Burger King Pro-Dirt Results

The Burger King Pro-Dirt Super Saloons Certainly put on a Show at Meeanee Speedway with some Hard and Fast Racing Action!

2018 / 2019 Burger King Pro-Dirt Super Saloon Series Format

Marble Draw to decide Time Trial Positions 
Field Split into 2 Groups for HOT LAPS
Time Trail Qualifying  –  Cars in Groups for Trials, each car getting 2 Laps back to back.
Three Qualifying Heats over 10 Laps where the First Four Cars from each Heat Transfer to the Feature.
Pole Shuffle  –  The First Two Cars from each Heat Race Pole Shuffle for the Feature Race Top Six Grid Positions.
3rd & 4th Places from the Heats made up Grids 7-12 from Highest Points Down.
*Any tie on points was decided on quickest Qualifying times.
B Main Final  –  5th Place down from each Qualifying Heat in the B Main over 10 Laps, with the Top Eight Placed Cars Transferring into the
Feature Race, Starting Grids 13-20.
Burger King Pro-Dirt Series Feature Race  –  run over 30 Laps.

Feature Race – Final Positions

1st 37M Steve Cowling
2nd 2NZ Sam Waddell
3rd 92M Scott Hayward
4th 6B Grant Flynn
5th 27M Chris Cowling
6th 5B Steve Flynn
7th 9W Mark Pitcher
8th 16K Thomas Korff
9th 63A Nigel Mouat
10th 124 Dan Corrin
11th 6M Garry Edwards
12th 33B Chace Rodda

B Main

1st 9W Mark Pitcher
2nd 33B Chace Rodda
3rd 27M Chris Cowling
4th 6M Garry Edwards
5th 19M Matt Smith
6th Mac Kwok
7th 72B Darren Melling
8th 8K Craig Korff

Heat One
1st 3NZ Mark Osborne, 2nd 21W Donald Gregory, 3rd 891 Josh Boulton, 4th 6B Grant Flynn
Heat Two
1st 63A Migel Mouat, 2nd 5B Steve Flynn, 3rd 92M Scott Hayward, 4th 16K Thomas Korff
Heat Three
1st 2NZ Sam Waddell, 2nd 37M Steve Cowling, 3rd 124 Dan Corrin, 4th 24M Ian Daniel

Race One
1st 76G Ethan Cook, 2nd 27B Josh Smith, 3rd 29B Steve Martin, 4th 92B Kevin Martin, 5th 57P Calvin Hanare, 6th 33B Karenna Annan
Race Two
1st 27B, 2nd 76G, 3rd 92B, 4th 57P, 5th 33B, 6th 31B Dave Hunter
Feature Race
1st 27B, 2nd 76G, 3rd 33B, 4th 57P, 5th 31B, 6th 14B George Hildred

Race Report by Tracey
A Great nights racing with some great challenges coming from the visiting cars of Ethyn Cook 76g and Clavin Honare 57p No doubt taking the chance the pick up some track tips before the New Zealand Saloon Champs on the 1st/2nd January here at Meeanee!
Ethyn Managed to take the first race win in heat one with 27B Josh Smith making sure the visitor didn’t have it all his own way taking out race 2 and the Feature.

Race One
1st 94B Jesse Pollock-Houston, 2nd 16B Ben Yeoman, 3rd 59B Wally True, 4th 95B Tim Towler, 5th 23B Shane Melling, 6th 9B Phillip McNamara
Race Two
1st 9B, 2nd 95B, 3rd 23B, 4th 16B, 5th 94B, 6th 68B Ben Darroch
Feature Race
1st 95B, 2nd 9B, 3rd 94B, 4th 23B,5th 87B David Adams, 6th 59B

Race One
1st 26B Justin Lincoln & Adrian Orchard, 2nd 68B Jeremy & Steve Pruckmuller, 3rd 51B Kim & Kerry Johnston, 4th 69B Jason Rees & Cullum Innes
Race Two
1st 68B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 27B Craig & Brock Boaler, 4th 69B
Feature Race
1st 68B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 27B, 4th 69B, 5th 51B

Race One
1st 66B Tony Meechan, 2nd 97A Ben Morrison, 3rd 24A Harrison Martin, 4th 9A Morgan McHugh, 5th 64A Gina Harris, 6th 6B Duane Todd
Race Two
1st 14B Michael Gurnett, 2nd 76G Ryan McGregor, 3rd 35A Cieran Rose, 4th 67A Kaleb Currie, 5th 97A, 6th 3NZ Peter Hunnibell
Feature Race
1st 67A, 2nd 66B, 3rd 97A, 4th 14B, 5th 3NZ, 6th 35A

Race Report by Nick
A Great nights racing to support the burger king pro series with 16 TQ’s turning up to put on some awesome racing. Race one seeing the fast 66B Tony Meechan run away for the race win. Race 2 got a lot more interesting with the track being a little wet in areas seeing the TQ’s all giving each other some “Love” taps, however they all stayed on all four wheels and kept going much to everyone’s amazement! and seeing 14B Micheal Gurnett taking out the win. Points from the first 2 races sets their grid for the feature race. This saw young Ben Morrison 97A from Auckland off grid one, it was a good fast close race with 67A Kaleb Currie taking out the win followed close by the 66B of Tony Meechan with 97A Ben Morrison coming home in 3rd. Id like to thank all those that traveled to Meeanee this weekend you put on a great show and hope to see you all again soon!


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