Congratulations to our Opening Night Trophy Winners;

1st 3NZ Darren Melling
2nd 46B Brent Reddington
3rd Shayne Melling

1st 95B Johnny Brown
2nd 33B Chace Rodda
3rd 13B Mick Quinn

1st 27B Josh Smith
2nd 29B Steven Martin
3rd 7B Shane Laking

1st 6B Duane Todd
2nd 78A Mike Harrison
3rd 6A Shaun Cooke

1st 4B Thomas Rumble-Faram
2nd 53B Tristan Johnson
3rd 14B Courtney Hatton

1st 66B Randal Tarrant
2nd 192R Josh Fraser
3rd 261B Ethan Anderson

1st 58P Peter Bengston
2nd 71P Shane Mellsop
3rd 118R Bryce Steiner

Race Results

Race 1- 1st 46B Brent Reddington, 2nd 23B Shayne Melling, 3rd 77B Taylor Emmerson, 4th 7B David Adams, 5th 3NZ Darren Melling, 6th 27B Wayne Melling
Race 2- 1st 3NZ, 2nd 27B, 3rd 23B, 4th 24B Daniel Melling, 5th 46B, 6th 7B
Race 3- 1st 3nz, 2nd 46B, 3rd 23B, 4th 68B Ben Darrach, 5th 7B

Super Saloons
Race 1- 1st 95B Johnny Browne, 2nd 33B Chace Rodda, 3rd 31P Rod Clifton
Race 2- 1st 13B Mick Quin, 2nd 95B, 3rd 33B, 4th 31P
Race 3- 1st 95B, 2nd 31P, 3rd 13B, 4th 13B

Race 1- 1st 29B Steve Martin, 2nd 7B Shane Laking, 3rd 195B Tim Towler, 4th 92B Kevin Martin, 5th 17B Sam Cory, 6th 7S Richard Dreaver
Race 2- 1st 27B Josh Smith, 2nd 7B, 3rd 7S, 4th 691 Mike Wilson, 5th 29B, 6th 92B
Race 3- 1st 691, 2nd 27B, 3rd 29B, 4th 7s, 5th 195B, 6th 92B

Race 1- 1st 6B Duane Todd, 2nd 8A Lawrence Baker, 3rd 9A Rachel Melrose, 4th 6A Shane Cooke, 5th 91A David Wilson, 6th 78A Mike Harrison
Race 2-1st 78A, 2nd 6A, 3rd 64A Gina Harris, 4th 76B Doug Morris
Race 3- 1st 6B, 2nd 78A, 3rd 6A, 4th 64A, 5th 35A Ceran Rose, 6th 87A Michael Gurnett

Race 1- 1st 10B Ethan Dorward, 2nd 12B Ryan Dorward, 3rd 4B Thomas Rumble-Faram, 4th 14B Courtney Hatton, 5th 58B Jack Lawson. 6th 53B Tristan Johnson
Race 2- 1st 4B, 2nd 53B, 3rd 14B, 4th 42B Lauren Swift, 5th 52B Dom O’Brien, 6th 58B
Race 3- 1st 10B, 2nd 53B, 3rd 52B, 4th 4B, 5th 14B, 6th 33B Kareena Annan

Race 1- 1st 192 Josh Fraser, 2nd 96B Brandon Symes, 3rd 21B Josh Swannell, 4th 5B Regan Penn, 5th 66B Randal Tarrant, 6th 261B Ethan Anderson
Race 2- 1st 66B, 2nd 96B, 3rd 261B, 4th 74B Tony Palmer, 5th 1NZ Jason Penn, 6th 95B Kerryn Limmer
Race 3- 1st 192, 2nd 66B, 3rd 261, 4th 56B Hayden Barnett, 5th 95B, 6th 38P Neil Coky

Race 1- 1st 71P Shane Melsop, 2nd 58P Peter Bengston, 3rd 136B Maddie Wise, 4th 357P Aaron Iremonger, 5th 81R Damien Orr, 6th 118R Bryce Steiner
Race 2-1st 58P, 2nd 71P, 3rd 118R, 4th 7B Steve Jude, 5th 65R Mark Flower, 6th 63R Steven Flower
Race 3- 1st 87B Thomas Stanaway, 2nd 58P, 3rd 23B Wayne Talbot, 4th 24B James Tollison, 5th 65R, 6th 118R

Full Race report to Follow…










*NOTE TO DRIVERS – SNZ Online Licencing is currently out of action until next week.
If you are planning on getting your Licence and Club membership Sunday, you must please be at the track between 3pm-4pm
(This is your allocated slot between staff meetings!)

