Hawkes Bay Club Trophy Winners 2020/21

Hawkes Bay Club Trophy Winners 2020/21 Season

Steve Jude Motors
Top Points  –  Thomas Stanaway
Buckrell Family Trophy
2nd Highest Points  – Jason Long
BJ Bakery Trophy
3rd Highest Points  –  Quinn Ryan
HB Mower Services Cup
East Coast Champion  –  Jason Long
O’Briens Aluminium
1st HB car home in East Coat  –  Jason Long
A&P Black Family Trophy
HB Club Champion  –  Ethan Levien
Dennis Glenny Memorial Cup
1st Year Driver  – Dominique O’Brien
GJ Lord Trophy
Highest Points in Feature  –  Thomas Stanaway
McLachlan Family Trophy
Best Presented Car & Crew  –  Buckrell Motorsport
Brookfields Vineyards Cup
Best All Rounder  –  Jason Long
Tony McIntosh Memorial Trophy  – Thomas Stanaway
Autumn National Trophy  –  Blair Uhlenburg
Noel Powell Trophy Keenest Competitor  –  Clayton Hagen
Superstock Hard Luck Cup  –  Mike McLachlan

Warner Trophy
Most Consistent  –  Ben Darroch
Stockcar Shit Stirrer Trophy  –  Caleb Ireland
DM Kingi Cup
Keenest Competitor –  Tony Palmer
Hard Luck Trophy  –  Brett Loveridge
HB Speedway Aggravators Trophy  –  Caleb Ireland
Noel Powell Memorial Trophy  –  Royden Hynd
Mad Marty Shield
Best Stockcar Driver of the Season  – Grant Hollyman
HB Engravers
Top Points –  Grant Hollyman
HB Engravers
2nd Highest Points  –  Brett Loveridge
Jones Family Trophy
Best Car & Team  –  Shane Annan
O’Brien Family Trophy
Most Improved Driver  –  Zayne Pullan
Ivan Woodham Cup
HB Stockcar Champ  –  Brett Loveridge
Napier Oil Services Trophy
East Coast Champion  – Regan Penn
L&A Kuru Cup  –  Brett Loveridge

Val Smith Cup
1st HB Car in East Coast Champs  –  Darren Melling
Ian Hay Wreakers Trophy
Highest Points in Feature Races  –  David Brand
Melling Family Trophy
Top Points  – Brent Redington
Gloucester Court Jewellers
Trophy Most Improved  –  Nigel Potter
Streetstock Stirrers Trophy  –  Philip McNamara
Mag & Turbo
Hard Luck Trophy  –  David Adams
Havelock North Watchmakers
HB Club Champion  –  Al Howatson
Mad Marty Shield
Best Streetstock Driver of the Season  –  Tim Towler
Streetstock Cup Best Car & Team  –  Tim Towler
Pam Gibson Memorial  –  Brent Redington
Keil Family Trophy
Rookie of the Year  –  Stu Smith
Chixieland Cup
2nd Overall Points  –  Darren Melling
Car & Truck Painters Trophy
2nd Feature Points  – Brent Redington
East Coast Best Pairs Cup 1st HB Cars  –  Dave Brand / Paul Dixon

Efficient Moving & Storage
HB Club Champion  –  Duane Todd
Bargh Family Trophy
Most Points up to Feature  –  Duane Todd
Te Mata Electrical
Most Points in Feature Races  –  Duane Todd
Meeanee Motors Cup
Most Aggregate Points  –  Duane Todd
Morris Motorsport Family
Trophy Best Car & Team – Tony Meechan
HBTQ Midget Club Most Improved Driver  –  Sam Barry
HB Speedway Club Sportsman of the Year  – Roger Young
Weldwell NZ Ltd 20 Lapper  –  Regan Tyler
Napier Tyre Traders Cup
1st HB Driver Home in East Coast Champs  – Duane Todd
HBTQ East Coast Champ  – Cole Morrison
R Watson & Son Shield
Hard Luck  –  Tony Meechan
R Watson & Son Cup
1st Year Driver in Feature Races  –  Sam Barry

Saloon Shield Top Points  – Steven Martin
Pam Gibson Trophy
2nd Highest Points  –  Kevin Martin
Pam Gibson Trophy
3rd Highest Points  – Shane Laking
Most Points in Feature  –  Steven Martin
Strong Family Trophy
1st in HB Champs  – Kevin Martin
A&P Black Family Trophy
1st in East Coast Champs  –  Shane Laking
Saloon Car Cup Best Car & Team  –  Shane Laking
Halcrow Race Cars Most Improved Driver  – Kevin Martin

Super Saloons
Piston Cup HB Champion  –  Steven Flynn
D&L Kingi Cup Most Points in Feature  –  Steven Flynn
Quality Engravers Cup 1st HB Car in HB Champs  –  Steven Flynn
A&P Black Family Trophy Best Car & Team  – Flynn Racing
Browne Family Trophy Most Improved  – Chace Rodda

HB Saloon Car Cup
Best All Round Sportsman  –  Shane Laking / Chace Rodda
Unluckiest Driver  – Wayne Melling

Production Saloons
Brendan Zachan Trophy Most improved  – Brent Gosney
TW Racing Trophy Keenest Competitor  – William Bayliss
McKay Family Trophy Top Points FWD  – Denton Hodgkinson
McKay Family Trophy Top Points RWD  – Jimmy Lea
Best Car & Team  – Damian Stokes
HB Cars Best All Rounder  –  Denton Hodgkinson
Kevin Milne Memorial  – Brent Hackett

Side Cars
Mag & Tyre
Top Points Overall  –  Craig Boaler / Ann Plummer
Country Cut & Curls Norsewood
Runner up Overall Points  –  Justin Lincoln / George Olsen
Scott Freighters
1st HB Sidecar in HB Champs  – Craig Boaler / Ann plummer
HB Speedway Club Services to Side Car Class  – Bill Napier

Overall Trophies
Aaron Day Memorial
Most Helpful Volunteer (Presidents Choice) – Mike McLachlan
Fairless Female Trophy  – Ann Plummer
Murray King Trophy
Most Spectacular Crash  – Caleb Ireland
Barry Sklenars Cup
Top Points Overall Sections  – Brent Redington
Richard & Lisa Stevenson Trophy
HB Speedway Club Member of the Year  – Debbie Melling

Promotions Team Trophies
Competitor of the Year – Jason Long
Contribution to Speedway – Claire Bunce
Service to Speedway – Mike Wilson