Kuru Cup – Results

CONGRATULATIONS 16B Brett Loveridge taking out the KURU Cup for Stockcars 

2nd 8B Thomas Rumble-Faram
3rd 24B Daniel Melling



Heat Results
Race One
1st 41B Cameron Swift, 2nd 16B Brett Loveridge, 3rd 14B Jemma Palmer, 4th 87B Callum Shotter, 5th 4B Courtney Hatton, 6th 65B Royden Hynd
Race Two
1st 16B, 2nd 8B Thomas Rumble-Faram, 3rd 93B Joshua Trott, 4th 68B Ben Darroch, 5th 33B Shane Annan, 6th 58B Brett Lawson
Race Three
1st 93B, 2nd 85B Willy Stevenson, 3rd 24B Daniel Melling, 4th 8B, 5th 81B Darren Yaxley, 6th 91B Zayne Pullen




2nd 58P Peter Benston
3rd 72P Simon Joblin
4th 351R Paul Vazey
5th 97R Pat Westbury




Heat Results
Race One
1st 25S Wayne Moss, 2nd 58P Peter Benston, 3rd 282S Phil Ogle, 4th 19M Kerry Remant, 5th 3NZ Scott Joblin, 6th 351 Paul Vazey
Race Two
1st 7H Say Hambling, 2nd 3NZ, 3rd 19M, 4th 351, 5th 72P Simon Joblin, 6th 52B Regan O’Brien
Race Three
1st 58P, 2nd 97R Pat Westbury, 3rd 72P, 4th 56P Kerry Podjursky, 5th 19M, 6th 351



Report by Barry

The second Superstocks Masters event attracted 24 entries from drivers aged from 40 years to 71 years, and they all showed an abundance of skills with fast controlled racing.
Only two local boys qualified for this one, 52B Regan O’Brien and 84B Mike McLachlan, and both matched the pace of the 22 visitors.
Happily, the electronic timing system was working fine again, but unfortunately the rain from Tuesday created problems with the track surface breaking up, all caused by the power and weight of the Superstocks rounding the turns.
However, this did not deter some fast and close racing from the drivers who drew grids for race 1 based on youngest off the front and oldest off the rear.  3NZ Scott Joblin was off pole and 95P Clive Elliott off grid 24, with 52B Regan O’Brien and 84B Mike McLachlin off grids 3 and 4.
25S Wayne Moss won race 1 after starting off grid 10, followed by 58P Peter Bengston off grid 11 for second and 282S Phill Ogle off grid 9 for third.
Race 2 saw the front row starters take off doing hot laps,, with 7H Shay Hambling winning from grid 2, 3NZ Scott Joblin was second from grid 13, and 19M Kerry Remnant was third from pole.  Flyer 72P Simon Joblin finished 5th from grid 17.
Points after heat 2 had 3NZ Scott Joblin and 19M Kerry Remnant on 43, with 7H Shay Hambling, 282S Phil Ogle and 351R Paul Vasey all on 40, so the race for the title was all on for heat 3.
Heat 3 started with 95P Clive Elliott missing from pole, giving 97P Pat Westbury off grid 3 a flying  start, and 58P Peter Bengston starting off grid 4 chasing hard to take the lead and the win. Second was Westbury, and 72P Simon Joblin home third after a classy drive from grid 16, and fastest lap of 17.90 seconds on lap 15.
Points were tallied and there were three two car ties – Rennant and Bengston on 63 points for 1st and 2nd, Simon Joblin and 351R Paul Vasey on 59 points for 3rd and 4th, plus Westbury and Ogle on 58 points for 5th and 6th.
The runoff for 1st and 2nd saw Bengston start fast with Remnant chasing hard, catching and spinning Bengston twice over the first two laps. Bengston then slowed to block, with Remnant reluctant to pass. Bengston had the brakes on and Remnant pushed until he decided the time was right to pass, which he executed brilliantly, backing off and gunning it, with Bengston trying to stop the now flying 19M car to the flag,.
The second runoff saw Simon Joblin start from pole from Vasey off the wall side.  Joblin had a power start and took off, with Vasey trying hard to chase until he slowed on lap 4 to block. Joblin slowed and timed his run perfectly to power past Vasey on the town straight. Vasey had a last corner lunge at Joblin, but missed contact and became airborne briefly after hitting the ruts.
Fifth and sixth places were decided by a coin toss, with Westbury winning that one.
Final placings were: 1st  – 19M Kerry Remnant 63 points, 2nd – 58P Peter Bengston 63, 3rd – 72P Simon Joblin 59, 4th – 351R Paul Vasey 59, 5th – 97R Pat Westbury 58, 6th – 282S Phil Ogle 58, 7th – 7H Shay Hambling 54, 8th – 3NZ Scott Joblin 52, 9th – 56P Kerry Podjursky 49, 10th – 52B Regan O’Brien 48, 11th – 116S Steve Haise  45, 12th – 66R Steve Hampton 41.
Thanks to Jake Baker for once again organising this annual event and to our 22 visitors for attending – all invitees by Jake.
Congratulations to Kerry Remnant, Peter Bengston (also last year’s winner) and Simon Joblin on your podiums.  A great display from our older drivers who still have the goods.


Results –
Saloons/Super Saloons
Race One
1st 29B Steven Martin, 2nd 27P Josh Smith, 3rd 242P Ashleigh Halcrow, 4th 5B Steve Flynn, 5th 61P Martin Halcrow
Race Two
1st 92B Kevin Martin, 2nd 29B, 3rd 6B Jakob Flynn, 4th 27P, 5th 33B Chace Rodda, 6th 5B
Race three
1st 5B , 2nd 27P, 3rd 6B, 4th 29B, 5th 57P Kelvin Honore, 6th 124P Danielle Halcrow

Race One
1st 17G Dylan McGregor, 2nd 14B Chris Wiffin, 3rd 74G Ryan McGregor, 4th 6B Duane Todd, 5th 32B Kris Gilles, 6th 66B Tony Meechan
Race Two
1st 6B, 2nd 17G, 3rd 66B, 4th 74G, 5th 47B David Wilson, 6th 32B
Race three
1st 17G, 2nd 6B, 3rd 66B, 4th 74G, 5th 32B, 6th 14B

A smaller field this week with 12 cars but as normal they all put on good fast racing on what was a very challenging track surface. The feature being taken out by the 17G Dylan MacGregor showing he has a good handle on his new car. The “dick of the nite” would have to go to 66B Tony Meechan with his steering wheel coming off causing him to do a little “tomy tippy”

Race One
1st 72B Bailey Smith, 2nd 13S Cody Ogle, 3rd 5B Kara Flynn, 4th 61B Henry Steel, 5th 86B Bradley Singer, 6th 94B Cameron Houston
Race Two
1st 72B, 2nd 81B Keegan Bunce, 3rd 86B, 4th 61B, 5th 13S, 6th 5B
Race three
1st 72B, 2nd 81B, 3rd 98B Deegan Butcher, 4th 78B Blake Barraclough, 5th 99B Jacob Buckrell, 6th 46S Regan Ogle

Some Good racing by these guys, on an extremely challenging track surface, with a smaller field this week we were able to run a Chixieland Chicken Feature Race, Sponsored by Bruce the “Chicken Man” Well Done to 72B Bailey Smith taking home his “Chicken Dinner”


Side Cars
Race One – Heat One
1st 97P, 2nd 6A, 3rd 99G
Race Two – Heat Two
1st 27B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 56G, 4th 33A

NEXT MEETING – SATURDAY 12th December 7PM Start – SANTA’S Coming…..


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