GRAND OPENING – SUNDAY 23rd October 2016

Not long to go before the first meeting of the New Season and we look forward to another Action packed Speedway Calendar at Meeanee.
Good numbers in each class will ensure plenty of Action in all contact and non-contact classes, our Production Saloon class (new to Meeanee last season) has “swelled” in numbers and our Youth Ministocks have plenty of new talent hitting the track. Both the Stockcars & Superstocks have gained some up & coming young drivers from the Ministock ranks along with some new names and faces. TQ’s will have a healthy field for opening night with large number of visiting Auckland cars making the trip down south.
Roll on Sunday!

Main Gates Open at 6pm
Pit Gate will open at 3pm

Classes Running;



Adults $20 (17 Upwards)
Child $10 (8-16 Years) Student ID May be Required
7 Years and Under FREE
Family $50 (2 Adults & 4 Children)



MONDAY 17th October 5pm – 7pm
TUESDAY 18th October 5pm – 7pm

These will be Short and Sharp both nights so please ensure you are out at the track prepared and ready to go.

*PLEASE NOTE – There will be NO licensing done on Practice Nights!
So make sure you have sorted your license and your Car has a Green Sheet before practice….NO License NO Green Sheet NO Practice!

Remember you can still license On-Line, just bring a copy of the email confirmation with you.

Speedway New Zealand Licensing;

SNZ Online Licence Fees 2016/17:

  • Adult Competitor – National Class $250
  • Adult Competitor – Regional Class $200
  • Adult Competitor – Derby / Streetcar $100
  • Adult Competitor Div II track (Westport) $100
  • Youth Competitor – $150
  • Additional class endorsement $50 each
  • Training only $100
  • Vintage $100
  • General Membership $100

You WILL need to join the Hawkes Bay Speedway Club at the same time;

Club Membership Youth $105
Club Membership Adult $150



ONE DAY ONLY at the TrackAll Classes
Saturday 15th October Between 1pm – 4pm

Be on time and be patient our Scrutineers are ALL Volunteers and do this for you the Competitors in their Own time.

Any Questions or Concerns, Please contact Dave Hatton – Chief Scrutineer

Class Scrutineers:-
MINI STOCKS – Dave Hatton Ph. 0278921763
STOCKCARS / SUPERSTOCKS – Tony Melling Ph.0274767219
SALOONS / SUPER SALOONS – Derek Childs Ph. 0274548158
SIDE CARS / SOLOS – Kim Johnson Ph. 0211510429
TQ’s – Craig Todd Ph. 021971799

MONDAY 17th October 5pm – 7pm
TUESDAY 18th October 5pm – 7pm


Looking forward to Seeing you All There!



*NOTE – There will be NO licensing done on Practice Nights!
However there will be a SNZ offical available on GREEN SHEETING DAY – Saturday 15th October 1pm-4pm
Please make sure you have sorted your license and your Car has a Green Sheet before practice….NO License NO Green Sheet NO Practice!
Remember you can license On-Line, details below;

Speedway New Zealand Licensing Now on-line;

SNZ Online Licence Fees 2016/17:

  • Adult Competitor – National Class $250
  • Adult Competitor – Regional Class $200
  • Adult Competitor – Derby / Streetcar $100
  • Adult Competitor Div II track (Westport) $100
  • Youth Competitor – $150
  • Additional class endorsement $50 each
  • Training only $100
  • Vintage $100
  • General Membership $100

You WILL need to join the Hawkes Bay Speedway Club at the same time;

Club Membership Youth $105
Club Membership Adult $150



REMEMBER – Sign Up Night This Thursday 15th September 2016
at HB Speedway Club Rooms.
Licencing and Mentor Programme for: New Ministock competitors, AND New Adult class competitors *This Includes any competitor returning to racing that has not raced or held a full season licence since 2011.
All other current competitors licencing for the new season.
Please note:
Licence fee and club memberships need to be paid separately. Cash or Cheque only. Sorry NO Eftpos.
SNZ youth licences $170
SNZ adult prod Saloon $220
SNZ adult other classes $270
Club membership youth $105
Club membership adult $150
Any queries contact Melissa Collier SNZ or Debbie Melling HB Club Treasurer.
See you All on Thursday!

