U25 Superstocks & Streetstock Best Pairs


1st 136B Maddie Wise
2nd 808A Scott Tennant
3rd 77R Lance Elsworth


1st 95B Tim Towler / 94B Jessie Pollock-Houston
2nd 46B Brent Redington / 44B Phil Glynn
3rd 2NZ Wayne Melling / 87B David Adams



Race Results…..

U25 Superstocks
Heat One – 1st 136B Maddie Wise, 2nd 77R Lance Elsworth, 3rd 808A Scott Tennant, 4th 21R Kyle Ashton, 5th 722P David Lowe, 6th 33S Logan Sharpe
Heat Two – 1st 46B Quinn Ryan, 2nd 77R, 3rd 136B, 4th 82S Hamish Booker, 5th 33S, 6th 808A
Heat Three – 1st 28P Ricky Dykstra, 2nd 136B, 3rd 46B, 4th 28S Blair Uhlenberg, 5th 66B Randal Tarrant, 6th 722P

Class Rep’s Report – Barry
After the rainfall at the track over the last week, there was never going to be ideal track conditions to run the 25’s and Under Superstocks event, and a very muddy track was evident all night long. The Promoters were determined to run this event after last year’s cancellation due to rain.
A total of 23 cars were entered, but only 17 arrived for the night: 1 – Baypark, 4 – Palmerston North, 2 – Rotorua, 1 – Auckland, 4 – Stratford and 5 Hawkes Bay cars.After a pre race warm-up to allow young drivers in borrowed cars to get the feel of their unfamilar cars, Race 1 started with Randal Tarrant (66B) on pole and off to a good start. However, his progress was halted mid race due to running out of petrol, and coasting to a stop on the infield.
Maddie Wise (136B) started from grid 2 and was off for a flyer, with Lance Elsworth (77R) starting from grid 3 in hot pursuit. Elsworth passed Wise in a slick move exiting the Hastings corner after both cars had just passed Tarrant at the same time. Elsworth then assumed the lead and held on until the flag.   However, after the race was over, the officials had seen Elsworth perform an illegal passing manoeuvre during the race with wheels over the pole line, and relegated him to second place behind Wise. Scott Tennant (808A) started off grid 7 to move into third place at race end after a steady drive in trying track conditions.
In race 2, Quinn Ryan (46B) was out to redeem himself after also running out of petrol during race 1, to take the flag after starting off grid 6.
His start was helped by the vacant spot in front of him when Kelly Shearer (76S) failed to start, and Ryan was off like a shot to the front.Lance Elsworth (77R) on grid 12, also had a good start due to the vacant slot in front of him, with Tarrant not starting. Maddie Wise started alongside Elsworth and was also off to a good start, and chasing Elsworth once again. With Ryan winning, Elsworth came in second and Wise was third, to give both Elsworth and Wise equal lead points on 38.
In Race 3, the two leaders started off grid 12 for Elsworth and grid 14 for Wise, with third placed Scott Tennant (808A) on 33 points starting from grid 4 – the chase was on. However, early in the race, as Elsworth was entering turn 1, he received a nudge from Hamish Booker (82S) just enough to push Elsworth off line and into a rut, which resulted in a very fast rollover and back onto his wheels.    The race was stopped, but Elsworth was allowed to continue racing, after receiving no outside assistance.However, Elsworth’s car received damage to his steering in the rollover and he circulated slowly to race end to finish 13th, but still in the points. Pole sitter, Ricky Dykstra (28P) took off for a good lead to finish in first, with Maddie Wise storming through the field to take second place, after faltering exiting the pit corner with a broken gearbox. Luckily for Wise, a following Tarrant and Ryan saw him slow and pushed him the final 50 metres to the finish line – a great sight to see from his Clubmates. After the three races, Maddie Wise finished first on 57 points, Scott Tennant was second on 47 points, and Lance Elsworth was third on 46 points.
The track conditions certainly tested the young drivers, but to their credit they all raced hard out all night.
And, all credit to the track maintenance crew who did an incredible job preparing the race track for this event.

Streetstock – Best Pairs
Heat One –
Heat Two – 1st 95B Tim Towler, 2nd 9B Phillip McNamara, 3rd 94B Jessie Pollock-Houston, 4th 16B Ben Yeoman, 5th 2NZ Wayne Melling, 6th 87B David Adams
Heat Three – 1st 2NZ, 2nd 94B, 3rd 46B Brent Redington, 4th 65B David Brand, 5th 44B Philip Gyln, 6th 9B

Race One – 1st 83B Andre Stentson, 2nd 261B Ethan Anderson, 3rd 76B Ben Milne, 4th 25B Bryce Cross, 5th 96B Brandon Symes, 6th 94B Justin White
Race Two – 1st 76b, 2nd 261B, 3rd 115B Grant Hollyman, 4th 52B Dominique O’Brien, 5th 24B Daniel Melling, 6th 15B Michael Smith
Heat Three – 1st 29B Craig McBeth, 2nd 24B, 3rd 94B, 4th 96B, 5th 9B Stacey Smith, 6th 115B

Race One – 1st 34B Harry Prince, 2nd 97B Marshall Zachan, 3rd 27B Bailey Warner, 4th 72B Bailey Smith, 5th 12B Ryan Dorwood, 6th 35B Brayden Munroe
Race Two – 1st 97B, 2nd 34B, 3rd 99B Jacob Buckrell, 4th 72B, 5th 11B Liam Danielsen, 6th 27B
Heat Three – 1st 97B, 2nd 58B Jack Lawson, 3rd 27B, 4th 12B, 5th 34B, 6th 26B Thomas McEwan

Production Saloons
Race One – 1st 27B Gregg Redington, 2nd 96B Tanga Walsh, 3rd 72B Bailey Goldsack, 4th 71V Jason Pointon, 5th 27V Darren Smith
Race Two – 1st 71V, 2nd 27B, 3rd 96B, 4th 27V, 5th 72V, 6th 10B Brandon Lawrence
Heat Three – 1st 71V, 2nd 27B, 3rd 96B, 4th 72V, 5th 27V



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