Results – Grand Finale 2020/21 Season

An All Action Final Meeting of the 2021 Season


Hawkes Bay Production Saloon Champion – 48G Seth McKay
2nd 22B Denton Hodgkinson
3rd 434V Brent Hackett




Hawkes Bay Ministock Champion – 61B Henry Steel
2nd 18B Jeremy Browne
3rd 11B Liam Danielsen




Streetstock Best Pairs
1st 65B David Brand / 66B Paul Dixon
2nd 87B David Adams / 23B Nigel Potter
3rd= 46B Brent Redington / 64B Dontage
= 72B Darren Melling / 44B Phil Glynn







Race One
1st 11B Matthew Titter, 2nd 98B Quintin Butcher, 3rd 2NZ Jason Long, 4th 87B Thomas Stanaway, 5th 24B James Tollison, 6th 9B Adam Groome
Race Two
1st 2NZ, 2nd 98B, 3rd 87B
Race Three
1st 2NZ, 2nd 87B, 3rd 98B, 4th 9B, 5th 24B, 6th 81B Sam Bartholomew
1st 2NZ, 2nd 98B Randal Tarrant, 3rd 86B Regan O’Brien, 4th 9B, 5th 24B, 6th 606 Rhys Wheatley

Race Report by Barry
Superstocks fronted with local 13 cars, with no visitors in attendance this time.
Though notable, was the appearance of 338R which was purchased from Russell Hunter in Rotorua by local ex Motorcross rider Boe Simpson on Saturday, and brought straight back to Meeanee Speedway in time to race last night – that is keenness personified.
Another new car appearing for another ex Motorcross rider, Rhys Wheatley was the 606B car purchased recently from Stephen Flower as 63R.
As new drivers to Speedway, both cars started from rear grids all night as is customary.
For their first race, the track was wet and slick, with cars having trouble finding traction. Not so, for 11B Mathew Titter who started off grid 2 and took off to the lead, unchallenged all the way to the flag. 2nd was 98B Quintin Butcher who started off pole, and 3rd was 2NZ Jason Long who started off grid 8. Long only just made the race in time, fresh back from his Club rugby match. He also posted the fastest lap time of 17.7122 seconds on lap 8 of 10..
Race 2 had 81B Sam Bartholomew off pole and Long right behind in grid 3. Long powered through to take the lead and the win. He set fastest lap of 17.4956 seconds on lap 7. 2nd again was 98B Quintin Butcher who started off grid 7 this time, with 87B Thomas Stanaway the big mover, starting off grid 11 and finishing 3rd.
Race 3 was the Feature, and 13 cars were still running. 29B Matt Demanser started off pole, but the flying 2NZ of Jason Long was soon through to the lead after starting off grid 5, to take win number 2. 2nd was 87B Thomas Stanaway, who set fastest lap of 17.4351 seconds on lap 8. 3rd was consistent 98B Quintin Butcher showing good driving skills after starting off grid 10.
Race 4 was an extra race, with 10 cars starting this time, and fastest cars off the back.
The top fastest cars were, 2NZ Jason Long, 87B Thomas Stanaway, and 98B driven this time by Randal Tarrant. Tarrant started off grid 7, with Long right behind. Stanaway had grid 8, alongside Tarrant. Unfortunately, the track had been watered before this race and was wet and slippery. The lights turned green and 10 cars hit the first corner with most sliding wide, including Stanaway who received a right front punctured tyre in the melee. However, Tarrant driving the 98B car, held his inside line on the corner, with Long right behind and chasing. Tarrant then drove a perfect race for the next 9 laps with Long trying valiantly to catch the flying 98B car. On the last corner Tarrant was baulked by the slower 81B car of Sam Bartholomew and Long saw his chance and passed Tarrant as they crossed the finish line together just inches apart. A thrilling spectacle from these two classy cars and drivers.
As this was the final race meeting, the Top Points for Superstocks ended as: 1st 87B Thomas Stanaway 124, 2nd 2NZ Jason Long 104, 3rd 46B Quinn Ryan 75.
Feature Points ended as: 1st 87B Thomas Stanaway 40, 2nd 46B Quinn Ryan 28, 3rd 2NZ Jason Long 26.
A good season overall, with Jason Long winning 2NZ for the second time.
The 2021/22 season is looking promising, with some new drivers and new cars expected to swell the Superstock ranks. Enjoy the winter rebuild months ahead.

