Sign up Nights 2014/2015 Season

SNZ & HB Club Members Licencing nights 2014/15 will take place at the Hawkes Bay Speedway Clubrooms on
Thurs 02 October between 7-9pm
Thurs 09 October between 7-9pm
and prior to Practice on Sat 11 October.

Licences will also be available online from September 2014 

If you do licence online please complete your online licence early to allow enough time for the licence to arrive..No licence No practice! 
There will be no licencing or green sheeting on opening night! 
Please contact Dave Hatton to arrange your CVI 
*Green sheeting will start from September onwards…

Hawkeyes Casino Night

Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes Superstock Team 2014/15 Season Fund Raiser

Come and Support the Boys…..

*Note- Bookings are Essential
Tickets can be purchased from All Hawkeyes Team Members :-)

casino night




1st in East Coast Champs – Thomas Knorff

2nd East Coast Champs – Craig Knorff

3rd East Coast Champs – Dave Riogard

1st HB  Car in HB Champs – Steven Flynn

1st in HB Champs – Mark Osborne

2nd in HB Champs – Steven Flynn

3rd in HB Champs – Grant Flynn

Top Points in Saloons – Steven Martin

Most Points in Feature Saloons – Steven Martin

Best Allround Sportsman – Grahame Strong

Saloon Best Car & Team – Team Martin Racing

Most Improved Driver – Chris Tout

Keenest Competitor – George Hildred

Unluckiest Driver – Johnny Browne

Hattrick on the Night – Timmy Towler



Most Consistent Driver – Tony Palmer

Shit Stirrer Trophy – Brett Loveridge

Keenest Competitor – Marty Cooke

Hard Luck Trophy – Bryce Cross

Dave Foxel Memorial Trophy – Jemma Palmer

Aggravators Trophy – Jeff Hart

John Coker Memorial – Joshua Smith

Top Points Scorer – James Tollison

2nd Highest Points Scorer – Brett Loveridge

Most Professional Crew – Stacey Smith

Most Improved Driver – Joshua Swannell

HB Stockcar Champ – Brett Loveridge

Highest Points in Feature – James Tollison

East Coast Champ – Brett Loveridge

Pit Crew Cockup – Andrea Ball



Noel Kippax Memorial Race – Kim & Kerry Johnston

Chris Stephens Memorial – Seth Heard & Craig Hale

Most Improved Sidecar Team – Andrew McNamara & George Olsen

Most Innovative Sidecar – Dave Black & Cole Patterson

East Coast Sidecar Champion – Dave Black & Cole Patterson

Top Point Scorer – Kim & Kerry Johnston

1st HB sidecar in HB Champs – Kim & Kerry Johnston

Hard Luck – Nick Jensen & Phil Winter

2nd Sidecar in East Coast Champs – Kim & Kerry Johnston

3rd Sidecar in East Coast Champs – Andrew McNamara & George Olsen

Tony Bailey Memorial – Kim & Kerry Johnston

Most Improved Sidecar Team – Andrew McNamara & George Olsen

Most Points in B Grade – Seth Heard & Craig Hale

Sidecar Swinger of the Season – George Olsen

Services to the Sidecar Section – Debbie Steigenberger


HB Club Champ – Duane Todd

Most points up to Feature – Duane Todd

Most points in Feature – Duane Todd

Most Aggregate Points – Duane Todd

Best Car & Team – Efficient Racing Team

Most Improved – Kris Gillies

Sportsman of the Year – Roger Young

20 Lapper – Jayden Bush

1st HB Driver home in East Coast Champs – Craig Todd

HB East Coast Champ – Craig Todd

Hard Luck – Kris Gillies

1st Year Driver in Feature Races – Brad Williams


Top Points – Tony Meechan

2nd Highest in Points – Quinn Ryan

3rd Highest in Points – Steve Jude

HB East Coast Champion – Thomas Stanaway

1st HB Car in East Coast Champs – Thomas Stanaway

HB Club Champion – Tony Meechan

1st Year Driver – Jarrod Lindsay

Highest Points in Feature – Quinn Ryan/Adam Groome

Best Car & Team – Steve Jude

Best Allrounder – Adam Groome

Best Stockcar Driver of the Season – Mike McLachlan

Tony McIntosh Memorial Trophy – Steve Jude/Quinn Ryan
Autumn  Nationals Trophy – Scott Miers

Keenest Competitor – Willy Rogers



1st HB Car in East Coast – Shayne Melling

Highest Points in Feature – Darren Melling

Top Points Scorer – Darren Melling

Most Improved Driver – Josh Shepherd

Streetstock Stirrer – Jake Woods

Hard Luck – Adrian Eade

HB Club Champion – Ben Yeoman

Best Streetstock Driver of the Season – Dave Brand

Best Car & Team – Ben Yeoman & Shayne Melling

Pam Gibson Memorial – David Adams

Rookie of the Year – Shayne Melling

2nd Overall Points – Wayne Melling

2nd Feature Points – Wayne Melling



Rookie of the Year – Brandon Warner

East Coast Champion – Adrian Kramer

Best Presented Car & Team – Shane Laking

HB Champion – Rob Simmons

Top Feature Points – Shane Laking

Top on Points – Shane Laking


Aaron Day Memorial – NZ Superstock Subcommittee Team

Most spectacular Crash – Courtney Edgar

Fearless Female of the Year – Kerry Johnston

George Wyndham – Top Points Scorer over all sections – Duane Todd


Meeting – Streetstock Drivers

All HB Streetstock drivers to attend meeting at HB Speedway Clubrooms Thursday (Tonight) 5th June 7.15pm You will also need to give your club delegate your decision on proposed changes to your rules. For further info Contact your rep Margo Fairless or SNZ Steward Melissa Collier 


