Hawkes Bay Saloon Champs

Congratulations to the New Hawkes Bay Saloon Champion – 27B Josh Smith

2nd 49M Bodie Abrahamson
3rd 27S Joe Ingram (After a Run off)

A Great Night of Racing Action and a Visit from the Man Himself….Father Christmas.

Demo Derby Winner – Beatle Tarrant.

Race Results…

HB Saloon Car Champs
Heat One – 1st 49M Bodie Abrahamson, 2nd 57P Calvin Hanare, 3rd 27B Josh Smith, 4th 29B Steve Martin, 5th 27S Joe Ingram, 6th 7S Richard Dreaver
Heat Two – 1st 27B, 2nd 49M, 3rd 27S, 4th 7S, 5th 57P, 6th 42B Steve Goowin
Heat Three – 1st 27B, 2nd 27S, 3rd 57P, 4th 7S, 5th 14B George Hildred, 6th 49M

Heat One – 1st 46B Quinn Ryan, 2nd 66B Randal Tarrant, 3rd 11B Mathew Titter, 4th 95P Clive Ellilot, 5th 9P Brett Hislop, 6th 86B Marty Cooke
Heat Two – 1st 46B, 2nd 8B Clayton Hagen, 3rd 95P, 4th 9P, 5th 86B, 6th 11B
Heat Three – 1st 9B, 2nd 46b, 3rd 95P, 4th 8B, 5th 47B Zach Glenny, 6th 5B Richard Houston

Heat One – 1st 46B Brent Redington, 2nd 27B Wayne Melling, 3rd 95B Tim Towler, 4th 94B Jessie Pollock-Houston, 5th 9B Phillip McNamara, 6th 65B David Brand
Heat Two – 1st 27B, 2nd 65B, 3rd 46B, 4th 94B, 5th 95B, 6th 16B Ben Yeoman
Heat Three – 1st 27B, 2nd 16B, 3rd 87B David Adams, 4th 65B, 5th 94B, 6th 9B

Group 1

Heat One – 1st 12B Ryan Dorward, 2nd 97B Marshall Zachan, 3rd 33B Kareena Annan, 4th 14B Courtney Hatton, 5th 17H Chase Donaldson, 6th 88B Karlin Painter-Dudley
Heat Two – 1st 81G Angus Briant, 2nd 12B, 3rd 88B, 4th 9B Trent McCann, 5th 33B, 6th 17H
Group 1
Heat  One – 1st 99B Jacob Buckrell, 2nd 61B Henry Steel, 3rd 26B Thomas McEwan, 4th 56P Holly Lowe, 5th 16B Hamish McEwan, 6th 36B Harry Prince
Heat Two -1st 99B, 2nd 26B, 3rd 6B Tylar Flynn, 4th 56P, 5th 5B Kara Flynn, 6th 11B Liam Danielsen

Side Cars
A Heat One – 1st 3NZ Russell Stuart/Andrew Parker, 2nd 43A Steve Krynicki/Kerry Hammill, 3rd 89P Wayne Lett/Ben Franklin, 4th 27A Dylan Moohan/Tylar Berger
B Heat One – 1st 51B Kim Johnston/Kerry Johnston, 2nd 22G Jason Rees/Callum Innes, 3rd 17P Troy Devory/Pete Steiny, 4th 8P Kim Hagnal/Cameron Paterson
C Heat One – 1st 26B Justn Lincoln/Adrian Orchard, 2nd 58P Simon Windelborn/Austin Windelborn, 3rd 12B Dan Satherley/Craig Hale, 4th 87B Regan Feck/Martyn Damper
A Heat Two – 1st 3NZ, 2nd 58P, 3rd 27A, 4th 21P Glen Murray/Ann Plummer,
B Heat Two – 1st 51B, 2nd 89P, 3rd 43A, 4th 17P Tony Hislop/Matt Stewart
C Heat Two – 1st 26B, 2nd 22G, 3rd 87B, 4th 5B Justin Maulder/Jason McKinlay
A Heat Three – 1st 21P, 2nd 32P. 3rd 8P, 4th 5B
B Heat Three – 1st 27A, 2nd 89P, 3rd 17P, 4th 43A
C Heat Three – 1st 3NZ, 2nd 58P, 3rd 26B, 4th 22G


Rep’s Reports …..

