Memorial Night Results


5B Regan Penn

5B Regan Penn

2NZ Kaleb Currie

46B Quin Ryan

4K David Gannon / Daryl Pearce

4K David Gannon / Daryl Pearce

95B Tim Towler

1st 46B Brent Redington
2nd 88G Dave Hampton
3rd 59R Allan King


Race Results

Heat One – 1st 95B Tim Towler, 2nd 88G Dave Hampton, 3rd 59R Allan King, 4th 46B Brent Redington, 5th 8W Tristan O’Donnell, 6th 16B Ben Yeoman
Heat Two – 1st 46B, 2nd 858R Shane Bracken, 3rd 59R, 4th 88G, 5th 16B, 6th 8W
Heat Three – 1st 27B Wayne Melling, 2nd 46B, 3rd 16B, 4th 88G, 5th 59R, 6th 95B

Heat One – 1st 46B Quin Ryan, 2nd 22B Zach Lawrence, 3rd 66B Randal Tarrant, 4th 89R Calyn Clarke, 5th 17B Jason Wilson, 6th 96R Dylan Towler
Heat Two – 1st 46B, 2nd 4B Joe Faram, 3rd 11B Mathew Titter, 4th 22B, 5th 47B Zach Glenny, 6th 96R
Heat Three – 1st 22B, 2nd 46B, 3rd 4B, 4th 47B, 5th 89R, 6th 66B

Heat One – 1st 76B Ben Milne, 2nd 5B Regan Penn, 3rd 32B Ethan Cross, 4th 52B Regan O’Brien, 5th 115B Grant Hollyman, 6th 79B Kylye Trengrove
Heat Two – 1st 5B, 2nd 115B, 3rd 76B, 4th 79B, 5th 32B, 6th 27B Isaac Fothergill
Heat Three – 1st 5B, 2nd 76B, 3rd 115B, 4th 32B, 5th 8B, 6th 27B

Heat One – 1st 3NZ Duane Todd, 2nd 2NZ Kaleb Currie, 3rd 74G Ryan MacGregor, 4th 32B Kris Gillies, 5th 35A Cieran Rose, 6th 84A Dean Cooper
Heat Two – 1st 84A, 2nd 74G, 3rd 35A, 4th 2NZ, 5th 3NZ, 6th 32B
Heat Three – 1st 2NZ, 2nd 3NZ, 3rd 84A, 4th 35A, 5th 32B, 6th76B Doug Morris

Side Cars
Heat One – A 1st 4K David Gannon / Daryl Pearce, 2nd 26B Justin Lincoln / Adrian Orchard, 3rd 12B Daniel Satherley / Craig Hale, 4th 87B  Regan Feck / Darryl Lumsden
B 1st 28B Dave Black /  Cole Petterson, 2nd 68B Jeremy Pruckmuller / Steve Pruckmuller, 3rd 22G Jason Rees / Callum Innes
Heat Two – A 1st 5B Troy Devery / Pete Steigenberger, 2nd 22G, 3rd 87B, 4th 5B
B – 1st 4K, 2nd 26B, 3rd 28B, 4th 12B
Heat Three – A 1st 26B, 2nd 68B, 3rd 22G, 4th 12
B – 1st 4K, 2nd 28B, 3rd 51B Kim Johnston / Kerry Johnston, 4th 5B

Production Saloons
Heat One – 1st 46B Brett Redington, 2nd 22B Denton Hodgkinson, 3rd 96B Tanga Walsh, 4th 5V Grany Little, 5th 17G Anton McKay, 6th 27B Gregg Redington
Heat Two – 1st 5V, 2nd 17G, 3rd 22B, 4th 77B Taylor Emerson, 5th 27B, 6th 434 Brent Hackett
Heat Three – 1st 17G, 2nd 96B, 3rd 434, 4th 5V, 5th 5B Richard Houston, 6th 27B

Rep’s Race Reports …..

TQ’s – Nick
Meeting 3 at Meeanee and the second outing for the TQ’s. It was a good turnout of 13 Cars with good support from the Auckland Cars that took the time to travel, a Big Thank You to them. The meeting for as was the Dusty Rhodes Memorial, we ran a marble draw and reverse marble to determine the grids for the first two heats, Points overall then determined the grids for the 15 lap feature. The first 2 races saw some good clean fast racing with 3NZ Duane Todd Taking the Win in the first race with 2NZ Kaleb Currie right behind. Race 2 84A Dean cooper ran away with 74G Ryan MacGregor and 35A Cieran Rose chasing, this resulting in MacGregor top on points with Todd and Currie equal 2nd. The feature saw Currie out in Front from the Green Light with Todd chasing the whole race and Dean Cooper coming home in third.
Again from the Hawkes Bay TQ Club we would like to Thank Kaleb Currie, Dean Cooper, Cieran Rose,Saul Smith,Morgan McHugh and all the supporters for taking the time to come down and Support our Club and help put on a good show!

Superstocks – Barry
Superstocks are still low in numbers, with several stars of last season yet to make an appearance.Once again, we were lucky to welcome back two young Rotorua visitors, 89R Calyn Clarke, with another motor installed after blowing his original at our last meeting, and 96R Dylan Towler, both ex Mini Stock competitors.Eight locals gave a total of 10 cars, and with a great drivey track surface, produced some fast racing once again.
Driver of the night and winner of the Tony McIntosh trophy was Quinn Ryan (46B)in the James Buckrell owned blue rocket, after recording wins in Race One and Two and second in the Feature.
A much improved Zach Lawrence (22B) placed 2nd in Race One, 4th in Race Two and 1st in Race 3 (Feature), to place second overall.
Third was Joe Faram (4B) who placed 8th in Race One, 2nd in Race 2 and 3rd in Race 3. Faram had a difficult night after being disrupted by the blocking tactics of Quintin Butcher (98B) in each race. Butcher was also instrumental in assisting Lawrence in his Feature race win through his blocking mode which added to the overall spectacle. Another driver in blocking mode was Randal Tarrant (66B), enjoying his first season in Superstocks, and also a contender for the Hawkeyes Team this season.
The Hawkeyes first Teams Race is against the Wellington Wildcats here at Meeanee next weekend, with early contenders, Zach Lawrence, Randal Tarrant and Quintin Butcher real possibilities, along with one other driver yet to appear next week – who will that be?
Unfortunately, Quinn Ryan is unavailable for Teams Racing this season, and is currently holding a huge lead in Club Points with 68, followed by Zach Lawrence on 36, and Joe Faram on 27.

Production Saloons – Cheryl
As always great night of racing, had some outer townies Gisborne 17g Anton Mckay, Whanganui -Grant Little 5v, Brent Hackett 434v and Mike Lovell 10v. Well done to Brent Redington 46b for taking out the first race, Grant Little 5v for taking out the Second Race and Anton Mckay 17g taking the third race and feature, but the most exciting part of the night was when Denton Hodgkison rolled his car and landed back on his feet. considering that these cars are non contact we still not sure who pushed him up the wall?…. Not a good night for the Bay’s Brendon Zachan he was having motor trouble but he will be back so watch this space!



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