Remit Meeting – Thursday 5th June 7pm in HB Speedway Clubrooms
Re: Remit for SNZ AGM – contact your Rep Barry Skleners ph. 8356562 or SNZ Steward Melissa Collier ph. 8453362

Attention: All HB Speedway New Zealand Staff Members

Speedway New Zealand End of Season Debrief Meeting

Sunday 25th May 2pm @ HB Speedway Clubrooms


*NOTE – This meeting is Not for Competitors!

Any Questions please contact Melissa Collier – ph 06 8453362









Meeting 22 – ANZAC Weekend


SATURDAY 26th April – 5pm START

Superstocks – East Coast Champs

  6B    Mike Groome
  7B    Jarrod Lindsay
  9B    Adam Groome
11B    Mathew Titter
15B    Willy Rogers
16B    Steve Jude
22B    Zach Lawrence
29B    Matt Demanser
41B    Jason Long
46B    Quinn Ryan
52B    Regan O’Brien
66B    Tony Meechan
77B    Mac Kwok
81B    Sam Bartholomew
84B    Mike McLachlan
87B    Thomas Stanaway
98B    Quintin Butcher
28P    Joel Dykstra
4P      Chad Ace
118R   Bryce Steiner
92M     Kyle Fraser
19M     Kerry Remnant
71P      Shane Mellsop
31P      Andy McCabe
88P      Jack Miers
471P    Benji Sneddon
97R      Pat Westbury
33R      Robbie Mabey
52P      Scott Joblin
62P      Adam Joblin
602GM Brendan Lucas

TQ’s – East Coast Champs + 20 Lapper

1NZ Duane Todd
4B Sam Neil
8B Craig Todd
9B Mark Alexander
17B Phil Plummer
32B Kris Gillies
35B Cieran Rose
47B David Wilson
74G Ryan MacGregor
5A Eric Smith
9A Rachel Melrose
71A Danny Keene
99A Jason Corbett

Stockcars – East Coast Champs
Streetstocks – East Coast Champs
Super Saloons - East Coast Champs
Saloons - East Coast Champs

Admission Prices:
$15 Adult, $5 Kids 6-16 $40 Family ( 2 Adults & up to 4 kids ) Children under 5yrs free.


Meeting 17 – 3rd Round HB Superstocks

CONGRATULATIONS to our New HB Superstock Champ..

66B Tony Meechan

2nd place 46B Quinn Ryan
3rd place 9B Adam Groome

Well Done Guys! :-)

HB Superstocks – 3rd Round
Final Points -:

  1    66B    Tony Mechan                 190 points

  2    46B    Quinn Ryan                    189
  3      9B    Adam Groome               180
  4    23B   Wayne Talbot                  173
  5    16B    Steve Jude                     160
  6    15B    Willy Rogers                   136
  7    41B    Jason Long                     133
  8    97R    Pat Westbury                  132
  9    52B    Regan O’Brien                108
10    87B    Thomas Stanaway         100
11      7B    Jarrod Lindsay                  90
12    77B    Mac Kwok                         76
13      4B    Joe Faram                         75
14 = 19M   Kerry Remnant                  69
14=  31P    Andy McCabe                   69
16    84B    Mike McLachlan                52
17    11B    Mathew Titter                     50
18    98B    Quintin Butcher                  46
19    81B    Ben Wilson                         45
20      6B    Tony True                            44
21    81B    Sam Bartholomew             43
22    27B    Shane Warner                    40
23    65R    Steve Flower                      38
24    29B    Paul Demanser                  32
25      6B    Mike Groome                      17

Meeting 15 – HB Magpies Celebrity Streetstocks

Our very own Hawkes Bay Magpies will be at Hauraki Meeanee Speedway competing in 3 Celebrity Streetstock Races not to be missed….

The Magpies are thrilled to be helping promote the Meeanee Speedway on Saturday night,
as well as being on site to sign autographs and mix and mingle with the Meeanee Speedway faithful they are all very excited about racing each other in a 3 race Magpie v Magpie Streetstock race.
Make sure you are there as members of the Magpies bump and grind their way around the track.

 Magpie logo  MP


Saturday 8th March 7pm Start

Support Classes;
HB Stockcar Champs
HB Kiwi Lites
Demo Derby **Contact Sharon Strong to enter – email [email protected]

Admission Prices:

$15 Adult, $5 Kids 6-16 $40 Family ( 2 Adults & up to 4 kids ) Children under 5yrs free.