2016/2017 Speedway Calendar & Sign-up Night

This Seasons Race Calendar is now available in the page “Tab” above 🙂

*Confirmed Practice dates-:
MONDAY 17th October 5pm – 9pm
TUESDAY 18th October 5pm – 9pm

SIGN UP Night (One night only before Opening night!) – Thursday 15th September 7.30pm @HB Speedway Clubrooms
*Can we please have all New Drivers (All Classes) this season to please attend a meeting at the earlier time of 6.30pm to register for their new Mentor Programme and licencing contracts. SNZ officials will be available to answer any questions you have.
All other Drivers please come along and complete licencing from 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Any queries re the Mentor Programme please contact Melissa Collier, SNZ Steward on 021 1445893
**Note- Licencing will be available online if you are unable to make this date (for current drivers) or you can contact Melissa direct prior to sign up night.


The days are flying by! …… Are you ready?


July Update

HB Speedway Club AGM
Hawkes Bay Speedway Club Committee Board Members 2016/2017

President – James Buckrell
Vice President – Craig Todd
Secretary – Dion Best
Treasurer – Debbie Melling

Mark Alexander
Peter Black
Geoff Bicknell
Andrew Heard
Philippa Jones
Steven Martin
Shayne Melling
Bruce Salisbury

Welcome and we look forward to good things going forward this coming season.

WORKING BEE’S will be starting soon, not just at the track but in many workshops and sheds. Keep an eye on this website and the Meeanee Speedway facebook page for further information, dates and times.

A plan is in place for the upgrade of the Pits lighting and parking improvement, we look forward to hearing more as the season approaches.

Our New Season Race Calendar is not far away from confirmation but just a couple of Important dates to put in your diary now.

SIGN UP Night – Thursday 15th September 7.30pm @HB Speedway Clubrooms






The Results are in and a Huge Congratulations to all our Hawkes Bay 2016 Speedway New Zealand Awards Winners and Finalists!

Regan Penn – Competitor of the Year for Youth Mini Stocks
Jason Penn – Competitor of the Year for Stockcars
Mike Wilson – Track Announcer of the Year
Meeanee Speedway – Most Improved Speedway of the Year



May / June Update – HB Club Prize Giving

HB Speedway Club Prize Giving

Prize Giving – Saturday 11th June @Brookfields Winery

Tickets $50pp
Available from;
Geoff Bicknell @Onekawa Auto Super Shoppe
James Buckrell @BJ’s Cafe & Bake house Hastings
Craig Todd @Efficient Moving & Storage

SNZ Awards 2016
Meeanee Speedway Promotions and HB Speedway Club are proud to be Finialists in some of this years Speedway New Zealand Awards 2016.

Check out all the Finalists at

We wish the Very Best of Luck to everyone and Go The Bay!


A “Snip it” from the NZ Super Saloon/TQ GP Programme……. I think 98% of Wives, Partners, Girlfriends go through this at least once in a Speedway Season!

