Teams Races – Results

Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes took on the GB Lions Superstock Team in a “Friendly” Warm up Teams Race prior to the Big Teams Event in Palmerston North 7th/8th Feb at Palmerston North. The Hawkeyes came out on top with 41B Jason Long taking Victory for the Hawkeyes.

1st 41B Jason Long
2nd 446GB Joe Booth
3rd 1B Randal Tarrant
4th 166GB Bobby Griffin
5th 87B Thomas Stanaway

Meeanee Maulers Challenged the Rotorua Rascals for the REES SHIELD in race one of two Teams races Saturday night, the Maulers went out meaning business and came home with the “goods” !

1st 41B Cameron Swift
2nd 96B Brendon Symes
3rd 9R Sheldon Arapere
4th 63B Andre Stenson
5th 757 Keegan Orr

Race two and the Rascals were keen to redeem themselves, 544 Dion Henderson on his Teams Debut taking the Win for the Rascals, 99R Shannon Orr in second and 41B Cameron Swift the first Mauler home in third.

1st 544R Dion Henderson
2nd 99R Shannon Orr
3rd 41B Cameron Swift

Race 1 – 1st 95B Tim Towler 2nd 65B David Brand 3rd 59B Wally True 4th 46B Brent Redington 5th 16B Ben Yeoman 6th 68B Ben Darroch
Race 2 – 1st 95B 2nd 46B 3rd 65B 4th 16B 5th 59B 6th 68B
Race 3 – 1st 46B 2nd 95B 3rd 16B 4th 59B 5th 26B Al Howston 6th 10A Philip McNamara

Race 1 – 1st 76B Ben Milne 2nd 29B Craig McBeth 3rd 14B Jemma Palmer 4th 91B Zayne Pullen 5th 42B Lauren Swift 6th 78B Gibson Tout
Race 2 – 1st 29B 2nd 58B Jack Lawson 3rd 91B 4th 76B 5th 74B Tony Palmer 6th 88B Denis Frater
Race 3 – 1st 91B 2nd 58B 3rd 24B Daniel Melling 4th 14B 5th 29B 6th 52B Dominique O’Brien

Race 1 – 1st 66B Tony Meechan 2nd 6B Duane Todd 3rd 32B Kris Gilles 4th 7B Michael Gurnett 5th 25B Josh Moffit 6th 14B Chris Wiffin
Race 2  – 1st 6B 2nd 14B 3rd 32B 4th 74G Ryan MacGregor 5th 25B 6th 66B
Race 3 – 1st 6B 2nd 32B 3rd 66B 4th 14B 5th 74G 6th 76B Doug Morris

Race 1 – 1st 72B Bailey Smith 2nd 99B Jacob Buckrell 3rd 9B Trent McCann 4th 78B Blake Barraclough 5th 36B Dylan Tong 6th 61B Henry Steel
Race 2 – 1st 9B 2nd 61B 3rd 72B 4th 99B 5th 7B Bradley Penn 6th 271B Eythan McLachlan
Race 3 – 1st 72B 2nd 61B 3rd 9B 4th 99B 5th 78B 6th 55B Asha Penn

Race 1 – 1st 41B Jason Long 2nd 288 Jon Brown 3rd 8B Clayton Hagen 4th 95P Clive Elliot 5th 555 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr 6th 52B Regan O’Brien
Race 2 – 1st 41B 2nd 99P 3rd 166GB Bobby Griffin 4th 8B 5th 31P Wayne Talbot 6th 77P Scott Penn
Race 3 – 1st 288 2nd 41B 3rd 46B Quinn Ryan 4th 8B 5th 81B Sam Bartholmew 6th 555

Race Report by Barry
With 7 local cars/drivers including the Hawkeyes team, 5 GB Lions cars, 3 GB drivers in borrowed cars and 5 other visitors, Superstocks were in for a great night’s racing and they did not disappoint. However the attrition rate was rather high, with 20 cars starting the night and 9 starting the last and Feature race.
The Teams race between GB Lions and HB Hawkeyes saw action aplenty.
From the start, 1NZ Randal Tarrant off grid 3 took 175GB Karl Hawkins off grid 4, straight to the wall.  52B Regan O’Brien off grid 6 shot through a gap to take pole sitter 446GB Joe Booth to the wall also. Meanwhile 41B Jason Long started off grid 2 and took off to the lead, with 87B Thomas Stanaway starting from grid 7 powering through to follow Long. Regan O’Brien did a master job of blocking the GB Lions team from the start and was joined by Stanaway after his race was slowed by the blocking GB Lions cars. By midrace, Long was leading and Tarrant (1 lap down) joined in as Long’s hammer, punching the GB Lions cars away to allow Long a free run to the flag. 446B Joe Booth was the GB Lions runner and chased Long hard to the flag, the only two cars to complete 10 laps. The only finishers were 41B Jason Long 1st, 446B Joe Booth 2nd, 1NZ Randal Tarrant 3rd and 166GB Bobby Griffin 4th.  Unfortunately, Booth crossed the finish line and blew his motor, and he was done for the night. A good win to the HB Hawkeyes, in their warm-up for next weekend Teams Champs at Palmerston North.

Race 1 of the all-ins resulted in a good win to 41B Jason Long after starting off grid 3 and posting fastest lap time of the night at 17.6261 seconds. 288GB Joe Brown driving the Graeme Barr (34P) car was 2nd and improving 8B Clayton Hagen was 3rd.
Race 2 was another win for 41B Jason Long after starting off grid 11. He posted fastest lap for this race at 17.6780 seconds. Second was 95P veteran Clive Elliott and third was 166GB Bobby Griffin. 14 cars started and 10 finished.
Race 3 was down to 9 starters, with various Team cars for next week, suffering damage and withdrawing. With so many cars missing from the grids, the cars were closed up and racing commenced. 288GB Jon Brown (off grid 2) took off for the lead until hauled in and passed by 41B Jason Long, who was attempting a perfect night to win all four races. However, on the last lap he faulted on the last corner, and Brown powered through for a well deserved win. Graeme Barr was really pleased to see his car win this one, 3rd was 46B Quinn Ryan.  Fastest lap for this race went to 81B Sam Bartholomew at 17.6551 seconds.
And, a correction from my last report where I stated that Sam set a new lap record of 17.5713 seconds to beat Steve Jude’s record of 17.7823 seconds, which is what the computer printout showed.  The official lap record is still held by Steve Jude at 16.6883 seconds, set on 27/04/2013.
In conclusion, thanks to our visitors who helped make this a memorable night of racing: GB Lions team of 968GB Micky Brennan, 166GB Bobby Griffin, 446GB Joe Booth, 555GB Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr, 175GB Karl Hawkins, plus 288GB Jon Brown, 8GB Catherine Harris, 29B Anthony Riley (GB), 34P Rebecca Barr, 77P Scott Penn, 31P Wayne Talbot (Andy McCabe car), 95P Clive Elliott, & 52W Paul Fairbrother in the ex Shane Penn/Steve Jude Silver Bullet 2.

NEXT MEETING – Saturday 29th February 7pm Start


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