Next Meeting – Seasons Grande Final


Classes Running
Stockcars – Noel Powell Memorial Trophy
Streetstocks – Best Pairs
Ministocks – HB Champs
Production Saloons – HB Champs

Pit Gate Opens at 1.00pm
Main Gates Open at 3pm
Racing Starts at 5pm

Adult $20 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $50 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)

Entry Lists:

Production Saloons – HB Champs
10v Mike Lovell
22b Denton Hodgkinson
24b Brandon Lawrence
48g Seth McKay
51b Brent Gosney
86v Jon Morrison
414b Allan Bayliss
434v Brent Hackett
716b Lewi Claypole
727b Damian Stokes
979b William Bayliss

Streetstocks Best Pairs
7B Daniel Rogers
9B Phillip Mcnamara
14B Peter Morrison
23B Nigel Potter
23P Troy Davis
26B Mark Knott
44B Phil Glynn
46B Brent Reddington
52W Dillion Paramore
56B Glen Shepherd
59B Wallace True
64B Dontage 
65B Dave Brand
66B Paul Dixon
67B Stu Smith
72B Darren Melling
87B David Adams
95B Tim Towler

8B Thomas rumble faram
11B Brayden Munro
19B Caleb Ireland
33B Shane Annan
41B Cameron Swift
52B Nick Holland
56B Cameron Taylor
65B Royden Hynd
68B Ben Darroch
74B Tony Palmer
78B Gibson Tout
87B Callum Shotter
92W Kayla Nixon
98B Richard Prince
99B Simon Duxfield
115B Grant Hollyman
305B Eli Severinson
306B Noah Severinson
441B Harry prince
471B Micheal Patey
898V Sandy Fleet

4B Zach Hatton
5B Kara Flynn
9B Erin McCann
11B Liam Danielsen
14B Rynan Dittmer
16B Jessica Morris
18B Jeremy Browne
19B Olivia Rose Tester
22B Lachlan Timmins
29B Jacob Martin
48B Riley McLachlan
55B Asha Penn
61B Henry Steel
62B Charlee Barr
66B Cullen Smith
67B Neeve Kate Smith
76B Korbyn Morris
77B Macy Penn
78B Blake Barraclough
81B Keegan Bunce
86B Bradley Singer
87B Kennedy Browne
88B Memphis Trengrove
94B Cameron Houston
95B Monique Houston
98B Deegan Butcher
201B Amaedia Byford
96G Kyle Seabrook

2NZ Jason Long
8B Clayton Hagen
9B Adam Groome
11B Mathew Titter
13B Daniel Parsons
18B Shane McGrail
23B Puneet Gill
24B James Tollison
29B Matt Demanser
52B Domonique O’Brien
81B Sam Bartholomew
86B Regan O’Brien
87B Thomas Stanaway
88B Morgan Peach

606B Rhys Wheatley

Parking Plan:

Results – Autumn Nationals


28S Blair Uhlenberg 

2nd 89W Dale Robertson
3rd 87B Thomas Stanaway
4th 2NZ Jason Jong
5th 46B Quinn Ryan




