RACING CALENDAR 2016-2017 SEASON

Practice Dates –
Monday 17th October – 5pm – 7pm
Tuesday 18th October – 5pm – 7pm

Sunday 23rd Grand Opening, 7pm Start
Superstocks, Stockcars, MiniStocks, Streetstocks, Super Salons/Saloons, TQ’s

5th Fireworks Spectacular
Superstocks, Stockcars, MiniStocks, Production Saloons, Sidecars
12th No Racing
19th No Racing
26th Superstock Teams Race
Superstocks, Stockcars, MiniStocks, Streetstocks, Production Saloons, Solos 
(Fri) 2nd Burger King Super Saloon Series
Super Salooons, Production Saloons, MiniStocks, Side Cars, Superstocks 
10th Christmas Special
Solo Bikes – HB Champs, Stockcars – HB Champs, Superstocks, MiniStocks, Saloons 
17th No Racing
(Weds) 28th Valvoline Speedweek Saloon Series / Ramp Derby
Saloons, Superstocks, MiniStocks, Production Saloons, Demo Ramp Derby
30th Monster Truck / Jet Dragster Display –Meeting Canceled
(Fri) 6th City of Napier New Zealand Superstock Grand Prix – Qualifying
Superstocks, MiniStocks, TQ’s
(Sat) 7th City of Napier New Zealand Superstock Grand Prix – Finals
Superstocks, TQ’s, Streetstocks, Saloons, Sidecars
14th Racing – Meeting Canceled
21st No Racing
(Fri) 27th New Zealand TQ Championship – Qualifying (TBC)
TQ’s, Superstocks, Ministocks, Production Saloons, Sidecars
(Sat) 28th New Zealand TQ Championship – Finals / Demo Derby
TQ’s, Superstocks, Stockcars, Ministocks, Sidecars
4th No Racing
(Fri) 10th North Island Saloon Championship – Qualify / NI Sidecar Championship (TBC)
(Sat) 11th North Island Saloon Championship – Finals / NI Sidecar Championship (TBC)
18th No Racing
25th No Racing
4th Oval Superstars MiniSprint Tour
Mini Sprints, HB Production Saloons, Ministocks, Saloons, Stockcars
11th No Racing
17th/18th Peter Barry Stockcar Teams Event
Stockcar Teams, David Jones Motors MiniStock Gold Cup, Support Classes – Friday Streetstocks Saturday Stockcar Colsolations
25th Under 25 Superstock Champs
Under 25 Superstocks, Stockcars, MiniStocks, Production Saloons * Cancelled – Rain Out
1st Racing
HB Superstocks, HB Streetstocks, HB MiniStocks (Hawkes Bay Contracted & Club Members Only), Stockcars, Sidecars, Sprintcars 
8th No Racing
Easter Friday 14th East Coast Champs – TQ’s, Streetstocks, Saloons, Production Saloons, 
Superstock Best Pairs / Stockcar Best Pairs / MiniStock Best Pairs
Easter Saturday 15th East Coast Champs – Superstocks, Stockcars, MiniStocks, Sidecars, Solo Bikes
Hawkes Bay TQ’s + 20 Lapper / Hawkes Bay Saloons 
29th Autumn Nationals / Kuru Cup for Stockcars
Superstocks, Stockcars, MiniStocks, Saloons, Streetstocks, Sidecars, Solos
13th Wiseys 25 and Under Superstock Champs
Superstocks, Super Saloons HB Champs, Stockcars, Production Saloons, TQ’s, MiniStocks – *All Support Classes TBC

                    PLEASE NOTE:

This Calendar is ONLY Provisional and subject to change.