Easter Friday – Results

Congratulations to our East Coast & Hawkes Bay Champions 2018…..

SOLO BIKES – East Coast Champs
1st 18B Jason McKay
2nd 9P Dylan Hancock
3rd 7P Graham Wedlake

SALOONS – East Coast Champs
1st 77G Daniel Cook
2nd 94M Bodie Abrahamson
3rd 76G Ethan Cook

Heat One- 1st 77G Daniel Cook, 2nd 76G Ethan Cook, 3rd 46S Don Hinton, 4th 86H Stephen Roigard, 5th 49M Bodie Abrahanson, 6th 124W Danielle Halcrow
Heat Two- 1st 242W Ashley Halcrow, 2nd 67W Scott Jones, 3rd 45S Mark Hinton, 4th 27S Joe Ingram, 5th 77G, 6th 92B Kevin Martin
Heat Three- 1st 7S Richard Dreaver, 2nd 49M, 3rd 7B Shane Laking, 4th 33B Kareena Annan, 5th 92B, 6th 86H

SUPER SALOONS – East Coast Champs
1st 21W Donald Gregory
2nd 24W Martin Halcrow
3rd 95B Johnny Browne

Heat One- 1st 77B Mac Kwok, 2nd 24W Martin Halcrow, 3rd 21W Donald Gregory, 4th 5B Steve Flynn, 5th 72B Darren Melling, 6th 95B Johnny Browne
Heat Two- 1st 21W, 2nd 16S Thomas Korff, 4th 95B, 5th 77B, 6th 24W
Heat Three- 1st 21w, 2nd 95B, 3rd 24W, 4th 34W Mark Eckersley, 5th 8S Craig Korff, 6th 6B Jakob Flynn

SIDE CARS – East Coast Champs
1st 8G Rob Miller / Red George
2nd 21P Glen Murray / Ann Plummer
3rd 26B Justin Lincoln / Adrain Orchard

Heat One
A-1st 8G Rob Miller Red George, 2nd 21B Andrew McNamara George Olsen, 3rd 12B Daniel Satherly Craig Gosling
B-1st 26B Justin Lincoln Adrian Orchard, 2nd 96P Mark Whye Jacob Cooper
C- 1st 21P Glen Murray Ann Plummer, 2nd 51B Kim Johnston Kerry Johnston, 3rd 5B Justin Maulder Jason McKinley
Heat Two
A- 1st 21P,2nd 12B
B- 1st 8 G, 2nd 96P, 3rd 21B
C- 1st 26B, 2nd 51B, 3rd 5B
Heat Three
A- 1st 12B, 2nd 96P, 3rd 26B
B- 1st 21P, 2nd 22G Jason Rees Callum Innes,
C- 1st 8G, 21B

TQ’s – Hawkes Bay Champs
1st 49A Kaleb Currie
2nd 6B Duane Todd
3rd 8A Lawrence Baker

Heat One – 1st 32B Kris Gillies, 2nd 49A Kaleb Currie, 3rd 6B Duane Todd, 4th 6A Shaun Cooke, 5th 16A Ryan Barry, 6th 46A Aaron Humble
Heat Two – 1st 77A Josh Melrose, 2nd 35A Cieran Rose, 3rd 74G Ryan MacGregor, 4th 49A, 5th 87B Michael Gurrnett, 6th 8B Tony Meechan
Heat Three – 1st 8A Lawrence Baker, 2nd 6B, 3rd 97A Ben Morrison, 4th 64A Gina Harris, 5th 49A, 6th 87B

Reps Report – Nick
We had a field of 24 cars to do battle for the Hawkes Bay Champs Friday Night, run over 3 heats with the highest points being deemed the winner. There was some awesome fast Close maybe too Close every so often racing resulting in a couple of spills. Some sad Engines also not quite making the nite.
The Overall nite was taken out by 49A Kaleb Currie with 6B Duane Todd in second and a runoff for 3rd between 8A Lawrence Baker and 35A Cieran Rose with Lawrence wining this to take 3rd Place in the Hawkes Bay Champs.

STOCKCARS – Hawkes Bay Champs
1st 41B Cameron Swift
2nd 76B Ben Milne
3rd 5B Regan Penn

Heat One- 1st 735A Keegan Orr, 2nd 992P Taylor Lampp, 3rd 76B Ben Milne, 4th 115B Grant Hollyman, 5th 24B Daniel Melling, 6th 772P Kyle Lampp
Heat Two- 1st 5B Regan Penn, 2nd 41B Cameron Swift, 3rd 16B Brett Loveridge, 4th 261B Ethan Anderson, 5th 76B, 6th 94B Justin White
Heat Three- 1st 29B Craig McBeth, 2nd 992, 3rd 32B Ethan Cross, 4th 93S Josh Tout, 5th 772P, 6th 41B
Heat Four- 1st 5B, 2nd 41B, 3rd 76B, 4th 29B, 5th 24B, 6th 5W Josh Prentice







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