Opening Night Results

Spectacular all out track action on opening night at Meeanee Speedway!


A Hawkes Bay Top 3!
Congratulations to Round 2 Winner 41B Jason Long
2nd 166B Hayden Hart
3rd 46B Quin Ryan


Congratulations to Round 2 Winner 5B Steve Flynn
2nd 46M Matt Smith
3rd 95B Graeme Strong


Race 1
1st 46B Quin Ryan 2nd 72A Cody McKee 3rd 14R AJ Axtens 4th 41B Jason Long 5th 166B Hayden Hart 6th 8B Clayton Hagen
Race 2
1st 41B 2nd 717H Tyson Wooton 3rd 85P Justin Roberts 4th 46W Ethan Levin 5th 87B Thomas Stanaway 6th 166B
Feature Race
1st 41B 2nd 46W 3rd 166B 4th 46B 5th 717H 6th 52B Kairyn O’Brien

Race Report by Barry
25 Superstocks (13 locals and 12 visitors) turned up for Opening night, the second round of the Lucas Oils series.  The first round was run on Saturday night at Palmerston North showgrounds.
After the long winter layoff, most local and visiting drivers were ready and willing to take to the dirt one more time.  Racing was fast and furious, with many cars showing better pace than last season.
Race 1 saw an unfortunate 58P Peter Bengston being rolled on the first corner, after starting from grid 5, getting sideways and upended against the concrete fence. Damage to his rollcage rendered him out for the night.
46B Quinn Ryan started off Grid 8 and won, with 72A Cody McKee 2nd, 14R AJ Axtens 3rd and local hero 41B Jason Long 4th after starting off Grid 14.
Race 2 had Long off Grid 3 and he took off chasing 85P Justin Roberts for the lead until passing on lap 6, to lead the field home to race end, 6 laps later.  717H Tyson Wooton was 2nd, with Roberts 3rd – again a fast race.
Race 3 saw a deteriorating track surface creating problems for some trying to dodge the holes in the corners.  However, a sterling effort off Grid 17 saw fast charging 41B Jason Long take the win from 46W Ethan Levien and ex Auckland driver 166B Hayden Hart for 3rd.  Unfortunately, 8B Clayton Hagen bore the brunt of a last corner squeeze from Long to hit the concrete hard and finish his race with the finish line in sight – watch out Jason.
A tally of points after Race 3 had 41B Jason Long 1st with 72 points, 166B Hayden Hart 2nd with 64 points and 46B Quinn Ryan 3rd with 63 points.A good hitout for our first night, and a huge vote of thanks to our 12 visitors for helping make this a great start to the 2020/21 season.

Super Saloons
Race 1
1st 5B Steve Flynn 2nd 46M Matt Smith 3rd 95B Graeme Strong 4th 2NZ Grant Flynn 5th 23P Mick Quin 6th 27S Joe Ingram
Race 2
1st 27S 2nd 5B 3rd 23P 4th 33B Chace Rodda 5th 95B 6th 79S Richard Dreaver
Feature Race
1st 46M 2nd 95B 3rd 5B 4th 33B 5th 79S 6th 27S

Stockcars  –  Group One
Race 1
1st 79P Kyle Rowe 2nd 115B Grant Hollyman 3rd 42B Lauren Swift 4th 14B Jemma Palmer 5th 8H Larry Handerson 6th 52B Domonique O’Brien
Race 2
1st 52B 2nd 98B Richard Prince 3rd 77B Harry Prince 4th 88H Justin Hutchby 5th 79P 6th 96B Brendon Symes

Stockcars  –  Group Two
Race 1
1st 98M Johny Morley 2nd 11K 3rd 29G James Clarke 4th 68B Ben Darroch 5th 735R Keegan Orr 6th 74B Tony Palmer
Race 2
1st 5B Regan Penn 2nd 98M 3rd 11K 4th 38P Neil Coley 5th 69B Keith Lammas 6th 35B Ryan Whittaker

Race 1
1st 27P Josh Smith 2nd 29B Steven Martin 3rd 227B Wayne Melling 4th 92B Kevin Martin 5th 16G Sean Robertson 6th 57P Calvin Honore
Race 2
1st 27P 2nd 92B 3rd 7B Shane Laking 4th 227B 5th 57P 6th 29B
Race 3
1st 27P 2nd 39P Ashley O’Dowd 3rd 7B 4th 227B 5th 14B George Hildred 6th 57P

Race 1
1st 66B Tony Meehan 2nd 3NZ Ben Morrison 3rd 47B David Wilson 4th 14B Chris Wiffin 5th 6B Duane Todd 6th 2NZ Ryan Barry
Race 2
1st 32B Kris Gilles 2nd 17G Dylan MacGregor 3rd 6B 4th 3NZ 5th 2NZ 6th 47B
Feature Race
1st 6B 2nd 17G 3rd 32b 4th 2NZ 5th 74G Ryan MacGregor 6th 3NZ

Race Report by Nick 
Great turn out for opening night with 18 cars from all over the North Island along with a good field of local cars, a few new drivers in the field either moving into TQ’s from Ministocks or coming back in to speedway from other forms of racing. As expected it was fast but very clean racing. Meeting ran as a 2 race to determine starting grid for feature.. top points was young gun 3NZ Ben Morrison however arrived in the feature race with nothing to offer 6B DuaneTodd. Todd took out the feature hotly chased down by 74G Ryan MacGregor.

Race 1
1st 46B Brent Reddington 2nd 95B Tim Towler 3rd 72b Darren Melling 4th 65B David Brand 5th 16B Ben Yeoman 6th 2NZ Chris Shingleton
Race 2
1st 72B 2nd 2NZ 3rd 87B David Adams 4th 6G Cody Gooch 5th 65B 6th 14G Daniel O’Neil
Feature Race
1st 12K Daniel Curran 2nd 65B 3rd 16B 4th 2NZ 5th 46B 6th 23B Nigel Potter