Opening Night – Results

Opening Night –

What a Pristine Day and Evening, you could even say it was one “right of the box” to Start off our new season here at Meeanee Speedway.
A Big Crowd were treated to some all action racing by the large number of competitors eager to get their own speedway season under way.


Heat 1 – 1st 96M Dylan Towler, 2nd 87M David Elsworth, 3rd 77P Scott Penn, 4th 71P Shane Mellsop, 5th  81B Sam Batholomew, 6th 44P Brendon Shorland
Heat 2 – 1st 94R Dale Stewart, 2nd 96M, 3rd 44P, 4th 87B Thomas Stanaway, 5th 71P, 6th 77P
Heat 3 – 1st 87B, 2nd 77P, 3rd 71P, 4th 31P Andy McCabe, 5th 87M, 6th 94R

Overall Round 2 – Lucas Oil
1st 77P Scott Penn
2nd 96M Dylan Towler
3rd 71P Shane Mellsop


Overall Two Night Series – Lucas Oil Winners
1st 44P Brendon Shorland
2nd 87M David Elsworth
3rd 94R Dale Stewart

Race Report – Barry Sklenars
As happens with each season start, not all registered Superstock drivers are ready to race on Opening night. Five local car turned out for their pre-race practice, however a few early season gremlins got the better of them putting them out for the night.  We had seven visitors arrived from Palmerston North, Baypark and Rotorua to boost our numbers. This was the second round of the Lucas Oils series carried on from the previous night’s round in Palmerston North. The racing was fast and furious over all of their three races, with drivers testing the well prepared track and their cars to satisfaction.
Race 1 saw 81B Sam Bartholomew jump the start from pole, to lead the race for some distance before being hauled in by the 96M Dylan Towler starting off grid 2, who then led to the finish for his first win of the season (race time 4.43.28 minutes). Second place went to 87M David Elsworth (in the ex Joe Faram car) who started from Grid 3 to follow Towler home. Third place went to 77P Scott Penn after starting from Grid 7, with a good drive from 71P Shane Mellsop finishing 4th after starting from Grid 10. Fastest lap of 17.5290 seconds went to 31P Andy McCabe on Lap 7.
Race 2 was a faster race (3.13.70 minutes) than race 1 and was won by 94R Dale Stewart after starting from grid 3. Second place went to  96M Dylan Towler after starting from Grid 6, and third went to .44P Brendan Sharland. Fastest lap went to 87M David Elsworth on lap 8 for 17.8738 seconds, while trying to make up time after losing one lap after contact. Best mover was 87B Thomas Stanaway who finished 4th after starting off Grid 10.
Race 3 saw 87B Thomas Stanaway start off Grid 2 to power through for the win  at a very credible time of 3.46.9380 minutes for the 12 lap Feature. 77P Scott Penn finished 2nd after starting off Grid 7, with 71P Shane Mellsop finishing 3rd after starting from pole. 87M David Elsworth again set the fastest lap time at 18.1932 on lap 10.
Happiest driver on the night was newbie 66B Puneet Gill in the ex Randal Tarrant car, after starting and finishing all 3 races.

Heat 1 – 1st 5B Steve Flynn, 2nd 24P Martin Halcrow, 3rd 8C Craig Cardwell, 4th 33B Chace Rodda, 5th 6B Grant Flynn, 6th 242 Ashley Halcrow
Heat 2 – 1st 8C, 2nd 33B, 3rd 5B, 4th 72B Darren Melling, 5th 27S Joe Ingram, 6th 23P Mick Quin
Heat 3 – 1st 6B,2nd 5B, 3rd 27S, 4th 8C, 5th 33B, 6th 72B

Overall Round 2 – Quin Buildings
1st 5B Steve Flynn
2nd 8C Craig Cardwell
3rd 33B Chace Rodda


Overall Two Night Series – Quin Buildings Winners
1st 5B Steve Flynn
2nd 6B Grant Flynn
3rd  27S Joe Ingram

