Easter Weekend – Results

Easter Friday/Saturday Results

Race One – North Island TQ’s Group AvB
1st 97A Ben Morrison
2nd 4A Troy Pennington
3rd 1NZ Jeremy Webb
4th 51A Bryce Penningotn
5th 21A Dayna Lawry
6th 3NZ Ryan Barry
7th 32A Saul Smith
8th 32B Kris Gilles
9th 91B Scott McIntosh
10th 36A Cole Morrison
11th 6B Duane Todd
12th 35K Brad Hewson
13th 74G Ryan MacGregor
14th 18A Shaune Cooke
15th 25A Kate Groshinski
16th 14A Jakob LeCren
17th 46A Aaron Humble
18th 7G John Taylor

Race Two – North Island TQ’s Group AvC
1st 67A Kaleb Currie

2nd 6B Duane Todd
3rd 36A Cole Morrison
4th 14A Jakob Le Cren
5th 71B Sam Barry
6th 32B Kris Gillies
7th 66B Tony Meechan
8th 32A Saul Smith
9th 14B Chris Wiffin
10th 51A Bryce Pennington
11th 91B Scott McIntosh
12th 56K Regan Tyler
13th 35K Brad Hewson
14th 7G John Taylor
15th 10B Jordan Russ
16th 25B Josh Moffitt

Race Three – North Island TQ’s Group BvC
1st 46A Aaron Humble
2nd 1NZ Jeremy Webb
3rd 97A Ben Morrision
4th 18A Shaun Cooke
5th 74G Ryan MacGregor
6th 14B Chris Wiffin
7th 66B Tony Meechan
8th 56K Reagan Tyler
9th 71B Sam Barry
10th 67A Kaleb Currie
11th 25A Kate Groshinski
12th 21A Dayna Lawry
13th 4A Troy Pennington

TQ Semi Final
1st 56K Reagan Tyler
2nd 3NZ Ryan Barry
3rd 14A Jakob Le Cren
4th 35K Brad Hewson
5th 25A Kate Groshinski
6th 91B Scott McIntoch

North Island TQ Final Championship Race
1st 6B Duane Todd
2nd 36A Cole Morrison
3rd 1NZ Jeremy Webb
4th 3NZ Ryan Barry
5th 67A Kaleb Currie
6th 71B Sam Barry
7th 51A Bryce Pennington
8th 14A Jakob Le Cren
9th 46A Aaron Humble
10th 18A Shaun Cooke
11th 32B Kris Gillies
12th 74G Ryan MacGregor
13th 32A Saul Smith
14th 66B Tony Meechan
15th 14B Chris Wiffin
16th 21A Dayna Lawry
17th 97A Ben Morrison
18th 35K Brad Hewson
19th 56K Reagan Tyler
20th 4A Troy Pennington

North Island TQ Champion 2021 !







Peter Barry Teams – Qualifying Results
Gisborne Gladiators v Meeanee Maulers

1st 54G Nigel Hazelton
2nd 5B Regan Penn
3rd 63B Hayden Hart
4th 43G Quentin Hammond
5th 16B Brett Loveridge

Gisborne Gladiators 120pts – Meeanee Maulers 75pts

Wellington Young Guns v Wanganui Vulcans
1st 4W Keegan Levien
2nd 33V Trazarn Ryland-Annabell
3rd 96W Brad McKee
4th 212V Blair Reeves-Smith
5th 46W Ethan Levien

Wellington Young Guns 135pts – Wanganui Vulcans 60pts

Stratford Stormers v Auckland Alleycats
1st 267S Karlin Painter-Dudley
2nd 3NZA Gary Lonergan
3rd 208A Blake Brooks
4th 17S Kurt Vickery
5th 98S Corey Sutton

Stratford Stormers 130pts – Auckland Alley Cats 65pts

Waikato Raiders v Palmerston Pumas
1st 667P Hamish McLeod
2nd 8H Larry Henderson
3rd 669P Brendon Tye
4th 361/h Clinton Cheetham
5th 172P Daniel Burmeister

Waikato Raiders 60pts – Palmerston Pumas 135pts

Orange Roughies v Gisborne Gladiators
1st 54G Nigel Hazelton
2nd 67G Jason Lovell
3rd 261 Ethan Anderson
4th 83G Dana Kingsbeer
5th 84G Mike McLachlan

Orange Roughies 25pts – Gisborne Gladiators 170pts

Meeanee Maulers v Wellington Young Guns
1st 5B Regan Penn
2nd 41B Cameron Swift
3rd 47W Anthony Hocking
4th 63B Hayden Hart
5th 4W Keegan Leien

Meeanee Maulers 160pts – Wellington Young Guns 35pts

Wanganui Vulcans v Stratford Stormers
1st 16V Cody Alabaster
2nd 6V Dion Mooney
3rd 617S Mason Woods
4th 98S Corey Sutton
5th 33V Transzarn Ryland-Annabell

Wanganui Vulcans 150pts – Stratford Stormers 45pts

Auckland Alley Cats v Waikato Raiders
1st 3NZA Gary Lonergan
2nd 8H Larry Henderson
3rd 208A Blake Brooks
4th 88H Justin Hutchby
5th 4A Brad Simpson