                                                                            THE MISSIZ VIEW

Are you doing the New Zealand’s this year?…. “Yeah nah maybe dunno will see how the car goes” the frustrating reply to a simple question asked innocently around October every year.
And so the journey begins to that all important meeting on the Speedway Calendar.
Ok so not everyone is an expert but most can figure the fact that when the engine doesn’t make backfire and missing sounds and the fact that he hadn’t hit the wall meant the car was going ok. So you once again bring up the subject of travelling and should you book the ferry and maybe some accommodation.  Never really getting an answer but a mumbled something about giving it a couple of meetings then possibly.  Thinking what a blessing it is that the date has changed because somewhere between the series rounds, club nights, kids sports and Christmas you have misplaced November and December then realising you only have a couple of months until the New Zealand Champs to get everything sorted.
Time to put on the grumpy voice and demanding to know if you were going and who in the way of crew were coming with us.  Getting promised he would let you know in the next couple of days after he checked with the crew.  Fast forward 2 weeks and you really start to get grumpy. This time action…..straight on the phone to the crew.  Yep 1 crew, no extras.  Awesome. Then the kids inform you they don’t want to go because one has a sports tournament and the other can’t be bothered. Makes it easy.  A motel for 3 please. 4 hours on the computer later, available, wotif=nothing available, aatravel=nothing available.  You Start to stress.  Bookabatch=nothing available, available. Panic sets in.  You give up on finding accommodation and book the ferry instead.
Next day decide that you really must find some accommodation so this time using the phone and after 8 calls find a studio unit with plenty of parking (you hope!). Now to relax for a few weeks.
Most women like to make lists. Lists of what needs to be done, what needs to be packed, what has been done and what needs to go on the lists that have already been made.
With a week to go the list of things to do goes something like this:  Arrange someone to feed the animals, find someone to look after the kids, wash race gear, check and repack track bag, pack clothes for both kids, pack clothes for us, fuel up tow vehicle, buy road user charges, buy animal food, find chilly bin, get ice, take snacks etc.
His list on the garage wall says oil change, check wheel bearings on trailer, pack spares.  Seriously is that it??? Want to swap jobs?
Kids are off to whoever you have farmed them out to and the day arrives.  Alarm goes off at 2am (Yawn), get up and make the coffee, pack the cold drinks and food in the chilly bin, load up the bags, pick up the crew and head off.  Stop for a break whether it’s on the road or at the ferry terminal, you always catch up with a few more “teams” heading in the same direction. So the drivers and crew wander off for a chat while you make a coffee and repack the provisions.
The rest of the trip goes something like did you pack me a jacket? Have we got any cold drink? What time did you tell the motel people we would get there; what time do we have to be at scruitineering? Blah blah blah.  So you try and have a sleep in the back seat, sleepily mumble “Wake me up when we get there”.
Made it.  Motel has plenty of parking for a small car per unit.  He gets grumpy at you because you should have got a place with more room.  Once the parking is sorted out mainly thanks to the people in 3 other units who are here to watch and will now park on the road. You unpack and head to the track.  Get grumped at because you’ve run out of bottles of water, because his scrutineering card isn’t filled in and because he is getting nervous, So you just make like a Madagascar penguin and smile and wave.
So he Qualified…. Yes! Let the next days stress begin. Better clean the race gear, repack and go buy more water.
Finals night is a repeat of qualifying, only just a higher level of stress. Then he makes it on to the podium.
You’re So proud.  Can’t wait for the speech!
Him:  Yeah um I want to thank all my sponsors, my crew and everyone involved for putting on a really great track and a great meeting.  Thanks to all the other competitors and spectators. Um congrats to the other place getters. Um yeah thanks.
Someone yells don’t forget to thank ya Missiz…..
Hell Yes remember to Thank your supportive partner guys because she is already making lists and looking forward to going along to Cromwell next year for a relaxing weekend away (yeah right)!







Grande Finale goes off with a Bang!

An packed house witnessed some spectacular racing action in the last meeting of the 2015/16 Speedway Season!
Autumn National Superstock action a plenty, Kuru Cup Stockcar stiring to the max, Smooth racing from the Gold Cup Saloons, High powered Hawkes Bay action from the Super Saloons, and to support them Streetstocks, Minstocks and Solo Bikes. Followed by a Stunning Fireworks Display.


superstock winners

1st 971P Jaydan Ward
2nd 2NZ Jason Long
3rd 10G Peter Rees
4th 16B Steve Jude
5th 45R Nick Valance

Stockcar winners

1st 96B Brandon Symes
2nd 81B Jason Jones
3rd 67P Alec Wilson
4th 115B Grant Hollyman
5th 992P Taylor Lampp

Saloon winners

1st 77G Dan Cook
2nd 76G Ethan Cook
3rd 24w Gary Marshall
4th 17B Sam Croy
5th 57P Calvin Honare

Super saloon winners

1st 6B Grant Flynn
2nd 2NZ Grahame Strong
3rd 12A Kristin Vermeulen

Race 1 – 27B Wayne Melling, 46B Brent Reddington, 24B Daniel Melling, 3NZ Darren Melling, 5B Richard Houston, 77B Taylor Emmerson
Race 2 – 46B, 27B, 5B, 23B Shayne Melling, 67B Josh Sheppard, 24B
Race 3 – 27B, 3NZ, 77B, 18W Clive Rogers, 67B, 5B

Race 1 – 65B Royden Hynd, 21G Bailey Curtis, 44B Mike Hurst, 14G Tristain Johnson, 5B Regan Penn, 16G Hamish Moore
Race 2 – 85S Brad Uhlenburgh, 16G, 42B Cameron Swift, 44B, 21G, 8S Erin Uhlenburgh
Race 3 – 5B, 97B Marshall Zachan, 16G, 8S, 65B, 52B Dom O’Brien