Race 1 – 1st 8H Larry Henderson, 2nd 29B Craig McBeth, 3rd 41B Cameron Swift, 4th 29G James Clarke, 5th 98B Richard Prince, 6th Ben Milne
Race 2 – 1st 94B Justin White, 2nd 96B Brendan Symes, 3rd 29G, 4th 41B, 5th 16G Jordan Fleetwood, 6th 88H Justin Hutchby
Feature – 1st 88H, 2nd 41B, 3rd 29G, 4th 77B Jason Penn, 5th 16G, 6th 98B

Race 1 – 1st 35C Cieran Rose, 2nd 6B Duane Todd, 3rd 32B Kris Gilles, 4th 9A Morgan McHugh, 5th 44A Jeremy Paterson, 14B Chris Wiffin
Race 2 – 1st 6B, 2nd 9A, 3rd 78A Mike Harrison, 4th 32B, 5th 35A, 6th 76B Doug Morris
Feature – 1st 6B, 2nd 35A, 3rd 9A, 4th 78A, 5th 74G Ryan MacGregor, 6th 32B

Race Report – by Nick Todd
A great opening night with a turnout of 13 cars including a few visitors from Auckland, Waikato and our locals. Race one saw a flying 66B Tony Meechen (Literally) take the lead but half way round finding a small issue coming into the pit bend which ended his night after a big “hug” with the concrete wall, after restart the race was taken out by 35A Rose from the Waikato. Race 2 saw 6B Todd take the lead and make it look easy, pulling a good buffer on 2nd place 9A Mchugh from Auckland and a mid pack chopping and changing with 76B Doug Morris coming home a good 6th place in his new car, great result for him. Race 3 was top points off the front format and saw front row of Todd and Rose. Rose got the jump from grid 2 but a couple of laps sawe him hit a rut in turns 1 and 2 and Todd was right there to take the lead and carry on to win the race. As the Rep I’d like to say a big thank you to all the guys and girls that took the time to travel to Meeanee this weekend and help put on a great show for the fans. Thanks!

Race 1 – 1st 3NZ Brent Reddington, 2nd 9G Sean Gooch, 3rd 95B Tim Towler, 4th 88G David Hampton, 5th 10A Phillip McNamara, 6th 12K Daniel Curran
Race 2 – 1st 2NZ Brendon Gooch, 2nd 9G, 3rd 95B, 4th 12K, 5th 10A, 6th 56B Glen Sheppard
Feature – 1st 95B, 2nd 10A, 3rd 3NZ, 4th 12K, 5th 88G, 6th 87B David Adams

Race Report – by Brendan Zachan
The season started with a field of 16 cars 14 old hands and 2 newbies of Paul Dixon and Thomas McEwan graduating from the Ministock Ranks, With these 2 getting an early taste of what Streetstock racing can be like. First race saw the 3nz of Brent Reddington start off the front row and lead start to finish, the race had a little bit of crash and bash with the 65b of Dave brand taking a shot to the rear wheel bending an axle, he finished the race but that unfortunately ending the night for him. The biggest bit of action in the race coming at the end as 16b chucked it into the corner a bit hard after going through the chequered flag and then rolling himself bending his roll cage, that was the night over for him.
Race 2 saw a great battle for the 1st 9 laps between 2nz and 3nz with the 2nz of Brendon Gooch coming out on top using his bumper on the last lap to take the win followed by 9g Sean Gooch and 95b Tim Towler.
Race 3  Tim Towler lead the feature race from start to finish with a great drive and the 10a of Phil McNamara finishing second due the 3nz Brent Reddington passing on the grass getting himself relegated one spot for the illegal pass.
Huge thanks to the 5 out of town drivers who attended our opening meeting always great to see them.

Race 1 – 1st 96B Tanga Walsh, 2nd 63H Peter Cradock, 3rd 979B William Bayliss, 4th 27R James Cunningham, 5th 72b Damian Stokes, 6th 51B Brent Gosney
Race 2 – 1st 22B Denton Hodkinson, 2nd 979B, 3rd 17V Antonio McKay, 4th 96B, 5th 63H, 6th 27R
Feature – 1st 979B, 2nd 96B, 3rd 17V, 4th 63H, 6th 22B, 6th 51B


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