Auckland Alley Cats 135pts – Waikato Raiders 60pts

Sunday Nights Finals – 
Race for 5th & 6th 
Auckland Ally Cats v Stratford Stormers

Top Four
1st Palmerston Pumas 310pts
2nd Gisborne Gladiators 290pts
3rd Meeanee Maulers 235pts
4th Wanganui Vulcans 210pts

Semi Final One – Pumas v Vulcans
Semi Final Two – Gladiators v Maulers


 Streetstock Tri-Series Round 2

Heat One
1st 858R Shane Bracken
2nd 433 Matt Peterson
3rd 9B Phillip McNamara
4th 46B Brent Redington
5th 27C Paul Leslie
6th 72B Darren Melling

Heat Two
1st 1NZ Darrell Richards
2nd 59R Alan King
3rd 75G Shaun Kingi
4th 59D Benji Smaill
5th 46B Brent Redington
6th 7B Al Howatson

Heat Three
1st 10G Brenden Gooch
2nd 6G Cody Gooch
3rd 33I Steve Dryden
4th 433 Matt Peterson
5th 72B Darren Melling
6th 59D Benji Smaill

Sunday 4th April


 MEEANEE MAULERS 2021 Peter Barry Stockcar Team Champions!

2nd Wanganui Vulcans
3rd Gisborne Gladiators
4th Palmerston Pumas
5th Auckland Alley Cats
6th Stratford Stormers



1st 36A Cole Morrison
2nd 3NZ Ryan Barry
3rd 56K Regan Tyler

1st 7B Shane Laking
2nd 27P Josh Smith
3rd 242P Ashleigh Halcrow





1st 2NZ Jason Long
2nd 7H Shay Hambling
3rd 85S Brad Uhlenberg




Superstock Report by Barry
12 locals and 5 visitors checked in for a good night’s racing for the East Coast Champs.
Race 1 was the first race on the programme, but the wet track surface was not to everyone’s liking, with cars spinning out on the corners.
2NZ Jason Long started off pole and managed to hold the lead from start to finish, and recorded the fastest lap on lap 12 at 18.5142 seconds.
Second home after a great drive off grid 11 was the tri-rail 72a of Cody McKee, with 722P David Lowe in third after another great drive from grid 14. No hitting in this one with drivers fully occupied keeping their cars under control with the slippery conditions.
Race 2 and the track had dried out, with 2NZ Jason Long again the winner after starting off grid 10 and powering his way through the field.  27A Cody McKee had a good start off grid 3 until caught by Long where they battled for several laps, swapping the lead until Long spun McKee out on the Hastings corner, costing McKee any chance of a high placed finish – he finished 8th.
Second was veteran driver 95P Clive Elliott, who started off pole and drove a steady race to the finish. Third place was taken by the flying 22B of Zach Lawrence in the six cylinder Falcon  Lawrence was fresh back from his Friday night’s victorious Takapau Terrors Derby Teams race night in Palmerston North. He started off Grid 13 and was really flying. Fastest lap in this race was posted by “Mr Under the Radar” Shay Hambling with a time of 17.9496 seconds on lap 5.  He started off grid 14.
The third race was action aplenty, with some of the locals determined that this title would not be won by a visitor this time around.  24B James Tollison took off from pole to lead for several laps until he encountered 85S Brad Uhlenberg, who tried to impede Tollison, but the two tangled and Uhlenberg rode up and nearly rolled himself.  The contact damaged Tollison’s car and he was forced to retire.  47B Zach Glenny took 72A Cody McKee to the wall on the first corner costing McKee valuable time.  McKee was running third after the first two races.
Another incident involved 29B Matt Demanser who exited the Hastings bend to drift wide and ride over 722P David Lowe’s front wheel causing the 29B car to roll spectacularly in front of Lowe. Winner of the race was 7h Shay Hambling who started off grid 8 and just kept going at a good steady pace and kept out of trouble.  Second was 722P David Lowe after his Demanser fright, and third was the consistent 2NZ of Jason Long, who benefited from his Clubmates blocking tactics against the visitors.  Fastest lap in this race was recorded by the screaming 22B Zach Lawrence at 18.0859 on lap 5.
The Overall winner was 2NZ Jason Long with 49 points, 2nd 7H Shay Hambling 42, 3rd 85S Brad Uhlenberg 39, 4th= 22B Zach Lawrence 37, 4th= 95P Clive Elliott 37, 6th 722P David Lowe 35, 7th 98B Quintin Butcher 32, 8th 72A Cody McKee 26, 9th 9B Adam Groome 23, 10th 47B Zach Glenny 17.

Thanks to our five visitors who all helped make this local title event an enjoyable experience.  A good night from Superstocks.
Our next big one is the Autumn Nationals set for Saturday 17th April.



TQ’S 20 Lapper
1st 56K Regan Tyler
2nd 67A Kaleb Currie
3rd 4A Troy Pennington
4th 32B Kris Gilles
5th 71B Sam Barry