Christmas Special – Results

The Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes take out the “Battle of the Bays” trophy….

The Hawkeyes threw a couple of curve balls at the Busters Saturday night, changing it up when it came to Team “Role’s” on track, Regan O’Brien Won the race well supported by his Team mates, Quinn Ryan, Thomas Stanaway and Randal Tarrant. Ryan took up the challenge of the “Blocking”role allowing O’Brien the unusual role of “Running” the plan paid off and with the support of Stanaway and Tarrant got the job done. 


V8 SALOON Series 
Race 1 AvB 1st 42M Trent Amrein 2nd 1NZ Ethan Cook 3rd 77G Dan Cook 4th 92B Kevin Martin 5th 12S Blalee Hooper 6th 8S Craig Korff 

Race 2 AvC 1st 74A Scott Lansdowne 2nd 1NZ 3rd 8S 4th 8M Jarred Fletcher 5th 116A David Ingram 6th 27B Josh Smith

Race 3 BvC 1st 77G 2nd 8M  3rd 89A Tom Roberts 4th 27B 5th 92B 6th 74A


Feature 1st 8M 2nd 27B 3rd 42M 4th 89A 5th 116A 6th 12S   






Race 1 – 1st 46B Quinn Ryan 2nd 66B Randal Tarrant 3rd 1NZ Jason Long 4th 19M Kerry Remnant 5th 47B Zach Glenny 6th 65R Pat Westbury
Race 2 – 1st 1NZ 2nd 87B Thomas Stanaway 3rd 22B Zach Lawrence 4th 8B Clayton Hagen 5th 97M Aiden Eustace 6th 12R Glenn Clarke
Race 3 – 1st 1NZ 2nd 46B 3rd 87B 4th 19M 5th 87M David Elsworth 6th 5B Richard Houston

Race Report by Barry…
With 19 Superstocks booked in – 11 locals, 5 Baypark team cars and 3 Rotorua cars, we expected a great night, but unfortunately, track conditions proved otherwise.
The Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes versus Baypark Busters match was first up, and resulted in a great season opener for the Hawkeyes with a comprehensive win after a real battle with the Busters. 52B Regan O’Brien in his new hotrod, went for it all the way, with 66B Randal Tarrant right behind in a clever supporting role. Surprisingly, 46B Quinn Ryan started blocking at flag drop, and caused problems for the Busters all race long, but failed to finish after sustaining damage.Thomas Stanaway 87B was in the thick of the action all race, and was lucky to finish after a head- crash with 22M Dean Mulholland nearing the end of the race.
The first all-in race started with Mulholland a non starter with Teams race damage, and 98B Quintin Butcher (spare Hawkeye) out with engine issues.  The pits were a hive of activity after the Teams race getting cars repaired in time – a credit to all pit crews and helpers.
To quell the dust from the damaged track surface, the water cart put excess water on the two corners, which created carnage in the first corner, with cars piling into the concrete wall and each other. On the third lap 77R Lance Elsworth had trouble controlling his car exiting turn 2 and rode up the wall and over onto his lid, with no assistance from another car. Meanwhile 46B Quinn Ryan managed to slip through the carnage corner to race for the win after starting from grid 9, closely followed by 66B Randal Tarrant and 1NZ Jason Long who started from grid 15 for third.  Fastest lap went to Ryan at 18.0289 seconds on lap 8.
Race 2 was reduced to 12 cars after the first race damage, plus 22M Dean Mulholland and 38M Ross Ashby missed the pit gate after frantically fixing their cars. Winner this time was 1NZ Jason Long with a classy run from grid 6, closely followed by 87B Thomas Stanaway and 22B Zach Lawrence, back for his first race meeting this season. Stanaway’s crew put in a massive effort repairing his car, with a new front  beam/axle plus new stub and brake set-up after his first race wall contact. Fastest lap went to Stanaway at 17.8562 seconds on lap 8.
Race 3 saw the field reduced to 9 cars and a closed up grid. 1NZ Jason Long started off grid 3 and passed Stanaway (off pole) to take the win and fastest lap at 17.8587 on lap 7. Second was 46B Quinn Ryan, starting off grid 2 and third was Stanaway. At this stage, the track was fast and very dusty.
Club points after four race meetings are 1st 87B Thomas Stanaway 82, 2nd 1NZ Jason Long 44, 3rd 66B Randal Tarrant 21, 4th 46B Quinn Ryan 18, 5th 8B Clayton Hagen 14.
Feature points are: 1st 87B Thomas Stanaway 30, 2nd 1NZ Jason Long 18, 3rd 46B Quinn Ryan 8, 4th= 66B Randal Tarrant 4 & 8B Clayton Hagen 4.
Thanks to our visitors who made the trip to Meeanee: 19M Kerry Remnant, 22M Dean Mulholland, 38M Ross Ashby, 87M David Elsworth, 97M Aiden Eustace, 12R Glen Clarke, 65R Pat Westbury and 77R Lance Elsworth – we do hope you will all return to race at Meeanee in the future. Cheers

Race 1 – 1st 76B Ben Milne 2nd 93B Joshua Trott 3rd 41B Cameron Swift 4th 58B Jack Lawson 5th 8B Thomas Rumble-Faram 6th 81B Darren Yaxley
Race 2 – 1st 58B Jack Lawson 2nd 76B 3rd 18B Brad Collins 4th 93B 5th 8B 6th 4B Courtney Hatton
Race 3 – 1st 93B 2nd 8B 3rd 81B 4th 18B 5th 4B 6th 31B Taine Roberton

Race 1 – 1st 12B Ryan Dorward 2nd 116A Zac Ingram 3rd 6B Tylar Flyyn 4th 9B Trent McCann 5th 11B Liam Danielson 6th 78B Blake Barraclough
Race 2 – 1st 72B Bailey Smith 2nd 78B 3rd 61B Henry Steel 4th 4B Zach Hatton 5th Keegan Bunce 6th 11B
Race 3 – 1st 6B 2nd 116A 3rd 4B 4th 18B Jeremy Browne 5th 7B Bradley Penn 6th 12B
Race 4 – 1st 11B 2nd 9B 3rd 61B 4th 271B Ethyn McLachlan 5th 72B 6th 116A

Production Saloons
Race 1 – 1st 434 Brent Hackett 2nd 22B Denton Hodgkinson 3rd 34G Lloyd Stuart 4th 17V antonia McKay 5th 979 William Bayliss
Race 2 – 1st 17V 2nd 22B 3rd 434 4th 34G 5th 51B Brent Gosney 6th 72B Damian Stokes
Race 3 – 1st 22B 2nd 34g 3rd 434 4th 17v 5th 51B 6th 72B


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