HB Saloons – Tracey 
There was some amazing talent on the track in the Hawkes Bay Saloons this weekend, with visitors from Stratford, Huntly, Palmerston North, Rotorua and the Bay Park. Race one saw a few incidents but 49M Bodie Abrahamson managed to avoid it and take the win. Race 2 again had its challenges with a dry slick track causing some drivers to lose traction in places but local Driver 27B Josh Smith managed to hold off the field for the Win.
The battle was on in the Final race with the locals keen to keep the trophy at home and the visiting drivers keen to take it away! Luckily for us Josh managed to battle his way from Grid 9 to take the Win and with it keeping the Hawkes Bay Title in the Bay this Season! 49M Bodie Abrahamson took 2nd Overall. But this wasn’t the end of the action as there was a tie for 3rd Place. Seeing a run off between the 27S Joe Ingram and 57P Calvin Honere. After A 4 lap battle Joe managed to take the 3rd place on the Podium. Congratulations to the Winners and Thank you to all the drivers that traveled to Support our Track and all of our local support. See you on the 28th!

Superstocks – Barry
Superstocks were down on numbers due to a couple of broken cars from last weekend’s Hawkeyes Teams clash with the Wellington Wildcats, plus pre Christmas obligations taking competitors away.
Seven local Cars and two Palmerston North cars fronted for a night full of flat out racing on a nicely prepared track, with the drivers intent on getting in good laps in preparation to upcoming Championships.
Quinn Ryan (46B) started Race 1 from pole and led from start to finish, with ever improving Randal Tarrant (66B) finishing second and Mathew Titter (11B) third from Grid 2.
Race 2 had veteran Clive Elliott (95P) starting from pole, but he was pushed wide on the first corner allowing Clayton Hagen (8B) in the ex Scott Hewson (135R) car through to the lead.
Quinn Ryan started from Grid 5 and worked his way through the field to hit the lead and record another well driven win – shades of Shane Penn.
Hagen hung on to Ryan’s tail to come home second, followed by Elliott.
Race 3 (Feature) saw visitor Brett Hislop (9P) start from pole, and after a great start hung on the lead to the flag, followed by a chasing Quinn Ryan who finished second after starting from Grid 8. Clive Elliott was in the money again, finishing third after starting from Grid 7.
Some fast racing from the Superstock class with the only real contact being in the last race when Hagen spun Tarrant exiting the pit corner.

Side Cars – Melissa
Sidecars are continuing to have record numbers at Meeanee this season with the New Zealand Champs being held here on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th January 2018.  We had visiting bikes from Palmerston North, Gisborne and Auckland who all gave our HB guys and girls a good run.  The 3NZ of Russell Stuart and Andrew Parker took out three wins in a row with 26B Justin Lincoln and Adrian Orchard being the top HB bike with two wins and a third. Close behind were the husband and wife 51B team of Kim & Kerry Johnston with two wins in their heats but unfortunately a DNF in their feature.
17B Troy Devery and Pete Steigenberger were out for the first time this season on their new bike, a few minor changes to make will see these two battle it out again on the 28th December.  More visitors as well as a strong field of bay bikes are already booked for the last meeting before the NZs on the 28th December. Check out the facebook page “David Jones Motors New Zealand Sidecar Champs” give it a like and keep an eye out for competitions, posts and pics of the entrants and all the info for the champs.  There will be a meet and greet night on the Thursday 4th of January at the Meeanee Hotel for all the competitors as well as past competitors, come along and catch up with your favorite Riders/Swingers.




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