Saloon Series / Street Race & Demo Derby
Sat 20th   North Island Super Saloon Champs / Streetstock Best Pairs 

Fri 2nd       Easter Weekend – PETER BARRY TEAMS / TQ’s HB
Sat 3rd     Easter Weekend – PB Teams / TQ’s EC & 20 Lapper / EC Superstocks
Sat 17th    Autumn Nationals – Superstocks

Sat 1st      Grand Finale / Best Pairs Demo Derby

Please note:  This Calendar is ONLY provisional and Subject to Change.