Results – North Island Super Saloon Champs



2NZ Chris Cowling

2nd 5B Steve Flynn
3rd 92M Scott Hayward
4th 18M Sam Waddell
5th 6M Garry Edwards



East Coast Side Cars
1st 19V John Hannan / Rob Miller
2nd 27B Craig Boaler / Ann Plummer
3rd 26B Justin Lincoln / George Olsen

Tony MacIntosh Memorial Trophy – 87B Thomas Stanaway
Pam Gibson Memorial Trophy – 46B Brent Redington

Full Results to follow……

North Island Super Saloons
Qualifying Heats
One – 1st 2NZ Chris Cowling, 2nd 18M Sam Waddell, 3rd 94M Caitlin Hayward, 4th 63A Nigel Mount, 5th 8S Craig Korff, 6th 95B Grahame Strong,
7th 6M Garry Edwards, 8th 5B Steve Flynn, 9th 23P Mick Quin, 10th 72B Darren Melling, 11th 24A Ben Harding
Two – 1st 23P, 2nd 95B, 3rd 24P Martin Halcrow, 4th 27S Joe Ingram, 5th 8S, 6th 92M Scott Hayward, 7th 2NZ, 8th 48A Wade Jennings, 9th 94M
10th 53M Mark Hutchins, 11th 6B Grant Flynn
Three – 1st 5B, 2nd 6M, 3rd 53M, 4th 92M, 5th 24A, 6th 6B, 7th 48A, 8th 27S, 9th 18M, 10th 72B, 11th 63A, 12th 24P

Championship Final
1st 2NZ Chris Cowling
2nd 5B Steve Flynn
3rd 92M Scott Hayward
4th 19M Sam Waddell
5th 6M Garry Edwards
6th 27S Joe Ingram
7th 23P Mick Quin
8th 6B Grant Flynn
9th 94M Caitlin Hayward
10th 24P Martin Halcrow
11th 63A Nigel Mount
12th 72B Darren Melling
13th 95B Grahame Strong
14th 48A Wade Jennings
15th 53M Mark Hutchins
16th 24A Ben Harding
17th 8S Craig Korff

Race One – 1st 46B Brent Redington, 2nd 65B David Brand, 3rd 56B Glen Sheppard, 4th 23P Troy Davis, 5th 23B Nigel Potter, 6th 9W Aaron Wilson
Race Two – 1st 46B, 2nd 23P, 3rd 23B, 4th 5B Richard Houston, 5th 14B Peter Morrison, 6th 56B
Feature – 1st 65B, 2nd 87B David Adams, 3rd 56B, 4th 52W Dillan Pirimona, 5th 46B, 6th 23B

Race One – 1st 9B Stacey Smith, 2nd 12B Kane Graham, 3rd 16B Brett Loveridge, 4th 99B Simon Duxford, 5th 6B Darren Clark, 6th 15B Mike Smith
Race Two – 1st 19B Caleb Ireland, 2nd 33B Shayne Annan, 3rd 21B Josh Swannell, 4th 115B Grant Hollyman, 5th 15B, 6th 14B Jemma Palmer
Feature – 1st 68B Ben Darroch, 2nd 115B, 3rd 14B, 4th 87B Anthony Adams, 5th 21B, 6th 74B Tony Palmer

Race One – 1st 11B Matthew Titter, 2nd 24B James Tollison, 3rd 9B Adam Groome, 4th 87B Thomas Stanaway, 5th 88B Morgan Peach, 6th 29B Matt Demanser
Race Two – 1st 2NZ Jason Long, 2nd 87B, 3rd 11B, 4th 24B, 5th 88B, 6th 9B
Feature – 1st 88B, 2nd 87B, 3rd 29B, 4th 9B, 5th 11B, 6th 98B Quintin Butcher

Race Report by Barry
Superstock numbers were down from previous race meetings, with no visitors this time, and 10 locals fronting for the Tony McIntosh Memorial trophy, run over three races. The greasy track conditions resulted in slower speeds with some drivers finding car setups not suitable.  One in particular was 2NZ Jason Long, who admitted to having wrong sepups, though that did not stop him winning race 2 after starting off Grid 6. Winner of this event was 87B Thomas Stanaway, fresh back from winning Battle of the Stocks at Woodford Glen along with Pairs Partner 557C Darrel Wallace. Stanaway also won this trophy last season.  He won this time with 25 points, just beating 11B Mathew Titter, on 24 points. Titter last raced at Meeanee on 7th November, with work commitments and motor problems forcing his rest away from racing.  However, last night proved that his motor issues appear to have been sorted, with a good win in the first race, 3rd in the second race and 5th in the Feature.  The first night for a long time where he has managed to finish all three races. Stanaway scored with 4th, 2nd and 2nd.  He now leads the Club points on 80, with second placed 46B Quinn Ryan on 61. Hard luck driver of the night was 52B Domonique O’Brien, racing Dad Regan’s superstock for the first time, only to suffer a broken driveshaft half way through race 1, and forcing retirement for the night.  A quiet night for the Bay cars, but no major damage to fix before their next race meeting at Easter, competing for the East Coast Champs on Good Friday.