HB Superstock Champs & DVS Saloons

Congratulation to the New Hawkes Bay Superstock Champion 2020 – 46W Ethan Levien

2nd 46B Quinn Ryan
3rd 5W Keegan Levien


Heat Results
Race One – 1st 87B Thomas Stanaway, 2nd 46W Ethan Levien, 3rd 166B Haydon Hart, 4th 5W Keegan Levien, 5th 9B Adam Groome, 6th 46B Quinn Ryan
Race Two – 1st 87B, 2nd 46B, 3rd 46W, 4th 5W, 5th 88B Morgan Peach, 6th 52B Kairyn O’Brien
Race Three – 1st 46B, 2nd 5W, 3rd 46W, 4th 71P Shane Mellsop, 5th 52B, 6th 166B

Race Report by Barry
25 quality Superstocks arrived at Meeanee for the annual Hawkes Bay Champs on Saturday 7th Nov. – 13 locals and 12 visitors.
Racing was fast and furious in all three heats, even with the track surface cutting up. The original Lap Record time of 17.7823 set by Steve Jude on 14.02.2015, was recorded as being broken seven times during the night, with a new lap record time of 17.5146 seconds going to 87B Thomas Stanaway in Race 2. He also recorded 17.6530 in Race 1. Other cars also under Jude’s time were recorded by 46W Ethen Levien as 17.6671 in Race 1 , and 17.7461 in Race 3.  46B Quinn Ryan also recorded 17.6294 in Race 1, 17.6669 in Race 2 and 17.7323 in Race 3.  However, these Lap Times have not been confirmed as official – they were the times posted in the results on Saturday night, and are not the responsibility of the writer.
87B Thomas Stanaway looked set to repeat his last season’s championship win after winning his first two heats, but a broken rear suspension arm put paid to his quest in the third heat, where he finished in 14th place. His grids were 15, 3 and 19. 46W Ethan Levien finished in first place after a 2nd in Race 1, 3rd in Race 2, and 3rd in Race 3, after grids of 5, 17 and 16. 46B Quinn Ryan finished in second place after 6th in Race 1, 2nd in Race 2, and 1st in Race 3, after grids of 21, 9 and 7. 5W Keegan Levien finished in third place after 4th in Race 1, 4th in Race 2, and 2nd in Race 3, after grids of 19, 7 and 11. In Race 3, first time starter this season 47B Zach Glenny, was caught in the first corner squeeze to ride the concrete wall and upon landing on the track received a big rear end hit which finished his racing for the night. Final results and points are: 1st – 46W Ethan Levien 70, 2nd – 46B Quinn Ryan 69, 3rd – 5W Keegan Levien 68, 4th – 87B Thomas Stanaway 62, 5th – 52B Kairyn O’Brien 54, 6th – 71P Shane Mellsop 52, 7th – 9B Adam Groome 50, 8th – 98R Carlyn Clarke 49, 9th – 22B Zach Lawrence 45, 10th – 166B Hayden Hart 43.
Thanks to our 12 visitors for helping to make this a memorable night of fast and clean racing, and congratulations to the Levien brothers for 1st and 3rd, and Quinn Ryan for 2nd.
Wishing everyone racing at Auckland next weekend for the 2019/20 North Island Champs the best of luck – 46B Quinn Ryan and 8B Clayton have advised their intentions of travelling..

DVS Super Saloons – Feature    

1st 35a Marcus Bullen
2nd 96A Lance Jennings
3rd 7A Mike Slater


Bay Rigging Dash for Cash – Winner

35A Marcus Bullen 




Heat One
1st 95B Greame Strong, 2nd 96A Lance Jennings, 3rd 62A Kelvin Garnett, 4th 55A Rick MacKay, 5th 48A Wade Jennings, 6th  21a Steve Williams
Heat Two
1st 95B, 2nd 21A, 3rd 35A Marcus Bullen, 4th 96A, 5th 55A, 6th 7a Mike Slater
Heat Three
1st 48A, 2nd 35A, 3rd 96A, 4th 21A, 5th 7A, 6th 77K Rossco Creswell


Kevin Milne Memorial Trohpy Winners…

Production Saloons – 434V Brent Hackett

Race One
1st 464V Brent Hackett, 2nd 27B Gregg Redington, 3rd 48G Seth McKay, 4th 10V Mike Lovell, 5th 96B Tanga Walsh, 6th 27R James Cunningham
Race Two
1st 979B William Bayless, 2nd 22B Denton Hodgkinson, 3rd 51B Brent Gosney, 4th 464V, 5th 84G, 6th 27R
Race Three
1st 48G, 2nd 434V, 3rd 22B, 4th 27B, 5th 96B, 6th 51B

Ministocks – 72B Bailey Smith / 212R Terrace Dorrell

Race One
1st 72B Bailey Smith, 2nd 61B Henry Steel, 3rd 212R Terrance Dorrell, 4th 11B Liam Danielsen, 5th 55P Max Lowe, 6th 25K Jake Belk
Race Two
1st 81B Keegan Bunce, 2nd 5B Kara Flynn, 3rd 25K, 4th 61B, 5th 55B Asha Penn, 6th 18B Jeremy Browne
Race Three
1st 11B, 2nd 212R, 3rd 72B, 4th 61B, 5th 78B Blake Barrarclough, 6th 18B
Race Four
1st 212R, 2nd 72B, 3rd 55P, 4th 25K, 5th 93R Fylnn Fraser, 6th 99B Jacob Buckrell

Race One
1st 5B Regan Penn, 2nd 5W Josh Prentice, 3rd 9W Bryce Jensen, 4th 33B Kareena Annan, 5th 115B Grant Hollyman, 6th 68B Ben Darroch
Race Two
1st 5W, 2nd 3NZ Mitch Vickery, 3rd 65B Roydon Hynd, 4th 68B, 5th 96B Brendon Symes, 6th 9A Jordan Baldwin
Race Three
1st 9W, 2nd 9A, 3rd 5B, 4th 41B Cameron Swift, 5th 5W, 6th 58B Brett Lawson
Race Four
1st 5B, 2nd 68B, 3rd 85B Willy Stevenson, 4th 15B Michael Smith, 5th 65B, 6th 9A


Next Meeting – Saturday 21st November – Hawkes Bay Stockcars 7pm START