HB Streetsocks – Results

CONGRATULATIONS  2021 Hawkes Bay Streetstock Champion 858R Shane Bracken

2nd 7B Al Howatson
3rd 95B Tim Towler




Heat One
1st 858R Shane Bracken, 2nd 7B Al Howston, 3rd 95B Tim Towler, 4th 46B Brent Redington, 5th 9W Aaron Wilton, 6th 67B Stu Smith
Heat Two
1st 95B, 2nd 858R, 3rd 9B Phillip McNamara, 4th 7B, 5th 46B, 6th 9W
Heat Three
1st 858R, 2nd 9W, 3rd 7B, 4th 23B Nigel Potter, 5th 95B, 6th 87B David Adams

Race One
Race Two
1st 91B Zayne Pullen, 2nd 5B Regan Penn, 3rd 78B Gibson Tout, 4th 9B Stacey Smith, 5th 115B Grant Hollyman, 6th 14B Tony Palmer
Race Three
1st 78B, 2nd 115B, 3rd 5B, 4th 14B, 5th 6B Darren Clark

Race One
1st 11B Liam Danielsen, 2nd 21B Tom Steel, 3rd 99B Jacob Buckrell, 4th 72B Bailey Smith, 5th 81B Keegan Bunce, 6th 4B Zach Hatton
Race Two
1st 72B, 2nd 55B Asha Penn, 3rd 5B Kara Flynn, 4th 99B, 5th 11B, 6th 81B
Race Three
1st 72B, 2nd 4B, 3rd 11B, 4th 5B, 5th 94B Cameron Houston, 6th 81B

Saloons/Super Saloons
Race One
1st 27P Josh Smith, 2nd 92B Kevin Martin, 3rd 29B Steven Martin, 4th 6B Jakob Flynn, 5th 5B Steve Flynn, 6th 7B Shane Laking
Race Two
1st 92B, 2nd 27P, 3rd 29B, 4th 57P Ben Honore, 5th 14B George Hildred, 6th 33B Chace Rodda
Race Three
1st 27P, 2nd 92B, 3rd 29B, 4th 6B, 5th 33B, 6th 7B

Race One
1st 88B Morgan Peach, 2nd 98B Quintin Butcher, 3rd 26P Nic Davey, 4th 47B Zach Glenny, 5th 8B Clayton Hagen, 6th 24B James Tollison
Race Two
1st 98B, 2nd 47B, 3rd 8B, 4th 59P Stephen Penn, 5th 24B, 6th 36P Jake Baker
Race Three
1st 26P, 2nd 8B, 3rd 36P, 4th 24B, 5th 59P, 6th 9B Mike Groome

Race Report by Barry
Superstocks were short on numbers due to recent away events, namely NZ Superstock Champs and World 240’s, both held this year at Rotorua.  These events took their toll on cars and drivers, with some cars damaged and repaired, plus a number of Hawkeyes saving their cars and getting ready for next weekend’s Palmerston North Teams Champs. However, 9 locals and 3 visitors turned up to race, including three Hawkeyes, 52B Kairyn O’Brien (reserve Team driver), 84B Mike McLachlan and 98B Quintin Butcher.
Track conditions improved during the meeting and fast racing ensued.
In race 1, 88B Morgan Peach had a dream run in his newly acquired car to take out the win from Butcher and 26P Nic Davey.  Peach started from grid 4, Butcher from grid 6 and Davey from grid 2.
In race 2, Peach started from pole and took off in the lead, but 52B Kairyn O’Brien off grid 2 chased and spun Peach out of contention when he could not fire up his engine. The race was stopped to rescue Peach, and he was out of the race.  In the meantime, 98B Quintin Butcher shot through to take the lead and the win, and also recorded a fast 17.5511 second lap time on the last lap.  47B Zach Glenny came from grid 7 to finish a credible 3rd place – a good result for Glenny after receiving massive damage to his car last weekend in Rotorua, and resulting in some late nights replacing bent steelwork.  A credit to his crew for their dedication.  He also had a good result in race1 with 4th place.
Race 3 was another fast race, with visitor 26P Nic Davey flying in his Rees built car taking the win from grid 4 and recording fastest lap of 18.1486 seconds on lap 10.  Second place went to 8B Clayton Hagen off pole and having a better night after receiving setup advice from the previous car owner Scott Hewson.  Hagen also raced at Rotorua the previous night, Friday. Third place went to 36P Jake Baker (off grid 8 all night) who came to Meeanee to run in his new engine – it should be well run in now.  After a 3 year layoff, 24B James Tollison knocked the cobwebs off his car with improving results of 6th, 5th and 4th placings.

Thanks to our three visitors for helping fill our Superstock ranks: 26P Nic Davey, 36P Jake Baker and 59P Stephen Penn – visitors are always welcome to race at Meeanee..
And, wishing the HB Hawkeyes and crews the very best of luck next weekend at the PN Teams Champs; 46B Quinn Ryan, 52B Kairyn O’Brien, 66B Randal Tarrant, 84B Mike McLachlan, 98B Quintin Butcher & 166B Hayden Hart.

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