HB Stockcar Champs – Results

Congratulation to Back to Back Hawkes Bay Stockcar Champion – 16B Brett Loveridge
2nd 267S Karlin Painter-Dudley
3rd 115B Grant Hollyman
4th 65B Roydon Hynd
5th= 52B Domonique O’Brien / 68B Ben Darroch




Heat Results:
Race One
1st 41B Cameron Swift, 2nd 78B Gibson Tout, 3rd 267S Karlin Painter-Dudley,4th 16B Brett Loveridge, 5th 5B Regan Penn,6th 115B Grant Hollyman
Race Two
1st 67G Jason Lovell, 2nd16, 3rd 42B Lauren Swift, 4th 7W James Martin, 5th 717B Shane Malcolm, 6th 85B Willy Stevenson
Race Three
1st 16B, 2nd 267S,3rd 42B, 4th 65B, 5th 41B, 6th 4B Courtney Hatton
Race Four
1st 23B Shayne Melling, 2nd 4B,3rd 115B,4th 52B,5th 65B, 6th 9B Stacey Smith


Race One
1st 61B Henry Steel, 2nd 72B Bailey Smith, 3rd 11B Liam Danielsen, 4th 55B Asha Penn, 5th 5B Kara Flynn, 6th 81B Keegan Bunce
Race Two
1st 5B, 2nd 81B, 3rd 18B Jeremy Browne, 4th 55B, 5th 78B Blake Barraclough, 6th 99B Jacob Buckrell
Race Three
1st 72B, 2nd 81B, 3rd 11B, 4th 86B Bradley Singer, 5th 47W Harrison Hocking, 6th 57P Daniel Adie
Race Four
1st 78B, 2nd 5B, 3rd 99B, 4th 72B, 5th 11B, 6th 18B 




Race 1 – 1st – 87B Thomas Stanaway, 2nd – 46B Quinn Ryan, 3rd – 98B Quintin Butcher, 4th – 22B Zach Lawrence, 5th – 52B Kairyn O’Brien, 6th – 47B Zach Glenny.
Race 2 – 1st – 46B Quinn Ryan, 2nd – 47B Zach Glenny, 3rd – 98B Quintin Butcher, 4th 87B – Thomas Stanaway, 5th – 22B Zach Lawrence, 6th – 15R Paul Mabey.
Race 3 – 1st – 46B Quinn Ryan, 2nd – 47B Zach Glenny, 3rd 84B – Mike McLachlan, 4th – 87B Thomas Stanaway, 5th – 22B Zach Lawrence, 6th – 15R Paul Mabey.


Race Report by Barry
Due to a variety of reasons, Superstock numbers were down to 9 locals and one visitor, 15R Paul Mabey, but the racing was fast and entertaining.
Driver of the night was 46B Quinn Ryan, fresh back from the previous weekend’s 2019/20 North Island Champs at Auckland, where he was a title contender until blowing a right rear tyre. However, Ryan’s luck fared better last night, with two wins and one second, to add 28 Club points to his previous tally of 33 (total 61) and assume the leader’s role.
In race 1, Ryan started off Grid 10 and powered through to a good 2nd place behind 87B Thomas Stanaway who started off pole. 98B Quintin Butcher also had a good race, starting off grid 9 to finish 3rd behind the flying Ryan.
Race 2 saw Ryan again take control off grid 5 to finish 1st, with 46B Zach Glenny 2nd off grid 3 and 98B Quintin Butcher again 3rd off grid 4.
Race 3 (Feature) had Ryan off pole, and away he drove, but he encountered a minefield of blockers in the form of 52B Kairyn O’Brien and 29B Matt Demanser, who both made life difficult. Ryan survived several blocking attempts with clever power driving.  87B Thomas Stanaway was not so lucky and found the blocking tactics difficult to avoid, with his progress slowed considerably. O’Brien felt the force of Stanaway after being taken into the pit corner concrete quite hard. The eventual winner was 46B Quinn Ryan, 2nd after a good drive again was 47B Zach Glenny, with 84B Mike McLachlan driving his Tank for the first time this season, coming home 3rd. 87B Thomas Stanaway ended 4th.  The feature race was the most entertaining one for Superstock fans. Thanks to our solitary visitor 15R Paul Mabey, who travelled to test his car – our visitors are always welcome to race at Meeanee.

Race One
1st 17G Dylan MacGregor, 2nd  2NZ Ryan Barry, 3rd 71A Kaleb Currie, 4th 47B David Wilson, 5th 74G Ryan MacGregor 6th 56K Regan Tyler
Race two
1st 66B Tony Meechan, 2nd 32B Kris Gilles, 3rd 17G, 4th 71B Sam Barry,  5th 56A 6th 71A
1st 66B, 2nd 17G, 3rd 32B 4th 56K, 5th 74G 6th 71B

Great night with a field of 16 cars putting on some close fast racing going 3 races with no yellows great to see. Feature was taken out by 66B Tony Meechan after winning the start and never looking back.



Production Saloons
Race One
1st 434V Brent Hackett, 2nd 22B Denton Hodgkinson, 3rd 27B Gregg Redington 4th 32R Baelie Johnston, 5th 979B William Bayliss 6th 10V Mike Lovell
Race Two
1st 48G Seth McKay, 2nd 434V, 3rd 979B, 4th 22B, 5th 727B Damian Stokes, 6th 27B
Race Three
1st 48G, 2nd 22B, 3rd 979B, 4th 434V, 5th 51B Brent Gosney, 6th 10V

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