Easter Weekend Results

Super Saloon GP
1st 1NZ Mark Osborne 2nd 3NZ Ian Burson 3rd Steve Williams

CM_130330_132 CM_130330_151 GT130329-132.jpg
East Coast Superstocks -
1st Shane Penn 2nd=66B Tony Meechan/31P Andy Mccabe

East Coast Sidecars -
1st 58P Simon Windelborn&Tony Carter – 2nd 56G Clive Island&Kerwin Annaboli – 3rd 97P Mike Zachan

East Coast Ministocks -
1st 84R Dean Cooper 2nd Cameron McKay 3rd 95B Caleb Churchward

Hawkes Bay TQ’s-
1st 8B Craig Todd 2nd 6B Duane Todd 3rd 16A Ryan Barry

East Coast Saloons-
1st 272 Chris Cowling 2nd 2NZ Steve Cowling 3rd 21H Steve Williams

East Coast Streetstocks-
1st 2NZ Aaron Brown 2nd 66G Joe McMillan 3rd = 10G Brendon Gooch/8G Ben McArthur

East Coast Super Saloons-
1st 1NZ Mark Osborne 2nd 2NZ Richie Taylor 3rd= 96A Lance Jennings/6B Grant Flynn

East Coast TQ’s-
1st 6B Duane Todd 2nd 8B Craig Todd 3rd 8C Jeremy Webb
20 Lapper – 41A Jared Taylor

East Coast Stockcars-
1st 66B Randal Tarrant 2nd 74B Tony Palmer 3rd 86B Marty Cooke
Stirrer of the Night- Keith Hingston

Well Done To All Competitors….Great Weekend of Racing :-)


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