BK ProDirt Series – Results

18M Sam Waddell takes out Round 4 of the BK ProDirt Super Saloon Series Feature Race

1st 18M Sam Waddell
2nd 46M Matthew Smith
3rd 5B Steve Flynn
4th 92M  Scott Hayward
5th 6B Grant Flynn
6th 1NZ Steve Cowling






Race 1 – 1st 1NZ Jason Long 2nd 31P Andy McCabe 3rd 47B Zach Glenny 4th 98B Quintin Butcher 5th 8B Clayton Hagen 6th 25M Scott McEwan
Race 2 – 1st 1NZ 2nd 98B 3rd 52B Kairyn O’Brien 4th 8B 5th 31P 6th 47B
Race 3 – 1st 1NZ 2nd 47B 3rd 52B 4th 98B 5th 94B Jessie Pollock Houston 6th 8B

Race Report by Barry
Superstocks provided good fast racing over their three heats, even though the bumpy track surface was not to everyone’s liking – nine locals and five visitors fronted.The track conditions did not deter 1NZ Jason Long, who showed his class by winning all three races.  In race 1 he started on pole and took off to lead from start to finish, with 31P Andy McCabe starting off grid 2, shadowing Long all the way to finish 2nd.  3rd went to 47B Zach Glenny after starting off grid 3.
Race 2, 98B Quintin Butcher started off pole and sped off until 1NZ Jason Long hauled him in on lap 3 after starting on grid 7, to take the lead to the finish with Butcher gallantly chasing to finish a worthy 2nd place.  3rd place went to improving 52B Kairyn O’Brien, still getting to grips with the increased power from the new car – he started off grid 5.
By race 3, the track conditions were taking their toll on some cars, with 10 cars facing the starter. 47B Zach Glenny started off grid 6, but with with grids 2 and 4 empty, he had a rocket start to lead the pack out until lap 8, when the flying 1NZ caught and passed him, to finish 1st. Glenny showed great skills in a lesser powered car to Long, but held on for a well deserved 2nd place – his best showing of the season to date.  3rd place went to 52B Kairyn O’Brien, gaining in confidence after starting from grid 3 – our new flag racer.
With the NZ Champs in Wanganui on 3rd & 4th January, last night’s meeting was the last opportunity to sort out any issues, and with Jason Long’s outstanding performance, he should be in with a good chance to take another NZ title,  But, there will be 131 other drivers with the same mindset.
Thanks again to our last night’s visitors who travelled to our race meeting: 25M Scott McEwan, 31P Andy McCabe, 81R Damien Orr, 711G Jyneika Peach & 136V Maddie Wise.  Hoping you get your motor problems sorted out before the NZ Champs, Maddie.
Wishing all HB entered drivers the very best of luck for the NZ Champs: 1NZ Jason Long, 9B Adam Groome, 46B Quinn Ryan, 47B Zach Glenny, 66B Randal Tarrant & 87B Thomas Stanaway.

Race 1 – 1st 3NZ Brent Reddington 2nd 72B Shaun Kingi 3rd 95B Tim Towler 4th 65B David Brand 5th 26B Al Howston 6th 68B Ben Darroch
Race 2 – 1st 72B 2nd 65B 3rd 3NZ 4th 23B Nigel Potter 5th 68B 6th 86B Ross Curran
Race 3 – 1st 65B 2nd 3NZ 3rd 95B 4th 10A Paul Dixon 5th 84B

Race 1 – 1st 6B Tylar Flynn 2nd 34B Harry Prince 3rd 61B Henry Steel 4th 37M Quinn Richards 5th 72B Bailey Smith 6th 4B Zach Hatton
Race 2 – 1st 72B 2nd 7B Bradley Penn 3rd 18B Jeremy Browne 4th 11B Liam Danielsen 5th 61B 6th 94B Cameron Houston
Race 3 – 1st 11B 2nd 6B 3rd 81B Keegan Bunce 4th 94B 5th 55S Caleb Coxhead 6th 4B
Race 4 – 1st 12B Ryan Dorward 2nd 61B 3rd 18B 4th 81B 5th 7B 6th 88B Karlin Painter Dudley





NEXT MEETING – FRIDAY 10th & SATURDAY 11th JANUARY 2020 7pm Start Both Nights



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