New Zealand Streetstocks



Congratulations go to Mike, Chris and Brendon on their NZ Podium Spots !

1NZ Mike King
2NZ Chris Shingleton 
3NZ Brendon Gooch
4th 858R Shane Bracken
5th 59D Benji Smaill


A great Weekend of racing by all classes, some saying the repercharge on Saturday night the best Streetstock race ever seen at Meeanee!  

Race results….

Streetstocks – Repercharge
1st 33R Steve Dryden 2nd 848R Richard Bracken



New Zealand Streetstocks  – Final
Heat 1 – 1st 9G Sean Gooch 2nd 58R Mike King 3rd 2NZ Brendon Gooch 4th 858R Shane Bracken 5th 1NZ Chris Shingleton 6th 72B Darren Melling
Heat 2 -1st 88G David Hampton 2nd 58R 3rd 72B 4th 1NZ 5th 433C Matt Peterson 6th 2NZ
Heat 3 – 1st 16B Ben Yeoman 2nd 858R 3rd 1NZ 4th 59D Benji Smaill 5th 58R 6th 6G Cody Gooch

Side Cars – Hawkes Bay Champs
1st 27B Craig Boaler / Ann Plummer
2nd 46P Russell Stuart / Andrew Parker
3rd 96P Mark Whye / Jacob Cooper

Heat 1 A -1st 8P 2nd 17P 3rd 26B 4th 55P   B – 1st 27B 2nd 46P 3rd 58P 4th 22G   C – 1st 96P 2nd 32P 3rd 12B 4th 71P
Heat 2 A – 1st 32P 2nd 51B 3rd 12B 4th 22G  B – 1st 96P 2nd 46P 3rd 71P  C – 27B 2nd 55P 3rd 26B 4th 58P
Heat 3 A – 1st 46P 2nd 27B 3rd 71P  B – 1st 51B 2nd 22G 3rd 12B  C 1st 26B 2nd 58P 3rd 22P

TQ’s – Gold Cup
1st 24A Harrison Martens
2nd 84C Ben Morgan
3rd 2NZ Ryan Barry

Heat 1 – 1st 84C Ben Morgan 2nd 5G Dylan MacGregor 3rd 88A Lawrence Baker 4th 66B Tony Meechan 5th 4A Troy Pennington 6th 24A Harrison Martens
Heat 2 -1st 2NZ Ryan Barry 2nd 6B Duane Todd 3rd 36A Cole Morrison 4th 15A Ryan Baker 5th 46A Aaron Humble 6th 24A
Heat 3 – 1st 24A 2nd 84C 3rd 2Nz 4th 66B 5th 4A 6th 74G Ryan MacGregor

Streetstock Classic
1st 77W Daniel Bouzaid
2nd 29C Michael Jones
3rd 99C Daniel Baldwin

Heat 1 – 1st 29C Micheal Jones 2nd 15C Ben Turner 3rd 65A Jono Lauder 4th 56B Glen Sheppard 5th 99C Daniel Baldwin 6th 77W Daniel Bouzaid
Heat 2 – 1st 65A 2nd 29C 3rd 99C 4th 77W 5th 96G Nigel Wallace 6th 26B Al Howatson
Heat 3 – 1st 77W 2nd 56B 3rd 26B 4th 99C 5th 15C 6th 86B Ross Curran

Race 1 – 1st 65R Pat Westbury 2nd 555 Dan Holland 3rd 81B Sam Bartholomew 4th 79R Lionel Hemming 5th 8B Clayton Hagen 6th 52B Regan O’Brien
Race 2 – 1st 98R Cayln Clarke 2nd 8B 3rd 85R 4th 555 5th 47B Zach Glenny 6th 81B
Feature – 1st 65R 2nd 47B 3rd 8B 4th 12R Glenn Clarke 5th 79R 6th 81B

Race Report by Barry
Superstock numbers were reduced, as a result of five top competitors having a break after their torrid previous weekend at the NZ Champs at Wanganui.  Only one of the NZ Champs entrants decided to race here, 47B Zach Glenny, who had his aspirations cut short during qualifying due to front bumper damage after hard contact with the concrete wall.  A total of six locals were joined by six visitors from Rotorua and Gisborne to have some fun.
The track conditions suited fast racing, and little contact was seen..
Driver of the night was regular visitor, 65R Pat Westbury who had two wins and one third. Second best was 8B Clayton Hagen, with a 2nd, 3rd and 5th.
But, surprise of the night was the lightning fast 81B Sam Bartholomew’s new lap record of 17.5713 seconds set on lap 10 of race 2.  This supersedes Steve Jude’s 17.7823 seconds set on 14th February 2015.  A good advertisement for Sam who currently has this car up for sale.
Race 3 and Feature, resulted in a change of fortunes for some, after the track had slickened off and with the addition of water to settle the dust, the slippery track became a handful for most.  But, the conditions did not deter the “Old Fox” 65R Pat Westbury taking the lead early on and powering through for a good win.
The 12 Superstocks put on a good show, and we thank our visitors for their support – 12R Glen Clarke, 65R Pat Westbury, 79R Lionel Hemming, 98R Calyn Clark, 711G Jyneika Peach and 555R Dan Holland.
Finally, congratulations to our new 1NZ Superstock Champion, Randal Tarrant – previously 66B.
Well done Randal, and thanks to Puneet Gill for his generosity.
Race 1 – 1st 7P shane Laking 2nd 29B Sten Martin 3rd 27B Josh Smith 4th 39P Ashley O’Dowd 5th 36M Dave Bigwood 6th 92B Kevin Martin
Race2 – 1st 27B 2nd 92B 3rd 36M 4th 7P 5th 39P 6th 29B
Feature – 1st 92B 2nd 27B 3rd 39P 4th 227 Wayne Melling 5th 18B Mark Hayman 6th 61G Josey Peat-Bennett
NEXT MEETING – SATURDAY 25th January 6pm Start – NZ Side Car Grand Prix

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