NZ Streetstock Finalists – NZ TQ Grand Prix Final Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the Top 24 (so far) making it through to the New Streetstock Finals…

Finalists from each Group

Cody Gooch
Chris Shingleton
Dave McSherry
Alan King Tristan
Ben Yeoman
Neville Soper
Ben Darroch

Matt Peterson
Brendon Gooch
Daniel Melling
Tim Towler
Stephen DeMalmanche
Philip McNamara
Benji Smaill
Daniel Curran

Brent Reddington
Shane Bracken
Mike King
Sean Gooch
Tom McSherry
David Hampton
David Brand
Paul Leslie

REPERCHARGE GRIDS – Two make it through to Tonights Finals 7pm Start

1. 87B David Adams 2. 65A Jono Lauder
3. 848R Richard Bracken 4. 93C Ivan Hill
5. 56B Glen Sheppard 6. 29C Michael Jones
7. 77W Daniel Bouzaid 8. 33R Steve Dryden
9. 4S Darryl Washer 10. 96G Nigel Wallace
11. 26B Al Howatson 12. 15C Ben Turner
13. 28C Steve Peterson 14. 99C Daniel Baldwin
15. 23B Nigel Potter 16. 14G Daniel O’Neill
17. 86B Ross Curran 18. 25W Neale Smith
19. 46C Shaun Andrew 20. 7B Thomas McEwan




1st 36A Cole Morrison
2nd 15A Ryan Baker
3rd 2NZ Ryan Barry
4th 67A Kaleb Currie
5th 4A Troy Pennington
6th 74G Ryan MacGregor

Support Classes – Race Results
Race 1 – 1st 77B Jason Penn 2nd 78B Gibson Tout 3rd 24B Daniel Melling 4th 22B Joshua Swanell 5th 76B Ben Milne 6th 16G Jordan Fleetwood
Race 2 – 1st 63B Andre Stenson 2nd 77B 3rd 24B 4th 22B 5th 76B 6th 52B Dominique O’Brien
Feature – 1st 76B 2nd 22B 3rd 77B 4th 63B 5th 24B 6th 58B Jack Lawson

Race Report by Barry
With most of the top performing cars away in Greymouth with their NZ Champs, there was still a good turnout of Stockcars – 18 locals and 3 visitors on show. Because of the near perfect (but wet) track conditions, the first two races produced fast racing with minimal contact.  77B Jason Penn produced outstanding class, winning race 1, 2nd in race 2 and 3rd in race 3.  63B Andre Stenson also showed good form with 10th in race 1 and also fastest lap time, 1st in race 2 and 4th in race 3.  76B Ben Milne also shined with 5th in race 1, 5th in race 2 along with a fastest lap of 16.8203 seconds, and 1st in race 3.  Milne’s fastest lap was close to the record set in 2015 by Shane Adams at 16.5514 seconds.
Race 3 was a different story, with action aplenty and 19B Caleb Ireland in the thick of it. 76B started off pole and took off with 22B Josh Swannell on his heels after starting off grid 3 and 77B Jason Penn chasing through after starting on grid 6. These three finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and behind them the mayhem ensued, resulting in 4 cars DNF’s.
An entertaining night from Stockcars as usual, and thanks to our visitors for travelling – 16G Jordan Fleetwood, 51R Sam Guise and 79M Matt Jarvis.

Race1 – 1st 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley 2nd 72B Bailey Smith 3rd 61B Henry Steel 4th 12B Ryan Dorward 5th 11B Liam Danielsen 6th 78B Blake Barraclough
Race 2 – 1st 12B 2nd 11B 3rd 5B Kara Fylnn 4th 18B Jeremy Browne 5th 61B Henry Steel 6th 6B Tylar Fylnn
Feature – 1st 72B 2nd 78B 3rd 7B Bradley Penn 4th 61B 5th 88B 6th 11B

Saturday Night:
NZ Streetstocks – Finals
TQ’s – Gold Cup
Side Cars – Hawkes Bay Champs

Pit Gate Opens at 2.30pm
Main Gates Open at 5pm
Racing Starts at 7pm

Adult $25 (17 years upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 years)
7 years & Under FREE
Family $60 (2 Adults & 4 Kids)

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