2021 / 2022 Calendar


(Wed)  6th October Class Section Meetings
5.30pm – Side Cars  / Production Saloons
6pm – Streetstocks
6.30pm – Saloons / Super Saloons
7pm – Stockcars
7.30pm – Superstocks
8pm – TQ’s
*There will be the QR Scan in on the Door and Everyone
in attendance must Manually Sign in please.

(Sat) 9th October- Mentor Programme for ALL New Drivers @11am
(All Classes)  

TBC – Safety Induction for ALL New Ministock Drivers Only

(Sat) 2nd Green Sheeting 10am – 2pm  

(Sat) 9th Green Sheeting 10am – 2pm 
*Last Car in at 1.30pm*
(Fri) 22nd Green Sheeting 9am – 1pm *Last Car in at 12.30pm*
*You will need to bring a jack with you.
**Helmets will be required to check Head Clearances.
**Level 2 restrictions will apply**
We will require everyone to scan/sign in – This will be available at the gate. Social distancing will apply
(Wed) 20th Practice – 5.45pm to 7.30pm
(Sat) 16th      Practice – 12pm to 3pm

6th  Grand Opening 6pm Start – David Jones Gold Cup
Superstocks / Stockcars / TQ’s / Ministocks / Side Cars /
Super Saloons-Saloons 
13th  7pm Start – Superstock Best Pairs
Superstocks / Stockcars / TQs-Dusty Rhodes / Streetstocks / Saloons / Sidecars

4th  Superstock Masters / Classic Stockcars
TQs / Production Saloons / Ministocks / Saloons
11th  Christmas Special + Santa
SuperStock Teams Race/ Streetstock Teams Race / 
Quad Bikes
Ministocks / Saloons / Streetstocks / Sidecars

(Sun) 2nd  HB Stockcar & Production Saloon Champs / Derby
SuperStocks / Ministocks / TQs
(Fri) 14th  NZ TQ Championship Qualifying / Streetstock Challenge
Stockcars, Streetstocks, Sidecars, One section TBC
(Sat) 15th NZ TQ Championship Finals / Streetstock Challenge            SuperStocks, Ministocks, TQs, Sidecars
29th  HB Saloon Champs / Production Saloon Tri Series /
Stockcars Best Pairs / 
SuperStocks / Ministocks

19th   HB SuperStock Champs / Derby
Production Saloons / TQs / Sidecars

5th Krusty 500 – Stockcars / HB Streetstock Champs / Sprintcars
TQs / Ministocks
(Fri)18th Peter Barry Stockcar Teams Championship Qualifying 6pm Start – Ministocks
(Sat)19th Peter Barry Stockcar Teams Championship Finals
6pm Start –
 SuperStocks / Saloons / Streetstocks 

APRIL – 6pm Starts
2nd SuperStock Autumn Nationals
Ministocks / Saloons / TQs / Streetstocks
(Good Friday) 15th East Coast Championships / Stockcar Kuru Cup  SuperStocks / Ministocks / Saloons / TQs
(Easter Sat) 16th East Coast Championships / TQ 20 Lapper / Streetstock Tri Series / SuperStocks / Stockcars / Super Saloons
30th  Grand Finale / Derby – 5pm Start
SuperStocks / Stockcars / Ministocks / Production Saloons / Streetstocks

7th        Rain out Date

Please note:  This Calendar is ONLY Provisional and Subject to Change at Any Time.


OPENING NIGHT Saturday 6th Nov 2021 6pm Start