Fireworks Spectacular – Results

Once again a massive Display of Fireworks enjoyed by a Large Crowd at Meeanee Speedway Last Night, with some All Action Racing to go with it!

Kevin Milne Memorial Trophy’s for both Production Saloons and Ministocks

Production Saloons – All on the Last Race

Winner – 22B Denton Hodgkinson

Ministocks – Over Three Races

Winner – 12B Ryan Dorward


Full Race Results
NAPIER v HASTINGS – Teams Challenge
1st 94B Justin White
2nd 85B William Stevenson
3rd 78B Gibson Tout
4th 27B Isaac Fothergill
5th 26B Kerry Perret

Race One
1st 76B Ben Milne, 2nd 16B Brett Loveridge, 3rd 667 Hamish McLeod, 4th 5B Regan Penn, 5th 14B Jemma Palmer, 6th 21B Josh Swannell
Race Two
1st 5B, 2nd 76B, 3rd 667, 4th 96B Brandon Symes, 5th 29B Craig McBeth, 6th 24P Stu Sowry
Race Three
1st 94B Justin White, 2nd 74B Tony Palmer, 3rd 76B, 4th 29B,5th 96B, 6th 21B

Race One A
1st 1NZ Russell Stuart/Andrew Parker, 2nd 68B Jeremy Pruckmuller/Steve Pruckmuller, 3rd 69B Jason Rees/Callum Innes
Race Two A
1st 12B Daniel Satherley/Craig Hale, 2nd 2NZ Wayne Lett/Kristi, 3rd 69B
Race Three A
1st 69B, 2nd 11B Dave Millar/Jade Winter,3rd 27B Craig Boaler/Tony Drake
Race One B
1st 96P Make Whye/Jacob Cooper, 2nd 2NZ, 3rd 12B
Race Two B
1st 1NZ, 2nd 96P, 3rd 68B
Race Three B
1st 1NZ, 2nd 12B, 3rd 96P

Race One
1st 23V Shane Hughes, 2nd 22B Denton Hodgkinson, 3rd 72V Bailey Goldsack, 4th 27B Gregg Reddington, 5th 434 Brent Hackett, 6th 5B Richard Houston
Race Two
1st 22B, 2nd 434, 3rd 23V, 4th 72V, 5th 96B Tanga Walsh, 6th 27B
Race Three
1st 22B, 2nd 434, 3rd 72V, 4th 96B, 5th 10V Mike Lovell, 6th 5B

Race One
1st 34B Harry Prince, 2nd 12B Ryan Dorward, 3rd 61B Henry Steel, 4th 27B Bailey Warner, 5th 11B Liam Danielson, 6th 26B Thomas McEwan
Race Two
1st 34B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 78B Blake Barraclough, 4th 11B, 5th 94B Cameron Houston, 6th 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley
Race Three
1st 11B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 12B, 4th 88B, 5th 42B Lauren Swift, 6th 78B
Race Four
1st 88B, 2nd 12B, 3rd 42B, 4th 27B, 5th 87B Jeremy Browne, 6th 16B Hamish McEwan

Race One
1st 87B Thomas Stanaway, 2nd 31P Andy McCabe, 3rd 41B Jason Long, 4th 22B Zach Lawrence, 5th 9B Adam Groome, 6th 96M Dylan Towler
Race Two
1st 41B, 2nd 87B, 3rd 98R Calyn Clarke, 4th 9B, 5th 96M, 6th 136 Maddie Wise
Race Three
1st 87B, 2nd 41B, 3rd 136, 4th 98R, 5th 22B, 6th 9B

Race Report by Barry
Superstocks are still lacking in numbers, awaiting some of the late starters.
However the seven locals and three visitors put on an entertaining night’s racing over their three heats.
Those starting for their first outing this season were 41B Jason Long, 87B Thomas Stanaway, 136B Maddie Wise and 9B Adam Groome and they certainly made their presence felt with some fast and confident racing – no sign of any winter cobwebs.
Two drivers making a great start to their season were Long and Stanaway who both executed lightening starts each race to assume leading positions early.
In races Two and Three both drivers battled for the leaders position after some clever passing manoeuvres from both drivers, with honours shared.
Stanaway has already assumed the leader of Club Points at 28 after scoring two firsts and one second, with Long close behind after one win, one second and one third place for 24 points.
31P Andy McCabe scored a good second place in Race One, but had difficulty passing a blocking 22B Zach Lawrence in Race two, with McCabe ending with a DNF.
Lawrence was spun out early in the race and decided to get in some blocking practice before the Hawkeyes first Teams Race next weekend at Te Marua against the Wellington Wildcats.
Of particular note was the pure class of the Superstocks with fast and hard racing and lap times being spread very evenly.
The fastest lap of 17.4895 seconds was recorded by Thomas Stanaway in Race One – the current lap record of 16.5120 seconds was set on the first night this season by 22B Zach Lawrence.
Thanks are extended to our three visitors, 31P Andy McCabe, 89R Calyn Clark and 96M Dylan Towler who helped boost our race numbers on this night – we look forward to your return.
We wish the Hawkeyes the very best of luck (and good tactics) for their next weekend’s outing at Te Marua – no Superstocks racing at Meeanee next weekend.

Saturday 17th November 7pm Start


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