Race Report by Barry
32 cars entered the BJ’s Bakery Superstocks Autumn Nationals and 31 cars checked in for racing. The night was cold but the racing was hot and fast, with a great track surface, and no bumps.
In the qualifying heats, Group 1 had 16 starters, with two fast heat races seeing drivers racing for placings and points. The five qualifiers for the Shootout, from Race 1 were 46B Quinn Ryan, 29 points, 89W Dale Robertson 28, 47B Zach Glenny 27, 62P Adam Joblin 26, 11B Mathew Titter 26.
Group 2 had 15 starters, with their two heats also producing fast low contact racing, with qualifying also in their sights. The five qualifiers in this Group were 2NZ Jason Long 31 points, 87B Thomas Stanaway 28, 72P Simon Joblin 25, 85S Brad Uhlenberg 23, 9B Adam Groome 20.
Next up was the 10 car Shootout over two laps, which produced a different style of racing.
This was mainly cat and mouse hedging until one car either spun or blocked the other, with one then flying and the other chasing.
The varying contact resulted in Adam Groome being rolled at the start line by 85S Brad Uhlenberg, and 72P Simon Joblin and 46B Quinn Ryan receiving punctured front tyres.
After the Shootout, 62P Adam Joblin had started 6th and gained one place. 89W Dale Robertson gained two places after starting 4th and finishing 2nd. The last runoff against top points scorer 2NZ Jason Long resulted in a win to Long after another crafty hedging, and run to the line.
The first 10 grid spots were then decided, with the rest determined by points won during their two qualifying races.  26 cars plus 3 Consolation (only) cars faced the Starter for the Finals 20 lap race. 2NZ Jason Long had pole and took off, with 89W Dale Robertson off grid 2, 46B Quinn Ryan off grid 3 and 87B Thomas Stanaway off grid 4 all in hot pursuit. The flying Long lead for most of the race until encountering a blocking 94P William Humphries, who slowed Long and Ryan enough to allow 89W Dale Robertson to slip through. However, in the second to last lap one charger appeared in the form of 28S Blair Uhlenberg who shot through to claim the win. Uhlenberg had started off grid 11. Fastest lap in the Finals race was posted by 89W Dale Robertson at 17.4305 seconds on lap 8.
A great night’s racing and entertaining to watch – hot and fast with some dust to contend with. Thanks to all the visitors who travelled to make this a memorable event. Also thanks to James and BJ’s Bakery who sponsored this event with a generous amount of money and support.
Our last meeting of the season is next Saturday 8th May, where Superstocks will be racing for Club points and honours.

2021 East Coast Streetstock Champion –

 72B Darren Melling

2nd 46B Brent Redington
3rd 7B Shane Malcolm



Heat One
1st 72B Darren Melling 2nd 65B David Brand 3rd 46B Brent Redington 4th 7B Shane Malcolm 5th 95B Tim Towler 6th 87B David Adams
Heat Two
1st 7B 2nd 72B 3rd 95B 4th 23B Nigel Potter 5th 46B 6th 87B 
Heat Three
1st 46B 2nd 87B 3rd 65B 4th 7B 5th 72B 6th 95B

1st 85B Willy Stevenson & 74B Tony Palmer
2nd 9B Stacey Smith & 14B Jemma Palmer
3rd 41B Cameron Swift & 6B Darren Clark


Heat One
1st 16B Brett Loveridge 2nd 115b Grant Hollyman 3rd 85B Willy Stevenson 4th 41B Cameron Swift 5th 65B Roydon Hynd 6th 21B Josh Swannell
Heat Two
1st 41B 2nd 56B Cameron Taylor 3rd 85B 4th 305B Noah Severinsen 5th 17B Brandon Munro
6th 9B Stacey Smith 
Heat Three
1st 56B 2nd 85B 3rd 41B 4th 9B 5th 91B Zayne Pullen 6th 14B Jemma Palmer

Ministock Best Pairs
Seniors Pairs
1st 61B Henry Steel & 7W Thomas Davis
2nd 18B Jeremy Browne & 98B Deegan Butcher
3rd 94B Cameron Houston & 78B Blake Barraclough

Junior Pairs
1st 95B Monique Houston & 88B Memphis Trengrove
2nd 87B Kennedy Browne & 29B Jacob Martin
3rd 201B Amaedia Byford & 67B Neeve Smith
Full Results to follow……